Pre-100 announcement?

Hello guys and welcome back. This will be a quick announcement so no worries.

First, I’d like to say that chapter 94 may be late and chapter 95 will be late. But they’ll hopefully come out. EDIT: Chap 93 comes out at the same time. Chapter 94 will be late as well.

Anyways, a few things happened after the last announcement and this is kinda a “response” to the last announcement:

1) Sorry about Xian Ni, still haven’t translated anything. I caught up to chap 151 few days ago but I was pretty busy these few days so I didn’t have much time for translation. I hope I can translate at least 1-3 chapters this weekend, but I’ll have to see.

2) Regarding ads. I got in contact with wordads, however, they did not approve sites that only had translations. I either had to have some original content (only translations here sadly) or to wait a few months for some new program that may allow sites like mine. Anyways, all in all, it just means no ads for now until a few months, but even then, there’s a chance that they may not allow my site. Oh well.

3) Regarding permission for MGA. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the mail, but generally, since the original author is willing to and there aren’t “economic benefits”, which I will assume is the selling of translations, they won’t look for trouble. The mail was quite vague, but I think I’m fine to continue translating it. If they have things they want to say, they can always contact me again or whatnot. So yes, the translation goes on. Yay~

I think that’s all for this. As always, just ask away if you have questions.

P.S. For those curious, I am located in Canada. Ehh~
As for my gender…I am a genderless translating entity known as FBT :D


53 thoughts on “Pre-100 announcement?

    1. FBT
      “Flower Bridge Too”
      Translate first two words to cantonese (a Chinese dialect)
      “Fa Kieu Too”
      AKA the “F*CK YOU TOO” translators
      Good way to remember the name


  1. let’s assume you are a guy, in the internet everyone is a guy.
    and yeeees we can still read MGA!!!
    thanks for the next chapter


  2. In celebration for the good news a round of traditional Canadian gravy fries for everybody. P.S. it’s a real thing look it up (not from Canada)


  3. OMG YAY congratz on continuing translating! sorry for the Ads though but hopefully i a few months u can get them with a bit of luck!

    as For Xian Ni >…<

    as for your Gender: you will have to add this on Wikipedia! and be more specific! They always look for new species examples!!

    As for the Rest of today!: Hell cant wait for chapters Since there was no Xian Ni today you all i can look forward tooooooooooooooooo

    HOROS over and Out!


  4. To resolve your issues with WordAds, why not pick a random user who is interested, and let them put up an original fiction. That way instead of having to compete with everyone else on a fic site like Japtem or RoyalRoad, they would have the more or less undivided attention of your audience. And by hosting their product, you now have original content. Assuming that kind of sophistry would work.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I agree with above for the ad thing why not make a couple random posts with “content” either that or you could ask RWX of wuxiaworld about how he did it


  6. The question should be, what constitutes as original content, and how much you need of it.
    I think you should ask I eat watermelons over at cause his site is also a and he has adds. And he has nothing else besides the translation and some information on it.
    As wuxiaworld has a forum I am not sure about comparing this site with it, in regards to the original content.


  7. Well, you could also just (“just”) leave wordpress for any other blogging network and get your ads there. Anyways, thanks for the update FBT!


  8. ads may count as giving you some economic benefits from your translations, so please be careful there, and consult the owners before adding this feature.
    donations are gifts, so as long as you don’t give special rewards related to translations to people who donate, they should be perfectly safe.

    i’m relieved to know you’re genderless. there are way too many binaries in this world. as if M and F are the only answers to the gender question… i’m a firm believer in the freedom to choose for oneself.


  9. “As for my gender…I am a genderless translating entity known as FBT :D”
    You just confirmed my theory all translators are eet (it) o,o


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