Synopsis Sunday: Reincarnating to Become a Japanese Chef God

A new teaser, not sci-fi this time though. A city-life, noncultivation (maybe?), comedic series with game elements as well: Here it is. Enjoy!

(It was pretty nice to translate a short one like this compared to the hella long chapter 1s.)


Synopsis Sunday: Mecha Farmer

The teaser right here. Very long, 2-3 times the length of normal chapters so it’s quite a few characters to do. The first chapter looks interesting, so I’ll probably take a look at the other chapters as well.

Hope you all enjoy!

EDIT: No teaser today (Jan 29). A bit loaded on the work, so the teaser will be delayed ’til next week.

EDIT EDIT: There’s even more work atop the work, so teaser will be guaranteed out this sunday (just gotta edit it)

Synopsis Sunday: Starting from the Very Bottom to Become President

A new teaser! What I’ve learned from this chapter: comedy is too hard, so no more of this. So many cultural nuances I don’t get and obviously it’s very hard to translate anything if you don’t understand what the author’s trying to say. Translating the tone is quite a bit difficult as well, so I think I’ll avoid stuff like this from now.

Anyhow, here’s the teaser. I skipped the synopsis because I have no clue how to translate it, so I made a short summary of the first chapter which should serve as a half-decent actual synopsis. Hope you enjoy!

Jan 14 edit: No teaser tomorrow since it’s hella long (~8k characters). It’ll be released, likely, on the 22nd. If I got time I’ll add in a short one with it.

No teasers today

I know I said I would post two teasers today, but I’m (beyond my expectations) swamped with math assignments and homework that’s due this week, of which I’m having a bit of trouble with so it’s taking a bit longer than I would like. Thus, no teasers. Should have really budgeted my time wiser during the past week. Sorry guys!

EDIT: I’ve come to realize that my time management is quite poor, so there won’t be teasers until I get my stuff sorted out.

Synopsis Sunday: I Come from the Mortal World (already in translation)

Alright, so apparently I didn’t do my research correctly and translated a teaser’s for a series that’s already translated (by xianxiaworld, but they seemed to have dropped it). Quite unfortunate . . .

Anyhow, I didn’t want my work to be wasted, so I decided to release it nonetheless and give you guys an update on the other teaser I was supposed to do: Haven’t even started it, so it’ll be pushed to next week where it should likely be finished. (sorry)

Without further ado, here’s the chapter!