About 17k.com and the Different Web Novel Categories

17k.com is a Chinese web novel website which hosts over 300 thousand different Chinese web novels. Most of them are originals, but there is also a small portion of fanfiction as well.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE ON, I’d like to say that Epithetic here has made a much better and much clearer translation of the categories compared to my rushed translations. The link above is the one the post he made, and the link here is the one to the actual document with the categories.

I do recommend you refer to that one rather than mine, because as I said, mine were quite rushed and literally translated, while the ones over there are much more detailed, thought-out, and a bit more localized.

The different categories are: (raws)

Note: The categories are taken from the “raws” above and just roughly translated for half-decent understanding. It will be a bit confusing, but it just serves as a general understanding kind of thing.

Table of Contents

“Xuan Huan” (玄幻 lit Mysterious Fantasy)
“Qi Huan” (奇幻 lit. Strange Fantasy)
“Xian Xia” (仙俠/仙侠 lit. Immortal Hero)
“Wuxia” (武俠/武侠 lit. Martial Hero)
“History” (歷史/历史 Li Shi)
“Military Affairs” (軍事/军事 Jun Shi)
“City” (都市 Du Shi)
“Game” (遊戲/游戏 You Xi)
“Competition” (競技/竞技 Jing Ji)
“Science Fiction” (科幻 Ke Huan)
“Horror” (驚悚/惊悚 Jing Song)

“Xuan Huan” (玄幻 lit. Mysterious Fantasy)

Eastern Fantasy (東方玄幻/东方玄幻 Dong Fang Xuan Huan): Using the Eastern legends as the main element, or using the Eastern legends as the foundation of imagination

Mainland in Another World (異界大陸/异界大陆 Yi Jie Da Lu): Using the land in another world as the background, using clear supernatural elements

Power Struggle in Another World (異世爭霸/异世争霸 Yi Shi Zheng Ba): Using the land in another world as the background, using clear supernatural elements, and also uses military power struggle as the main plot.

Unusual Superpower (異術超能/异术超能 Yi Shu Chao Neng): Using ordinary people as the background, the main character possesses special supernatural abilities, and with that it pushes the plot forward

“Qi Huan” (奇幻 lit. Strange Fantasy):

Western Fantasy (西方奇幻 Xi Fang Qi Huan): Traditional Western style fantasy

Lord of Nobility (領主貴族/领主贵族 Ling Zhu Gui Zu): The main character is a nobility lord, and the development of power is the main plot

Magic Campus (魔法校園/魔法校园 Mo Fa Xiao Yuan): The main background is the campus

“Xian Xia” (仙俠/仙侠 lit. Immortal Hero):

Classic Xian Xia (古典仙俠/古典仙侠 Gu Dian Xian Xia): Traditional Xian Xia

Modern Truth Cultivation (現代修真/现代修真 Xian Dai Xiu Zhen): Using modern city as background

Hon Huan Feng Shen (洪荒封神 lit. Great Desolation, Sealing God): Using the Hon Huan era as the background, and stories such as Feng Shen Yang Yi as the base for the plot

Fantasy Truth Cultivation (奇幻修真 Qi Huan Xiu Zhen): The combination of both Eastern and Western types of training the body

“Wuxia” (武俠/武侠 lit. Martial Hero):

Traditional Wuxia (傳統武俠/传统武侠 Chuan Tong Wuxia): Using the traditional idea of Wuxia, and Liang Jin Gu’s works as a representative

Modern Strange Hero (現代異俠/现代异侠 Xian Dai Yi Xia): The main character has the characteristics of a martial hero, and has martial arts or similar abilities like that. Or using the style of Wuxia to describe the hero of the city

Historic Wuxia (歷史武俠/历史武侠 Li Shi Wuxia): Combining quite a bit of history with the considerably larger plot of the martial hero, or directly using the Wuxia novel style to write a historical novel

Guo Shu Gu Wu (國術古武/国术古武 lit. Martial Arts, Ancient Martial): Changing the name of martial skills and kung fu into body training things like “Martial Arts” and “Gu Wu”. The background is modern or future cities, and it describes the Wuxia world hidden in the city 1

“History” (歷史/历史 Li Shi):

Traveling Through History (歷史穿越/历史穿越 Li Shi Chuan Yue): The main character travels to some existed dynasty

Unfounded History (架空歷史/架空历史 Jia Kong Li Shi): Using an imaginary dynasty as the background; or without the element of passing through, using real history as the background

Legend of History (歷史傳奇/历史传奇 Li Shi Chuan Qi): Describing real historic events as the main plot

