MGA: Chapter 93 – Present

Chuyuan described the scene that year vividly and colourfully. On his face, a stunned expression was still hung there as if the scene that year reappeared in front of his eyes.

Chufeng could also tell that what happened that day really hugely affected Chuyuan. At least, an unerasable shadow was left deep within his heart.

Seeing Chuyuan like that, Chufeng also sank into deep thought. He knew that what Chuyuan said was correct. That insane man shouldn’t have been his father or else he would not have said such strange, insane words.

But, anyone who had intelligence could tell that the insane man should have been entrusted with the job of handing Chufeng over to Chuyuan. It could even be said that he was forced by someone. He was extremely terrified of the person that forced him, and that person was very likely Chufeng’s family.

However, that man was already so shockingly strong. How strong would the person that could force the man and even made him so terrified be?

“Where did I come from? Who are my parents? Why did they need to entrust me to others?” At that instant, within Chufeng’s heart, those were the biggest questions. The more he understood, the more he discovered that his identity was so special. Something must have been hidden behind that.

“Father, what next? Did that person say else anything to you?” Chufeng closely asked.

“After that, he disappeared. I didn’t see how he left. If it wasn’t because I was carrying you, I really would have suspected if he actually appeared or not. But the facts told me that everything was real.”

“As for me, I brought you back to the Chu family. Because the goods were burnt and my men were killed yet I could not say the truth, I could only lie then and say that I picked you up on the road.”

“But after knowing what happened, the family did not approve of me raising you and felt that you were bad luck.”

“However, today, I believe that no one would feel that you are bad luck because you saved the entire Chu family. It’s just that by telling the truth to you, I wonder if that person will…” Speaking to that point, the worry on Chuyuan’s face became even stronger.

After all, that person’s strength was too terrifying. Chuyuan did not even know whether that person could hear it or not when he said all that. He felt that he was always in danger and that person could appear at anytime. However, being asked by Chufeng, he really could not bear to not say the truth and could not bear to hide it from Chufeng.

Because up until now, he who knew the truth was very clear that Chufeng’s scary talent was brought when he was born. After all, his ancestry was already filled with the colours of legends.

“Father, don’t worry. I feel like that person would most likely be muddled and confused. I think that he already forgot about the things that he entrusted you with so he shouldn’t look for trouble.”

“Besides, even if he returns, you still have me. Since he entrusted me to you, he would not harm me.”

Chufeng couldn’t help but think back at the scene in the Ancient City. He really felt that that person already went insane. Just because of that, Chufeng was even more curious. What did he experience to force him into insanity? Was it his parents?

Anyways, Chufeng already had all sorts of questions lingering around in his heart and it made him a bit confused. The Chufeng who was impelled by those questions wanted to know the truth.

Where did he come from? Who were his parents? The most important thing was, why did his parents entrust him to others? What happened that year? Those were the answers that Chufeng wanted to know the most.

“Ho, that would be nice. But, Feng-er, no matter what happens in the future, you will always be my pride.”

“Although I know that such an outstanding you doesn’t have anything to do with me and I know that you got it all from your parents. However, in my heart, you are still my son.”

Suddenly, Chuyuan seemed relieved as if life and death did not matter. To him, it was already enough to have a son like Chufeng.

“Father, don’t say that. If it wasn’t for you, I would have already starved to death. How could I even be here today? No matter what others say, in my heart, you are my father. A well-qualified father.”

Chufeng’s words all came from his heart. If it wasn’t for Chuyuan who took him in that year, other people might not have been so passionate. Even if he followed that insane man, perhaps he would have been hit to death from some rashness.

So, Chufeng was really grateful for Chuyuan and he really had deep affection for him. Even if he had yearning for his own, biological parents.

The feelings from all these years made Chufeng feel that Chuyuan was his biological parent because up until now, the person who let him feel family love, the person who let him feel fatherly love, was none other than Chuyuan.

However, Chufeng did not blame his own biological parents anymore. He felt that it was most likely some unspeakable thing or else they would not entrust himself to others and they even used threats.

The current Chuyuan could not say anything from overwhelming emotion. Tears appeared in his eyes and he was really moved by Chufeng’s words.

He felt that all these years, as a father, he did not do his job well. He did indeed let Chufeng feel many grievances. Also, if it wasn’t for the threats of the insane man back then, perhaps he would not even raise Chufeng.

“Father, I have a present for you.” Chufeng took out a bunch of Spiritual Beads out from his HE sack and gave it to Chuyuan. It looked like there were almost a hundred beads.

“Feng-er, this is too expensive. I cannot take it.”

Seeing those golden and shiny Spiritual Beads, Chuyuan was greatly shocked. He widened his eyes and mouth while being stunned. Although he already discovered Chufeng’s HE sack, he never would have thought that there were so many Spiritual Beads within that sack.

To know, that many Spiritual Beads was huge property to the Chu family and Chufeng was giving it all to him. Naturally, it was impossible for him to accept.

“Feng-er, right now, are you in the crucial points of cultivation. With your talent, these Spiritual Beads can help you break into the Origin realm. You should still leave it for yourself.” Chuyuan started to evade them at all costs.

Chufeng only lightly smiled, “Father, I still have Spiritual Beads. Take these. In 2 more days, all of the powers in this mountain area will come from the invitation. At that time, I’m sure that there will be some conflicts.”

“Grandfather is heavily injured right now and all of the burdens will land on your shoulders. So, you need to break into the Origin realm in 2 days or else it would be very hard for those powers to acknowledge allegiance to us.”

“Break into the Origin realm in 2 days?” Chuyuan’s heart tightened. Although he was pushing them away with words, in his heart, he really desired to enter the Origin realm. Seeing so many Spiritual Beads in Chufeng’s hands, perhaps he could really succeed.

“Take them.”

Under Chufeng’s request, Chuyuan could only take them. With Chufeng’s help, he started to refine the Spiritual Beads and wanted to rely on the huge spiritual energy to break into the Origin realm that he dreamed of.

At the same time, in the core zone of the Green Dragon School, another scene was happening.

Leng Wuzui was standing in a dark underground palace. His face was extremely angry and in front of him, Liubing was standing there with fear all over her face.

Seeing Liubing like that, Leng Wuzui slightly frowned and asked seriously, “You’re saying that someone is hiddenly protecting Chufeng and it is at least an expert of the Profound realm?”

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49 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 93 – Present

  1. Thanks for translation.
    Since you’ll at best read this after you wake up: hope you had sweet dreams.
    … though realistically, if immediately after translating then they were probably of ‘MGA what ifs’


  2. Ahh I’m finally reach the latest chapter ….I’m looking forward for more.

    Thank for the chapter. I wonder who killed the assassin he sent to get rid of chufeng..since if it was the beggar guy wouldn’t he use flame to kill…so maybe it was another person who did the killing.


  3. I also like world barrier, because it’s close enough to world bonding to not confuse people, and it also sounds ok.
    But I’d be ok keeping it as world bonding, too. Not everything needs a literal name.


  4. Leng Wuzui…. noob lol, jealously leads to insanity you know? Don’t be like that beggar man who went insane.


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