Xian Ni: Chapter 103 – Calamity Mourn (2)

Teng Hua Yuan smiled sinisterly and overflowing killing intent was revealed in his eyes. He hiddenly said in his heart, “Li-Er, your grandfather has come to avenge you.” As he thought about Tengli, Teng Hua Yuan couldn’t help but feel sorrow. The young generation that had the more focus, that had the best talent within 4 generations of the Teng family suddenly got killed by someone.

After the death of Tengli, Teng Hua Yuan did a detailed investigation and finally understood the cause of the accident. Other than Wang Lin, he remembered all the other people that caused Tengli’s death with hatred in his heart.

At that time, the cultivator unhurriedly sighed and said, “Friend Teng, I already found the person before and he is at the Sicklepod Valley. Why do you need to find the people close to him? Why not just leave it? Friend, there are always enemies for grievances and creditors for debts. If you take your anger out on mortals and that gets known, it would sound bad for your name.”

Teng Hua Yuan’s face was like the water. He stared at the cultivator and said nothing.

The cultivator bitterly smiled as he shook his head. Touching the ancient mirror in his hands while doing hand seals with his right hand, he lightly patted it. Instantly, the ancient mirror flew out from his hand, resolved around in mid-air as if trying to look for the direction. But, after a while, the ancient mirror turned left and right and couldn’t find the final direction.

The cultivator frowned and knew that there were too little information. So, he flung his sleeve and touched the ancient mirror which was in mid-air with his right hand. The little mirror instantly returned back to the hands of the cultivator.

The cultivator bit open his fingertips and quickly drew a symbol on the mirror. He flung it up in the air again. This time, the mirror faced the wind and became longer as it instantly became several times bigger. The mirror was sparkling, and it was flickering and rippling.

The mirror slanted and faced towards Teng Hua Yuan.

“No need to be shocked, this mirror needs to absorb the curse of you and that person.” The cultivator said with a serious face.

A string of black gas came out from Teng Hua Yuan’s forehead and quickly entered the mirror. There were more and more ripples on the mirror, and under the many layers, a huge house slowly came into view.

Killing intent flashed into Teng Hua Yuan’s eyes, after looking at the mirror, he said nothing and stared at the cultivator.

The cultivator hesitated, but then lightly sighed. He moved his right hand and the ancient mirror floated down. Instantly, it increased several times in size and became as big as a person. After bitterly smiling, the cultivator stepped into the mirror.

Teng Hua Yuan had an evil smile on his face as he also followed in.

After entering the mirror, the ancient mirror quickly shrunk, and at the end it finally disappeared.

There was a town hundreds of miles away from that place. The Wang family could be said to be a top prominent family within 10 miles. According to rumours, they were several people from the family that entered the saint sect. To the desolate little town, it could be said that everyone knew about it.

The Wang family started out as a carpenter, but in the town, they had big and small workshops and store. In the eyes of outsiders, the Wang family was pretty much the largest family within a circumference of 10 miles.

In the entire town, the most luxurious would be the mansion belonging to the Wang family. At that day, the sun in the sky was like a huge furnace roasting the land. The doormen at the Wang family’s residence were leaning on the door frame and trying to blow away the heat with a fan.

“This damn weather, does it want to kill with heat?” The guy opened up his collar and fiercely fanned with his fan.

At that time, a side room door in the mansion was pushed open. A young servant girl carried a celadon bowl and walked out. After turning left and right in the mansion, before long, she arrived at the door. After seeing the guy, she giggled and said, “Brother, drink some suanmeitang to dissipate the heat.”

When the guy turned around and saw the girl and instantly, he was full of smiles. He took the bowl, drank it all in one go and he felt a wave of coolness throughout his body. He sighed and said, “The  masters do know how to enjoy. This icy soup is quite delicious. Sister, when you came out, you didn’t let young master Hao see it right?”

The young girl took the fan, and as she fanned the guy, she smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the young master didn’t see me. I ran out when he didn’t pay attention. Besides, young master Hao is a good person, even if he saw it nothing would happen.”

Enjoying his sister’s fanning, the guy nodded and said, “That’s because young master Hao is a saint! How can he lower himself to our level? Little sister, you need to show off a bit more. If you can be a concubine of him, when I get into a mess, if you could help me out then and I would be satisfied.”

The young girl’s face redden as looked at his brother and said, “Brother, you’ve been in the Wang family for longer than me. I hear that there are 3 young masters that got chosen as to be saints. But, I’ve been in here for 3 years. Why, other than young master Hao, have I’ve only seen young master Zhuo come once? Where’d the third go?”

The guy said proudly, “I do know about that. The third young master is called Wang Lin. He cannot be compared to young master Hao and Zhuo. I hear that he’s…” When he spoke to that point, he suddenly stopped and blankly looked at the sky.

