Xian Ni: Chapter 102 – Calamity Mourn (1)

Wang Lin kept on staring at the person who had his soul jade strip. Just as the three opponents were going to pinch and break the jade strip, he said nothing, opened his mouth, and a green ray shot out. The green ray blinked and instantly chopped towards the others.

When the green ray shot out, instantly, the pressuring, chilling air appeared everywhere. The flying sword was cultivated with Wang Lin’s life. When Wang Lin’s spiritual power changed strangely from cultivating in the Abyssal Ascension Method, the sword also changed as well. A thread of “ji” appeared without anyone knowing.

[TN: Ji means “extreme”.]

The chilling air on the flying sword was extremely aggressive. The grasses and flowers instantly turned into crystal by a flush of the chilling air. Even the bodies of the early Foundation stage people turned stiff. They could see that their skin was quickly crystallizing.

The one who had Wang Lin’s soul jade strip was instantly shocked. He couldn’t break the jade strip in time and he quickly retreated. But, he never would have thought that the green little sword would buzz and disappear right in front of him. After being at a loss for a quick moment, the person quickly took out a defense treasure, but it was too late.

The flying sword appeared 1 meter in front of him. With the flash of the green light, it stabbed into the person’s throat and through the back. An arrow of blood shot out far, and he covered his neck unbelievably then slowly fell down.

Wang Lin leaped, grabbed the soul jade strip in mid-air and threw it in his storage bag.

All that happened too fast. It was best described as the speed of lightning or the flash of flint. At that time, the two other people who were in the late stages of the Foundation Stage already broke their soul jade stript. A pink-coloured smoke floated out from the broken jade strips like an ocean wave and formed a ring-shape while surging everywhere.

The coffins that stored the corpse puppets for the Corpse Yin Sect instantly, at the same time, made “zizi” sounds from the coffin when they touched the pink-coloured smoke. It was as if someone was lying in the coffins and kept on scratching the wood with their fingernails non-stop.

Looking back at the Foundation Stage disciples, all of them were as if they used a stabilizing technique and stood where they were without moving.

After breaking the jade strips, the two late Foundation Stage people didn’t even look at Wang Lin while using an extremely fast speed to rush inside the huge door that was collapsing.

The two of the flashed in, and quickly after, the huge door completely disappeared. It formed into dots of crystal lights and slowly disappeared without any trace.

Wang Lin said nothing, and quickly backed far away. He looked at the Corpse Yin Sect disciples and said nothing while thinking.

At that time, the “zizi” sounds got louder and louder. Suddenly, one of the coffin lids cracked open. A jet-black claw-hand shot up straight, and following that were heavy breathing sounds.

Slowly, a corpse that had a full body of black fur sat up from the coffin. Its pair of eyes were emitting a green light, and after turning its head and looking around. At the end, it put its gaze towards the body of its master.

A cold light appeared in its blood-thirsty eyes and it suddenly lept. With a yell, it grabbed its master. Fiercely breathing in with its nose, instantly, they body of the cultivator which was in the early Foundation Stage started to shake. His skin withered up at an extremely quick speed and a trace of white gas that entered the corpse puppet’s body.

At the same time, the dried muscles and flesh of the corpse puppet looked like energy was instantly added into it as it slowly swelled up.

Before long, the cultivator became skin and bones. It only vented air out and no air entered. Looking back at the corpse puppet, it returned to a human shape.

Quickly after, the corpse puppet breathed in again and the cultivator miserably groaned. His body slanted and he died. A yellow gas unhurriedly floated up from the corpse and the corpse puppet grabbed it then stuffed it into his mouth.

Very quickly, the body of the corpse puppet quickly changed. Hair regrew and the black fur on their body slowly came off. Almost instantly, he became nearly the same as the cultivator before.

And at the same time, one coffin lid after another cracked open in succession. One corpse claw after the other stuck out from the coffin. When the corpse puppets appeared, they instantly leaped and rushed towards their own masters.

But not all corpse puppets were like that. Roughly 1/3 of the corpse puppets blankly look around them and didn’t move after they climbed out from the coffin.

Wang Lin looked at the scene in front of him in shock. The corpse puppets that consumed the cultivators, almost all of them had the cultivation of the late Foundation Stage. Looking at the dozen or so monsters in front of him, Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb as he carefully retreated.

Just at that time, screams rang one after the other. The corpse puppets that finished consuming and became like their masters, they all casted the gazes towards the remaining Corpse Yin Sect disciples and jumped on them at the same time.

Blood and flesh flew through the air and the smell of blood hit him in the face. Wang Lin said nothing, turned around, and quickly left.

After walking to a far place, Wang Lin stood outside a forest with a heavy face. He saw the viciousness of the Corpse Yin Sect. If he did not stop the cultivator from breaking his jade strip, he would most likely become the thing inside the stomach of the monsters.

After coldly laughing, Wang Lin knew that there were dangers everywhere in the Sicklepod Valley. The sects of the righteous and devil of the Zhao country pretty much all gathered there. Wang Lin did not plan to participate in the foreign battlefields. He prepared to find an exit to leave this place, and what he wanted to do was to find a area with cold Yin, cultivate behind closed doors, and increase his cultivation.

