MGA: Chapter 24 – Do You Dare To Marry Me?

“You seem to really understand this Spirit power?”

Chufeng’s heart tightened. He just started using the so-called Spirit power so he didn’t understand it too much.

But he also knew that it was likely true when the girl said there weren’t even one within 10 thousand that had the Spirit power. It was very obvious that this extremely talented girl didn’t have it.

In addition, her treatment towards him turned 180 degrees, showing that this Spirit power was quite an impressive thing which ordinary people did not have.

“But of course. The Spirit power is the favour of the heavens, it is brought by nature and unobtainable by cultivation.”

“Those who have Spirit power can be said to be a dragon within men. Not only would their cultivating talent be extremely strong, their observation would be unrivaled. No wonder my elder sister looked at you and asked our Wings Alliance to invite you.”

“Your elder sister?”

“I forgot about the self-introductions. I am called Sumei, 14 years old. And you certainly know my elder sister. She is called Surou.”

“You are elder Surou’s sister?” Chufeng did not expect that. The girl in front of him was pure and sweet, but that Surou was extremely charming. Although the two of them were very beautiful woman, they were not similar.

But after some more precise looking, Chufeng found out that the girl in front of him looked a tiny bit like Surou. Right now, the girl was still a bit young, but in a few years she would certainly be a stunning beauty.

What surprised Chufeng was that he was not related to Surou in anyway, so why did Surou try to pull him into the Wings Alliance for no reason? Was it that his strength was already exposed on the day of the exam?

After some more careful thing, there was that possibility. After all, Surou’s strength was unmeasurably deep and there were layers of mechanisms in the underground palace. He may have been able to deceive the disciples, but to deceive the elders would really have quite some difficulty.

“Is it so surprising? But there’s actually nothing that surprising. My sister saw that you were a talented person so she wanted to develop you a bit.”

“From my observations, you do have the qualifications to join the Wings Alliance. As one of the members of the Wings Alliance, I hereby officially invite you to join.” Speaking to that point, Sumei squinted her eyes and gave Chufeng an incomparably sweet, clean, pure smile.

At first, Sumei extremely disliked Chufeng, and the reason was obviously because Chufeng refused the invitation of the Wings Alliance. Chufeng was the first ever person in history to refuse the invitation of the Wings Alliance.

But knowing that Chufeng had the extremely rare Spirit power, she also knew that the place that Surou had her eyes on were naturally the Spirit power.

From what she knew, in the entire outer court, not one person had the Spirit power and it was just like a legend.

In short, any person that had the Spirit power would have unlimited accomplishments in the future and were destined to be an extremely strong person. So, to a person like Chufeng, she obviously could not let him go and did everything she could to attract him.

Seeing Sumei’s sweet smile, Chufeng knew that the girl wanted to pull him in the alliance with her looks. It was impossible for Chufeng’s heart to not be moved in front of such a beauty, so he smiled at first, but then firmly said, “I refuse.”

“You bastard.” Hearing Chufeng’s words, Sumei was so angry that she jumped up. The previous gentleness instantly disappeared and she bit her teeth in anger while pointing at Chufeng while angrily saying,

“Chufeng, who do you think you are? How many people wish to join in the Wings Alliance yet are refused by us? Today I personally invite you yet you still refused. Is your brain wedged by a door?”

“So what if you have the Spirit power? At the end you’re just at the 5th level of the Spirit realm. It’s not even comparable to the people in the Wings Alliance.”

Facing Sumei’s fierce cursing, Chufeng did not get agitated nor angry and completely ignored her. He continued picking the Saint Spirit Grasses on the floor, and the ones he could pick up he did. Suddenly he had a blank look.

He discovered with astonishment at a not so distant place, a purple bead appeared. That bead was the same size as a pearl, but it contained extremely strong spiritual energy.

“What’s this?” Chufeng picked up the bead and carefully assessed it.

“Waa, is it? It’s a Spiritual Bead!” Seeing that purple shiny bead, Sumei hurriedly ran over and her eyes were lit up.

“You recognize this thing?” Chufeng asked curiously.

“Of course I do. It’s the top quality spiritual medicine, the Spiritual Bead.”

“From several hundred Saint Spirit Grasses, only one would form into a Spiritual Bead. You cannot refine the Spiritual Bead, but if you directly swallow it, it would form into spiritual energy and be absorbed by the dantian. That’s why the Spiritual Bead is extremely precious. The price of one of them is equivalent to 100 taels of gold.”

“I’ve been wandering around the inner-circle of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain for all these days just for this Spiritual Bead. I never would have thought that I would get it before leaving. I’m too fortunate.” Sumei said emotionally.

“So this thing is a top quality spiritual medicine that doesn’t require refining. It is indeed a good thing.” Chufeng chuckled and didn’t put the bead in the bag. Rather, he put it in his own pocket.

“You want to keep it to yourself?!” Seeing that, Sumei angrily yelled.

“Of course not, in a while, I’ll give you a few more Saint Spirit Grasses.”

“These Saint Spirit Grasses were originally mine, and it’s already pretty good that I’m willing to give you half. In any case, the Saint Spirit Grass are only high quality spiritual medicine. How could they even compare to the top quality Spiritual Bead?”

“You can’t say it like that. If it wasn’t for me, then you would have already been divided into two by those Saint Spirit Grasses. How could you even be standing here and be dividing these Saint Spirit Grasses with me?”


Sumei tightly bit her teeth in anger, yet she was helpless. Although Chufeng’s actions were very scoundrelly, she still wanted to get Chufeng into the Wings Alliance, so she could only endure.

After that, Chufeng counted a bit, and except for the Spiritual Bead in his pocket, he gathered a total of 78 Saint Spirit Grasses. It was absolutely an unimaginable number. Also, the spiritual energy contained in these Saint Spirit Grasses were very rich. They were very high quality, and they were a lot better than the ones Chufeng refined before.

Chufeng only took 30 and left 48 for Sumei. He could feel that the spiritual energy in his pocket were equivalent to at least 50 Saint Spirit Grasses. So even if it was divided up like this he still gained a lot.

But Chufeng did not expect that Sumei only took 40, and with that, Chufeng had 38. Sumei’s meaning was very clear. She was cursing Chufeng to be “3-8”.

[TN: “Three-eight” means foolish/stupid.]

Chufeng could only call her actions as childish. Giving up 8 Saint Spirit Grasses for cursing was really something a wasteful person would do as the price of one Saint Spirit Grass was equal to one tael of gold.

One tael of gold was equal to 100 taels of silver. It was enough for an ordinary family to pass their lives without worries for clothing or food.

“Girl, what are you following me for? You didn’t fall for me did you?”

After dividing the Saint Spirit Grasses, Chufeng decided to leave the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. The 10 days were up, and they needed to leave the inner-circle before the sky turned dark. But, Chufeng did not expect that Sumei would be following him.

To be honest, having such a beautiful person that walked with him was a very satisfactory thing. But, as they walked, they met a lot of people.

When all sorts of gazes of hate were casted towards Chufeng, he didn’t feel easy. He felt that Sumei was intentionally bringing hatred towards him.

“I have indeed fallen for you. Do you dare to marry me?” But when Sumei said those words while laughing, Chufeng was instantly in chaos.

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