MGA: Chapter 51 – World Spirit Compass

The current Sumei was wearing a pink cheongsam and her jet-black long hair was scattered along her shoulder. On the top of her head, there was even a large bow. Her clothing mixed with her sweet face was really fresh, clean, refined, and it was a feast for the eyes.

“What’s this darling? After being separated for such a short while, you’re already thinking of me?” Seeing the Sumei who was dressed like that, Chufeng couldn’t help but tease her.

“Do you believe me if you call me darling again, I’ll tear your mouth apart?” Sumei grinded her teeth and her sweet face instantly became fierce.

But from what Chufeng saw, the Sumei who was like that was even cuter so he laughed and said, “Why don’t you allow me to call you darling? I am your lover!”

“You bastard!”

Sumei’s snow-white hands grabbed onto Chufeng’s arm. Her two fingers were like a pair of pliers and they suddenly intertwined. Chufeng’s face instantly twisted, his mouth opened, then a scream that was like the wail of ghosts and the howl of wolves resonated in the tavern.


After a moment, the two of them appeared on the road in the Ancient City.

So it turned out that a lot of experts were gathered here. Some saw the business opportunity, and as they were waiting for the news of the tomb, they took out strange but precious treasures and sold them off.

When Sumei learnt about that, the curious her that wanted to have a good time pulled Chufeng and came over.

At this moment, the two of them were on the ancient roads. A foolish boy like Chufeng was following a beauty like Sumei and it attracted many gazes of admiration and jealousy.

But, it was obvious that Chufeng didn’t know he was lucky when he was lucky. Looking at the chunk of green on his arm, Chufeng said with grievance, “Damn girl, you’re too fierce. It’s green now.”

“Hmph, let’s see if you dare to tease me now!” Sumei curled her lips because she was pleased and with the bottom of her heart, she happily looked all over the place. As she talked, she grabbed Chufeng’s hands and ran towards a street stall.

On that street stall, the displayed items were all jewelry for girls. The materials were very unique and every colour that should be there was there. Sumei was deeply attracted to it and she kneeled in front of the stall then started to seriously select them.

The old lady that opened the stall was extremely happy and she started to really introduce the items to Sumei. Looking at that lady’s evil smile and face, Chufeng gave her an evaluation. Crafty businesswoman!

As he was bored, Chufeng casted his gaze to the side and he discovered an old man lying nearby.

That old man was quite dirty. No one knew how many days his hair was washed and it stuck together in lumps.

He had a full face of dirt, patches all over his clothing, and within patches were more patches. He was carrying a cloth bag and some unknown thing was bulging inside. One of the legs of his pants was long, the other one was short. He was wearing a pair of broken shoes, and the front revealed his toes while the back revealed his heel.

His stall was not like other people’s who were advertising everywhere. Rather, he was lying down there with one leg crossed over the other and he was like some idler. He didn’t even look at the customers that were going around.

Although the old man wasn’t selling property, the pile of books in front of him attracted Chufeng’s attention.

Actually, on the surface, the books didn’t look that special. It was broken, shabby, worn out, and there was even a layer of dust on it. You couldn’t even tell what the name of the book was.

But, the Chufeng who had the Spirit power found out within the pile of books, there was one that contained a strange fluctuation.

“Old man, how are you selling these books?” Chufeng went over and asked.

The old man didn’t even raise his head. He extended one figure out towards Chufeng, showing a 1.

“One copper coin?” Chufeng tried.

“Ha! Is a copper coin even enough for a meal for a beggar?” Hearing Chufeng’s words, the old man sat up with a whoosh and was angry.

“Old man, so you want a tael of silver?” Although Chufeng was polite on the surface, he was cursing in his heart, “With an appearance like yours, even if you say you’re a beggar you would be insulting beggars.”

“One Spiritual Bead and you can take everything!” The old man said the words extremely clearly.

“Damn! Why not steal it instead? You charge that much for these broken books?” At that instant, Chufeng got angry as well.

But the old man didn’t mind. He laid on the ground once again and said one sentence, “Take it or leave it.”

After that he muttered to himself, “My books are passed down by my ancestor. Within some of them there must some treasure, but it’s just that normal people can’t see the difference. If it wasn’t because the days are hard to bear, I would never take these books out for sale.”

“Ancestor? You are quite ridiculous. Who’s your ancestor?” Just at that time, Sumei came over as well.

“My ancestor came from quite a place. He’s a World Spiritist!” The old man said proudly.

“World Spiritist? What a boast!” Sumei obviously did not believe him.

“You can believe it or you can not. At the end, someone who knows what they are doing will buy this.” As he talked he closed his eyes.

Hearing the old man’s words, Chufeng’s heart tightened. If what he said was true, then what Chufeng felt would very likely be the remains of a World Spiritist.

“Sumei, do you have a Spiritual Bead? Lend me one!” Chufeng bit his teeth and said that to Sumei.

“What are you doing? Are you really going to be tricked by this old man?” Seeing that, Sumei was a bit unwilling.

“If you have one, please lend it to me!” Chufeng stretched his hand towards Sumei.

“You idiot. I never seen you being this stupid.” Although she said that, Sumei still took out a Spiritual Bead in her waist purse and gave it to Chufeng.

“Thanks.” Chufeng took the Spiritual Bead and gave it to the old man, “Old man, I’ll buy your books!”

“Wow! It is indeed a Spiritual Bead. You are quite rich young lady.” The old man grabbed the Spiritual Bead and started to carefully inspect it. After knocking on the bead with his left hand for a good while, he lovingly embraced it.

“It seems that it’s the first time that you saw a Spiritual Bead right?” Seeing the excited old man, Sumei was very displeased.

On the other hand, Chufeng said nothing. He wrapped the dozens of books with the cloth used as the street stall and put them onto his shoulder.

“Hehe, little brother, you have quite the eye. As an admiration towards you, I’ll give you a present.” But just as Chufeng was prepared to leave, that old man took out something from the broken cloth bag.

It was a purple disk. The disk was created with a special type of wood. On the four sides, north, east, south, and west were written on it. On the left and right, life and death, good luck and bad luck were engraved on it. There was a strange symbol that was carved in the middle of the wooden disk.

“What’s this?” Sumei grabbed it over and curiously accessed it.

“Heh, little lady. This thing came from quite a place. It’s essential for World Spiritists.”

“It can predict life and death, good luck and bad luck. It is called the World Spirit Compass!” The old man said as if he knew all about it.

“Oh? That’s quite incredible. How do you use this thing?” Sumei questioned closely.

“This…This is a thing for World Spiritists so how should I know? Hehe, you two study it on your own. Hope to meet you again!”

The old man touched his dry beard and rolled his eyeballs, as if he was afraid that Chufeng would go back on the purchase. Then he turned around and ran away.

“Look! I knew he was a swindler!” Seeing the old man’s steps which were like a shooting star, Sumei angrily stamped her feet.

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