As he got closer to the world of cultivation, Wang Lin felt that more and more dangers appeared near him. His life would be lost with one error, but since he stepped onto the road to becoming a saint, he could only become stronger if he wanted to walk safer.

At the same time, the Heaven Revolting bead required wood, so Wang Lin also put that as a priority.

As he was thinking, suddenly Wang Lin backed off a few steps. With a whoosh, a black light flashed passed where he was just standing. At the same time, a cruel laugh came from the forest.

“Boy, you can dodge quite fast.” A young man wearing a hanfu walked out from the forest unhurriedly. He stared at Wang Lin with a smile, looked up and down at him then said again, “Which school?”

Wang Lin’s expression was as normal as he coldly said, “Corpse Yin Sect.”

The hanfu hesitated, then smiled and said, “Corpse Yin Sect? I hear that the disciples of the Corpse Yin Sect always bring a coffin with them. Where’s your coffin?”

Wang Lin looked at the opponent and frowned.

The young man coldly snorted and pointed with his right hand. A black light appeared on his fingertip as he said, “I don’t care whether you are from the Corpse Yin Sect or not. Leave your storage bag behind.”

A cold light flashed into Wang Lin’s eyes. He scanned with his soul and discovered that there were still 3 people in the forest. He said nothing and backed off a few steps.

The young man saw the Wang Lin was backing off and disdain was revealed on his face. Pointing with his right hand, instantly, the black light flashed and shot towards Wang Lin’s heart.

Wang Lin eyebrow raised, waved his sleeve, and the Gravity Technique formed into a huge hand and blocked in front of him. The black light collided into the big hand, but after rushing in a few inches, it disappeared in mid-air.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the young man and found out that the 3 people in the forest were quickly rushing towards where he was. He did not want to be in a tangle with them so he quickly retreated.

The young man’s face revealed slight anger. Although he was also the same, also being in the early Foundation Stage, one of the 3 seniors behind him was in the middle Foundation Stage. The 3 of them did not go with the Tian Dao Sect and instead, they had other plans. They prepared to hiddenly move and use this chance to kill and take his treasures.

The seizing competition this time, the sects gave all sorts of treasures to the disciples in the Foundation Building stage to increase their strength.

At that instant, he saw that the opponent was only one person. The young man couldn’t help but have thoughts murdering, and seeing that Wang Lin saw retreating, he said nothing and patted his storage bag. Instantly, a 8-inch ruler flew out.

The ruler was emerald green, and after appearing, it was emitting a strong fragrance. The young man deeply breathed, said nothing and pointed. Instantly, the ruler moved, and with a buzz, a huge black mushroom appeared from the ruler. When the mushroom appeared, it left the ruler and floated in mid-air.

The young man had a heavy expression. He quickly pulled out something from his storage bag and threw it out. With the flash of a red light, a red poisonous wasp rushed towards the mushroom with extremely fast speed. With a few times it finished the mushroom.

Its body instantly increased several times in size. It was as big as a fist, and with a cry it rushed towards Wang Lin.

Although it seemed very slow, in reality, everything happened within a blink of an eye. Coldness flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes, a green little sword flashed and appeared in front of him while rushing towards the poisonous wasp.

The wasp buzzed and it was quite intelligent. In the instant that the flying sword stabbed over, it dodged the side. But just at that time, the flying sword suddenly disappeared where it was. When it reappeared, it was already near the young man. With lightning speed, it stabbed through his chest bring blood with it.

The young man did not even have time to react and he suddenly died.

When the young man died, the green ruler in mid-air lost its shine and fell down. Wang Lin grabbed it with his Gravity Technique and also the storage bag on his waist then quickly left.

The poisonous wasp lingered around for a while, then hurriedly flew towards the direction in which Wang Lin escaped towards.

At the same time, 3 figures quickly rushed out from the forest. Within the 3 people, 2 were male and 1 was a female. One of the male’s face was gloomy, and after looking at the corpse on the ground, he yelled, “Chase!”

At that moment, far away in the northern part of the Zhao country, in the border town, there were two unexpected guests. One of the males had a skinny face, black gown, and as his eyes opened and closed, sinisterness flashed through.

Next to him was a cultivator that had the aura of a saint. The cultivator was old and there were many wrinkles on his face. But, he had a graceful atmosphere, and emitting from his body was a clear contrast when compared to the darkness of the black gown old man next to him.

At that moment, he was standing outside of the town holding an old mirror. He continuously took a measure of it and kept on counting with his fingers.

“Qiming, have you got it yet?” The tone of the black gown old man was filled with killing intent as he coldly said.

The cultivator frowned then said, “Teng Hua Yuan, if you don’t know that person’s name, nor that person’s face, with just a bit of the curse, how do you want me to find him?”

The black gown old man was Teng Hua Yuan. He was staring at the cultivator, “Qiming, I did not spare anything and offended the Wufeng Sect to take the qualification tile to come to this foreign battlefield just for your calculation techniques. If you can find people that are close to that person, any requests, as long as I, Teng Hua Yuan can do it, I will not even frown at them.”

The cultivator thought for a while, sighed then said, “Whatever. I’ll do my best. But, Teng Hua Yuan, there are always enemies for grievances and creditors for debts. I just hope you kill less mortals…”


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