Xian Ni: Chapter 80 – Blood Refining Technique

After shifting for 3 times, the flying sword’s colour already changed into faint green. No matter from the light that it was emitting or the cry of the sword, one could clearly tell that it was in an extremely weak state.

Before long, the flying sword that did not move got pushed back by two golden light rays. Wang Lin concentrated and sprayed a mouthful of spiritual energy out again. The flying sword could not dodge it and got surrounded by the spiritual energy while the two golden light rays were like two dragons as they swirled outside of the spiritual energy. If they found out that the flying sword wanted to rush out, then it go immediately go near, and at the end, the flying sword had no way of escaping.

As time passed, the struggling movements of the flying sword did not ease out and it even got more and more aggressive. The spiritual energy that surrounded it slowly disappeared so Wang Lin spit out a breath of spiritual energy once more. With some hand seals, he continued the refining.

The time of the night slowly passed, and there were finally some traces of calmness on the flying sword. Wang Lin’s face was pale, and as it was night, he had already spit out dozens of spiritual energy breaths.

Even though he was at the 15th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage, and even with the help of the spiritual liquid, he still felt that his body and heart were tired and it was difficult to continue.

The light of the morning entered through the windows, and Wang Lin’s refinement still continued. The flying sword did not struggle anymore and it calmly stopped in midair. Threads of spiritual energy containing Wang Lin’s soul permeated into the flying sword.

Just at that time, Wang Lin’s face changed, and before long, the sound of a door knocking and Zhang Hu’s voice came.

“Wang Lin, do you want to come with me to the Tengjia City’s equipment stores?”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and said, “Zhang Hu, I am currently in a critical moment in training, so go by yourself.”

Zhang Hu stood outside the door, paused, thought for a while, said nothing more and sat cross-legged outside of Wang Lin’s room.

Wang Lin didn’t pay attention to Zhang Hu and continued refining. Time passed little by little, and the curtains of night descended once again. He already drank 3 gourds worth of spiritual liquid, but he was still not finished with that flying sword.

Because of his helplessness, Wang Lin could only ask Situnan for help.

“Boy, you finally looked for me? Hmph, I was waiting. If you are willing to close yourself for 10 years and use a large amount of spiritual liquid, perhaps you could finish refining this flying sword. That’s reality.” Situnan said neither fast nor slow.

“That long?” Wang Lin frowned.

“Of course, this is a Dan treasure, and it’s even a top top quality one. It should belong to some certain insane person in the late stages of the Jiedan stage. The instant that he was entering into the Yuanying stage, he ignored his own safety and even bet the failure of entering the Yuanying stage. He used the moment of harmony between the time of entering the Yuanying stage and the world and also huge amounts of power to create it. That person is really insane. Back in my days, I thought about that as well, but after thinking for a long time I didn’t dare. It didn’t matter whether the entering of the Yuanying stage failed or not, but, at that time, it would be an extremely dangerous moment. With a single mistake, one’s own soul would collapse on themself and die in a place without being buried.”

“That Baizhan must also gotten help from a flying sword creator to make the sword his own. If I still had my physical body, then of course I could easily finish the refining. But now, I don’t have anyways….but….” Situnan slowly drawn it out and said.

Wang Lin also clearly understood Situnan’s character. He knew that the old guy enjoyed pulling the suspense on people. He was in no rush either, so he silently waited for the lower part.

After a while, Situnan sighed and muttered, “Whatever, I’ll tell you. Using the normal refining techniques waste too much time. I’ll teach you a technique called the Blood Refining Technique. The good part is that it can instantly make this flying sword your own, but the bad part is that if the flying sword gets damaged, you will be dragged in as well. This refining technique is several times more serious than the other linking methods.”

Wang Lin gave it some thought then said, “How do I use this Blood Refining Technique?”

Situnan wanted to pull another suspense on Wang Lin, but he knew that the guy wouldn’t pay attention to him so he straight up spoke the method with a request at the end.

“I haven’t touched women in such a long time. Whatever you do, you need to make me happy. It’s fine even if I see them!”

Wang Lin had no comment on that, and following Situnan’s methods, he did some strange hand seals with both his hands. He bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a mist of blood that contained spiritual power. His right hand changed and instantly drew a strange symbol in the air.

As as the symbol was finished drawing, it immediately entered the mist of blood. The blood rolled and quickly contracted into the symbol. Slowly, the blood-colour symbol got denser and denser. Wang Lin’s gaze flashed, pushed with his left hand, and instantly, the blood symbol was marked on the flying sword.

The sword trembled and immediately, it emitted threads of white air.

Wang Lin instantly spit another mist of blood and his expression was slightly dispirited. But, his gaze was very firm, and with a turn of his right hand, an even stranger symbol was drawn and melted with the blood mist then landed on the flying sword.

That continued for several hours. Straight until the morning of the third day, the cry of the sword came from Wang Ln’s room but instantly disappeared after. Zhang Hu was sitting cross-legged all that time outside the room and he suddenly stood up.

Wang Lin’s door opened without sound, and Wang Lin was faintly smiling as he was extremely happy then he said, “Zhang Hu, thanks.”

Zhang Hu looked at Wang Lin with a strange face and said, “What skill were you training in? Why did I hear a sword cry just now?”

Wang Lin mouth opened, and a green coloured little sword flew out bringing dense, cold intents. When that sword came out, the smell of blood instantly filled the air.

Zhang Hu stared at it with a blank face as he said with a voice crack, “This…This is my teacher’s flying sword? You finished the refining? Hm? Why is there such a dense smell of blood?”

Wang Lin nodded, and with a wave of his right hand, the flying sword instantly returned back to him and was swallowed into his mouth. Wang Lin was also very annoyed by the smell of blood. Only after the success of the Blood Refining did Situnan slowly tell him that any treasures that went through Blood Refining would emit a dense smell of blood. Also, as more people were killed, the smell of blood would also become even denser.

Zhang Hu looked at the flying sword with a stupefied expression. After a while, he deeply breathed and said, “Wang Lin, I really do admire you. With this flying sword, the people of the same level would not easily harm you. The important point of this flying sword is its instant shifting. Depending on the amount of spiritual power the owner has, the instant shifting distance would also change. But under unexpected circumstances, this is certainly a good weapon for killing.”

The two of them chatted for a bit more, then Zhang Hu rose up to leave. Before leaving, he told Wang Lin that the trading fair would be 3 days later and told him to start preparing.

After Zhang Hu left, Wang Lin took out the sword sheath from the storage bag. This sword sheath was even called strange by Situnan and they didn’t even know what kind of treasure it was.

Wang Lin thought that the sword sheath and the flying sword were one, but after the ritual of the flying sword, he looked more carefully and found out the differences between the two.

The sword sheath was giving off a simple yet dense killing intent. The more one looked, the denser the killing intent would be. Slowly, Wang Lin was like in a different area, and other than the blurry sword, his mind was blank.


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