No chapters today

Hi people. Allergy season is here (?), and naturally I’m affected by it as well. My eyes are itchy all the time, nose is sniffling every half a word I type, etc. Of course, being in front of a computer for hours straight isn’t help much, so I’m not able to put out any chapters today.

I was planning to translate some chapters yesterday, but every sentence I type, I’m like *sniff* *sniff*, and that’s not helping my speed nor quality at all, so I couldn’t do much about it and just went straight to sleep.

Anyways, this and that ,so no chapters. I’ll compensate tomorrow with a whole boatload of chapters so no worries, but for now I’m going to take a small break and rest my eyes (and nose).

And that is all, sorry about the chapters, but my eyes is really damn itchy and it’s really hard to concentrate, so yea.

Real reason: I was reading Coiling Dragon raws and I couldn’t stop myself. It just gets better and better ;-;


69 thoughts on “No chapters today

  1. Get some local raw honey and start eating 1tsp-1tbsp daily, see what happens. It has to both local and raw, though how local, depends on where you are.


  2. I was like “oh, I know this feeling, I hope it wont be this bad this year”, but then I noticed that small little thingy thing and I was like “OOOOOOOh I seeeee… nevermind”. Nice troll :)


    1. woah, how did yea survive it.. after reading only 1 or maybe 2 books a head when we were still at linley getting a kingdom… i quit.. it felt like you missed way to much

      btw, got link to the raws? lol


      1. I read them from here

        , and using this

        dont think, i got almost everything. Maybe not some details but yes the main story, and once i was able to continue reading MT without many problems the chaps were falling one after another. Forget about him building his kingdom, what is coming now (highr planes and all) just dont let you stop reading, thats why i understand flower xd
        ive also started reading far ahead in xian ni. Ive already finished this volume but now something happns that i dont now if in the future ill like, thts why i hope that void knows smthg about that. I havent asked you flower (if you read this) because i dont think that you have read ahead in xian ni (not too many chaps at least) because you are reading CD, but if you have if you can answer some questions tht i have about the future that i dont know that i really nedd to know now xd


        1. fuck the essay, imma reading CD all weekend.. but one prob.. could yea link me to book 4 chapter 18 instead lol…


  3. Well the cliffhanger…nvm that bet better instead.You can take the whole weekend free if that rest will cure you 100%.
    I don’t have this kind of problems but I think citrus drinks will help you.
    You will need…
    -1/2 lemon
    -2 oranges
    -1 tablespoon of local, raw, organic honey
    Squeeze the juice from the lemon and oranges and chill for several hours. Stir in the honey, add some ice cubes, and drink daily.


        1. Bro the contination is Stellar Trasformation.Which is continued by Desolate Era.Since you are able to read the raws i can tell you at least this much.Still you can read the scans untl vol11 ch60 in english tho.


  4. feeling ur pain. had the windows open this morning before it warmed up and i have been miserable all day.. 2 different otc allergy medications are not even putting a dent in it. :(


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