“Military Affairs” (軍事/军事 Jun Shi):

War Fantasy (戰爭幻想/战争幻想 Zhan Sheng Huan Xiang): Using imagined battles as the main plot, or changing realistic battles, military campaigns endings as the main goal

Army Life (軍旅生涯/军旅生涯 Jun Lu Sheng Ya): Using the army life as the main plot, describing the life of soldiers in the style of memoirs

Secret Agent Spy Battles (諜戰特工/谍战特工 Die Zhan Te Gong): Using spying, high technology soldiers battles as the main plot

Unstable Battle History (戰史風雲/战史风云 Zhan Shi Feng Yuan): Describing real battles and campaigns as the main plot

“City” (都市 Du Shi):

Hot-Blooded Youth (熱血青春/热血青春 Re Xue Qing Chun): Describing the life story of youths as the main plot

Unstable Campus (校園風雲/校园风云 Xiao Yuan Feng Yun): Using the campus as the main background

City Rebirth (都市重生 Du Shi Chong Sheng): Using city as the background, rebirth as the main topic

Supernatural City (都市異能/都市异能 Du Shi Yi Neng): Using city as the background, supernatural abilities as the main topic

Fierce City Battles (都市激戰/都市激战 Du Shi Ji Zhan): Using city as the background, describing the intense conspiracy struggle, fighting, gun battles, mafia, underworld, and elements like that

Big Shot Business (商業大亨/商业大亨 Shang Ye Da Heng): Using business battles as the main topic

Unstable Bureaucracy (官場風雲/官场风云 Guan Chang Feng Yun): Describing bureaucracy

Entertainment Celebrity (娛樂明星/娱乐明星 Yu Le Ming Xing): Using celebrity show business as the main topic

Career Encouragement (職場勵志/职场励志 Zhi Chang Li Zhi): Using careers as the background, describing individual struggles as the main plot

City Feeling (都市情感 Du Shi Qing Gan): Using city as the background, describing feelings as the main plot

City Life (都市生活 Du Shi Sheng Huo): Describing the city life as the main contents

Local Village (鄉村鄉土/乡村乡土 Xiang Cun Xiang Tu): Village as the main topic

“Game” (遊戲/游戏 You Xi):

Virtual Reality (虛擬網游/虚拟网游 Xu Ni Wang You): Using the online game as the background that does not exist within the imagination 2

A Game in Another World (遊戲異界/游戏异界 You Xi Yi Jie): To pass through into the gaming world

Electronic Competition (電子競技/电子竞技 Dian Zi Jing Ji): A game category with a bit more competition situations

Game and Life (遊戲生涯/游戏生涯 You Xi Sheng Ya): Using the description of a gamer’s life as the main plot

“Competition” (競技/竞技 Jing Ji):

World of Soccer (天下足球 Tian Xia Zu Qui): Using soccer as the topic

Unstable Basketball Situations (籃球風雲/篮球风云 Lan Qui Feng Yun): Using basketball as the topic

Chess Cards Board Games (棋牌桌遊/棋牌桌游 Qi Pai Zhuo You): Using chess, cards, and board games as the topic

Sports Competition (體育競技/体育竞技 Ti Yu Jing Ji): Using other sport activities as the topic

“Science Fiction” (科幻 Ke Huan):

Eschatological Calamity (末世危機/末世危机 Mo Shi Wei Ji): Using the end of the world as background, or describing the land after the world was destroyed

Evolution, Mutation (進化變異/进化变异 Jin Hua Bian Yi): Using evolution, mutation, and subjects like that as the topic

Galactic War (星際戰爭/星际战争 Xing Ji Zhan Zheng): Using the battle between planets as the story background

Ancient Mecha (古武機甲/古武机甲 Gu Wu Ji Jia): Using mechas as the main topic

Time Traveling (時空穿梭/时空穿梭 Shi Kong Chuan Suo): Using time theory and logic to push the plot forward

Futuristic Fantasy (未來幻想/未来幻想 Wei Lai Huan Xiang): Using the future world as the background, and futuristic technology as an important element

“Horror” (驚悚/惊悚 Jing Song):

Terror Suspense (恐怖懸疑/恐怖悬疑 Kong Bu Xian Yi): Intentionally making a horror atmosphere, and a lot of suspense in the plot

Detective Reasoning (偵探推理/侦探推理 Zhen Tan Tui Li): Investigation and catching criminals as the main plot

Exotic Monster Tales (靈異奇談/灵异奇谈 Ling Yi Qi Tan): Using legends of monsters as the main element

Exploration to Unmask (探險揭秘/探险揭秘 Tan Xian Jie Mi): Using risky adventures and unraveling unknown mysteries as the main plot, filled with mysterious elements

There were a few other categories left, but those were just fanfiction and types of romance, so I didn’t bother including them.