He saw a long rainbow which was breaking through the air and coming. Within a blink it landed on the ground, revealing a young man who was wearing black clothing. The young man’s face was white as jade, had brows like a sword and eyes like the star. He was quite handsome and a precious sword was on his back. The sword was slightly floating, and it seemed otherworldly while being leisurely born.

But if one looked closely, they would discover that he was no longer young. In the corner of his eyes were slight lines. The arrogance that he had once no longer existed and it was like he changed greatly.

“Young…Young master Zhuo.” The guy stuttered and quickly bent toward.

The young girl was also scared by the method of dropping from the sky and she rushed behind his brother’s back.

The person who came was Wang Zhuo. He frowned, looked at the guy then said, “You are Wang Tao right?”

The guy never would have thought that Wang Zhuo would remember his name. Instantly, he rose in spirit and immediately said, “Young master Zhuo, I am indeed Wang Tao.”

Wang Zhuo hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, “Wang Tao, the things about Wang Lin. Who told you? What did they say?”

Wang Tao’s heart trembled as he immediately said, “It…It was the housekeepers. They said that young master Lin had no face to return. They even said that he was trash back in the day and it was a futile attempt to try to steal the position of being a saint.”

Wang Zhuo said nothing, and after while he sighed. Then he muttered to himself yet it was as if he was speaking to Wang Tao, “Trash…Compared to him, I’m afraid that I would be the trash…”

Wang Tao was at a loss. When he heard Wang Zhuo’s words, he instantly doubted them in his heart. But just at that time, suddenly, a young man walked out from the mansion. The young man looked like he had a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist. He had a grand appearance as he looked at Wang Zhuo and he said calmly, “Wang Zhuo. Long time no see.”

Wang Zhuo bitterly smiled and said, “Wang Hao, we haven’t seen each other in 3 years right? You’ve changed greatly.”

Slight melancholy appeared on Wang Hao’s face as the both of them became silent. Wang Tao and her sister stood on the side and didn’t even dare to breath. As the look at the two, Wang Tao knew that they were the pride of the Wang family that stood on the top. The saints.

“Do you have any news about Wang Lin?” Wang Hao said in a heavy voice.

“From when he left the Heng Yue Sect, there isn’t any news about him.” Wang Zhuo’s face revealed a complicated expression as he said that.

“How’s your cultivation right now? In the Xuan Dao Sect, with your talent, you should be looked at by many elders right?” Wang Hao sighed and asked.

“Hard to say everything with one sentence. I am at the 11th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage. After luckily winning last year’s competition and entering the back mountains, I broke through. I wonder what his cultivation is. I’m guessing that it’ll be at least of the 15th layer.” Wang Zhuo bitterly said.

Wang Hao thought for while then mocked himself, “I am only at the 7th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage. Just with these few years, the distance has been pulled apart once again.”

The more Wang Tao listened, the more shocked he was. Although he didn’t understand what Concentrated Qi meant, from the words of the two young masters, they could tell that Wang Lin was not how the housekeepers said he was. Hearing what they said, he was quite impressive.

Just at that time, suddenly, the entire sky darkened. The originally hot air temperature instantly disappeared. A huge mirror appeared in mid-air without any sound, and with a flash and the layers of ripples, two people walked out. One of them had a completely different aura, the other person was covered with sinister intentions.

A huge pressure came down from the sky.

Wang Zhuo and Wang Gao’s faces changed greatly and didn’t even dare to breath. Wang Zhou instantly cupped his hands together and respectfully said, “I am Wang Zhuo from the Xuan Dao Sect and I pay my respects.”

The cultivator hesitated, looked at Wang Zhuo and asked, “Xuan Dao Sect? Do you have proof?”

Wang Zhuo’s heart jumped and he had a bad premonition. He quickly took out a jade strip from his storage bag that proved his identity. The cultivator grabbed it, concentrated and looked at the jade strip. After that, he swept over Wang Hao and said, “You are as well?”

Wang Hao was sharp and nodded without any hesitation.

Teng Hua Yuan lightly snorted and flicked his sleeve. Instantly, with two bangs, the guy and his sister that was standing next to him had their heads exploded. Their blood and flesh spread everywhere.

Two yellow smoke floated out from their bodies. Teng Hua Yuan waved his right hand and a little black flag floated in the air. With a roll, the two smoke were instantly absorbed in it.

After that, two painful faces appeared on the flag. It was the guy and his sister.

“Today, on this land, nothing remains!” Teng Hua Yuan said sinisterly. With one step, he passed Wang Zhuo and Wang Hao and entered the mansion.

On the other hand, Wang Lin was quickly escaping in the sicklepod valley. Behind him were 2 males and 1 female that chased with full faces of killing intent.

As he ran, suddenly, Wang Lin felt pain on his chest as if a formless drill was fiercely piercing him. That pain was not ordinary. It was a pain that came from the soul.

An indescribable alarm and tenseness rose from his heart.


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