MGA: Chapter 92 – Chufeng’s Ancestry

The Chu family’s meeting concluded. Chufeng and Chuyuan returned to their current residence.

“Father, I have something that I want to ask you.” As father and son were in one room by themselves, Chufeng spoke to ask about something.

“Feng-er, there’s no harm in speaking your mind about anything.” Chuyuan looked at Chufeng and his gaze was full of love and proudness.

Chufeng’s performance shocked him one time after the other. Today, he even saved the Chu family, and within his heart, he already became his greatest pride.

Seeing that, Chufeng did not drag the conversation and while smiling, he said the question that he had always wanted to ask, “Father, who are my biological parents and why did they need to abandon me?”

“That’s…” When Chufeng’s words came out, the Chuyuan who was still full of happiness instantly froze and change on his face clearly happened.

“Father, is it some unspeakable issues?” Chufeng saw that something was wrong.

“It’s not unspeakable. It’s just that, Feng-er, about your parents, I hardly know anything about them.” Chuyuan dryly smiled while he explained.

“Even you don’t know? Can it be that you picked me up?” Chufeng panicked a bit.

From when he met the beggar that was so unpredictably strong yet quite insane, Chufeng felt that his ancestry must not have been simple. So, he impatiently asked Chuyuan that question.

However, if Chuyuan really did pick him up from somewhere, it meant that all trails were broken and he would have no way of getting information about his parents from Chuyuan.

“No, it’s not like that. Actually, I was entrusted by someone to take care of you.” Chuyuan explained, but from his expression, one could tell that everything was not that simple.

“Entrusted by someone? Entrusted by who? And how do you know that that person was not my parent?” Chufeng impatiently questioned.

Seeing Chufeng’s impatience, Chuyuan’s face continuously changed as if doing some internal struggle. At the end, he sighed and said,

“Ahh, since you want to know so badly, I’ll tell you.”

“This story needs to be started from 15 years ago. On that year, I brought some Chu family servants to go to a distant place. On the road, we passed through a forest on a mountain.”

“Within the mountain forest, I met a man. That male was carrying a child and he asked me if I was surnamed Chu or not.”

“Because we were escorting some goods and because the man’s clothing was quite suspicious, I did not face him and answer his question.”

“But I never would have thought that without that man even moving, two people exploded and died, becoming a pool of blood.”

“At that time, we were terrified. We originally wanted to turn around and run, but it was useless. A formless aura binded all of us and we could not even move.”

“Are you surnamed Chu? That man spoke and asked me once again. Only then did I realize that the one who killed my Chu family’s servants and binded us would very likely have been that person.”

“However, the me who saw such a strong person at that time was already filled with fear. How could I have noticed his question? I only blankly stared at him.”

“Then just at that time, I discovered with astonishment that two flames suddenly appeared in his eyes. At the same time, all the goods that we were bringing were burnt by fire. Even the cart and horses instantly became ash.”

“At that moment, he already showed impatience. I could clearly feel the killing intent that he was emitting. It was the most horrifying killing intent that I had ever felt in my life. It was as if he came from Hell.”

“So, at that instant, I felt that I was, without a doubt, dead. However, he did not attack me. He only spoke and asked, for the last time, whether I was surnamed Chu or not.”

“That time, I did not hesitate at all. I quickly replied to his question and I even said the circumstances of my own family and the location of the Chu family.”

Speaking to that point, Chuyuan seemed to feel extremely guilty. Chufeng could guess why. Obviously, it was because the him at that time was afraid of death and handed over everything about the Chu family.

After all, if that person had enmity towards the Chu family, Chuyuan’s words would have completely sold the Chu family out and all of the Chu family members could not have escaped death. However, since the Chu family was still here, it meant that the man should have had another goal.

“Father, what next?” Chufeng really wanted to know the ending.

“After that, he killed all the servants that went along with me and only left me alone. He entrusted that child to me, and that child was you.”

“After taking you, that person told me to raise you well and to see you as my own. However, your name was not allowed to be decided by me. It had to be Chufeng.”


At that moment, Chufeng was greatly shocked in his heart. Although he already guessed that child was him, his heart was still endlessly shocked. He never would have thought that his name was not decided by Chuyuan. It was already decided by another person.

When he thought of the male who asked Chuyuan the same question 3 times, it was not hard for Chufeng to think that his biological father might also be surnamed Chu. As for why he entrusted him to Chuyuan, it was very possible that the man did not want Chufeng to change his surname.

“How could I dare to refuse at that time? Naturally, I promised him.”

“However, he gave out a few demands. It was that I could not tell you where you came from, nor could I say that you were my own son. I had to tell you, from the start, that you were my foster son. The most important thing was that I could not do anything harmful to you and I had to let you grow up healthily.”

“If any one of the demands were violated, there would only be one ending. It was that he would exterminate the entire Chu family and not leave anything.”

Chuyuan spoke the truth and finally, Chufeng knew why Chuyuan never spoke about Chufeng’s ancestry if he never asked and also why Chuyuan would be so uneasy or even fearful when Chufeng asked about his ancestry. It was because someone was always threatening him.

“Father, do you know what that male was called and if there were any special signs on his body?” Chufeng seriously asked because hiddenly, he already had the answer in his heart.

“He did not say what he was called, but on his forehead, there was indeed a strange birthmark. It was like a flame and it was extremely weird.” Chuyuan replied.

At that instant, Chufeng was quite calm because it was fairly similar to his guess. His ancestry really was related to the beggar on that day.

“Father, did he say anything after that? Did he mention my parents?”

“Nothing. He did not tell my anything about your parents.”

“Then why did you say that he could not possibly be my father?”

Hearing those words, Chuyuan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Only then did he slowly spoke, “It was because after handing you over to me, it was like a heavy burden was removed. He quickly changed into a completely different person and started to yell like he was insane.”

“I still deeply remember the insane words that he said that day.”

“What did he say?” Chufeng was unable to wait.

“He yelled towards the sky: You’ve seen it right? I already did what you told me to do. Can you let me go!? I beg you, let me go!!!”

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104 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 92 – Chufeng’s Ancestry

  1. Regarding the tn, sounds like “translucent barrier”, but im *guessing* a more literal interpretation might be “worldly/great” + “repulsion/seperation/divide”, ie “great divide” is the combination i personally like ^^


  2. When the beggar recognized him, I half suspected he recognized the godly lightning within Chufeng or the graveyard old man’s aura on him or something. But it seems he really had some connection to Chufeng himself when he was a baby.
    The plot thickens…


  3. The story has started to unfold, time to get into the interesting stuff, Chufeng’s world is about to expand and after surpassing Gong as we all know he will, it will be time to tackle the gates to Heaven Realm.


  4. Barrier World? World Boundary? Solid Boundary/Barrier? 結界 has no real meaning to translate to :/
    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. 結界 – Alternative: “Binding Domain/Boundary” or “Restricting Boundary/ Domain”

    In my opinion sth. like “domain” or “boundary” sounds better than “world” (don’t know…) because it describes the effect of the technique on a certain area. For example if he only can restrict people in a certain area around him. Depending on context if the technique affects a very large area or if he can use it in every direction then “world” would be ok imo.


  6. Well, now that the translator’s note is gone, it seems like you’ve made your decision :o
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve chosen it when it shows up later


    1. Ah, but don’t choose “barrier” okay? You’ll regret it when the more complex 结界 appear later down the story…


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