1) I had quite some trouble translating this, since I didn’t even understand what half of it said, so the top half probably doesn’t make much sense.
2) The description didn’t make much sense to me either, so just view it as the virtual reality game category


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  1. sorry to intruder, can you help me,,
    i have been reading your project MGA,
    but i too read at 17k with MT,
    i came around chapter 757,
    but the content missing,
    if you have any way, please report this missing content, or if you have any site for this project, please share it,
    thank beforehand.


      1. I only saw a few terms before backing out but…WTF?!?!?! I clearly saw terms such as Soviet Union, United States, and even Qin Yu!!! Damn!


  2. Thanks to Ren for pointing this out, didn’t see it before.
    And bigger thanks to flower for making this page, I’ve never seen most of these defined before.


  3. Volume 4 Chapter 25: The Nest of the Steel Armored Dragon

    The supermarket was square shaped and had an open space. That space was originally made for customers to leave their cars and to allow more customers to enter the supermarket. Before the Grand Nirvana period, there were over 100 million people living in the surroundings. And that’s not including potential customers who visited from other areas.

    However, in the present day, the open space was filled with countless monsters.

    “How can I enter the steel armored dragon’s nest and steal the dragon egg away?”

    “Should I rush as fast as I can through the first or second floor’s window?” Luo Feng, still in midair, watched the densely packed monster horde below, “With all these monsters, quite a few of them would see me rush in! And then it’ll be over!”.

    “I should go down first. Staying in midair like this uses up quite a bit of spiritual force” Luo Feng flew above the center of the supermarket. The supermarket took up a huge amount of area! Likewise, the area of the roof was just as astonishing, and it was completely empty; not a single monster in sight.

    This isn’t surprising, since even the monsters enforce their levels.

    Horde leader, commander, soldier!

    With the supermarket acting as the core of the monsters’ nest, the monsters living here are also the ones with the highest position in the monster horde….. either commander level or horde leader level! These monsters don’t like dealing with the weather, so most of them lived on the third, fourth, or fifth floor.

    As for the steel armored dragon, it had the first and second floor all to itself.

    The two low level horde leader ‘flame scaled triple halberd boars’ lived in a commercial building right beside the supermarket, around 100 meters away.

    Only the countless regular monsters have to deal with the rain and wind as they stay in the open space. And whether a horde leader monster or a commander monster, they naturally wouldn’t allow those regular monsters to enter the core area, which is why there wasn’t a single monster on the roof.


    Directly descending from the sky, Luo Feng flew down to the middle area of the roof. The monsters in the open space were all quite far from Luo Feng, so they didn’t discover him.
    “How am I supposed to enter the first and second floor?” Luo Feng stooped on the roof, “The third, fourth, and fifth floors are probably all filled with the elite of the monsters!”.

    “The open space of the supermarket is also filled with countless monsters”

    “How am I supposed to get in?”

    All the plans Luo Feng formulated were rejected in his mind. Clearly, the nest of the steel armored dragon was like a steel wall, extremely difficult to barge into.


    The battle between the two wargods and the three horde leader monsters made it seem like the sky was shaking and the ground was shattering. Countless howls of monsters quickly followed after a roar and the sound of a building falling carried over.

    And Luo Feng was still stooped as he thought to himself.

    “That’s it!” Luo Feng’s eyes flashed, “The supermarket has five floors above the ground, but with the underground parking lot, there’s six floors in total!”

    “These kinds of supermarkets all have elevators, and there should be two of them. One of them is opened to the customers, while the other one is used to transport the supermarket’s goods. This elevator well is a direct passage! As long as I can find this elevator passage, then I can directly fall to the first and second floors in a breath!”

    Of course, the elevator well could’ve been destroyed by monsters already.

    But since the elevator well is so small, and the monsters don’t want to destroy the infrastructure of this supermarket, then the tiny elevator well in the side of the supermarket should have a huge chance of surviving. Furthermore….. the supermarket has two elevator wells: one for the ‘customer elevator’ and the other for the ‘freight elevator’.

    “The elevator well!” Luo Fen


      1. Thanks for the link! I’m actually in the process of updating my page now because 17K just updated their post for 2015 yesterday along with the site. :-P


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