MGA: Chapter 25 – The Furious Sumei

Chufeng never would have thought that the little girl seemed so pure, yet was so unreserved. No matter what you say, she was still a little beauty, so how could she say such things out of nowhere?

“Marry you? Why wouldn’t I dare?”

But Chufeng did not back off. He stopped his steps, put his hand under his chin, looked up and down with his eyes, and seriously evaluated the beauty in front of him.

Only then did he discover that Sumei’s age may not be big, but her development was quite nice. It really heated people up with her good convexes and her beautiful curves.

“You…You dare marry, but I don’t. Damn hooligan.”

Being looked by Chufeng’s scoundrelly gaze, Sumei could not keep up with that face. She finally discovered that she was too inexperienced in acting shamelessly with Chufeng, and just with a few words from Chufeng, she became completely frantic.

“Oh? That’s great if you don’t marry, you really aren’t my type.” Chufeng faintly smiled, as if a huge burden had been released and continued walking.

“You…you bastard.” Sumei’s angry voice came from behind him.

To have revenge on Chufeng, Sumei did not leave Chufeng no matter what and she kept on sticking next to him. As they walked, Chufeng attracted plenty of enmity.

Chufeng really was helpless against Sumei’s actions. On the topic of power, he was far from Sumei, and even if he was stronger than Sumei, there was no need to use fighting to drive the little beauty away right?

Since he was helpless, Chufeng might as well enjoy it a bit instead. Once in a while he admired Sumei’s looks, once in a while he provoked her a bit, and that made her angrily stamp like thunder. She grabbed on Chufeng’s arm and bit, madly hammered on Chufeng’s back, and all along the road Chufeng was quite injured.

There were very little people that recognized Sumei, but with her beauty she could even be called as #1 in the inner court. Seeing Chufeng bully a beauty like Sumei, there were countless of young males that walked up and tried to fight for justice and pull a “hero saving the beauty”.

But what they got was Sumei’s cursing, and there were even two people that had their ribs broken by Sumei. When they saw the Wings Alliance badge on Sumei’s chest, all of them could only curse their luck.

The two of them continued walking, and all the observers would focus their attention on them. Just like that, they became a strange scene. When they walked to the outer-circle, a large amount of people were gathered there and they became the focus point of people’s attention.

“Look, isn’t that Chufeng?”

“There seems to be a person behind him, isn’t…isn’t that Sumei?” Two bodies came out of the crowds, and it was the Dragon and Tiger brothers. Those two people were very afraid of Sumei so they wanted to turn around and escape.

“Bailong Baihu, help me stop this bastard.” But when Sumei called out to them, they knew that they couldn’t escape.

“Brother, what should we do?”

“Since it’s like this, we can only follow up and give that Chufeng a bit of suffering. Or else Sumei would not forgive us.”

The two of them looked at each other’s eyes and remembered Sumei’s orders from all those days ago. They couldn’t help but grind their teeth and leap towards Chufeng’s direction as they wanted to block him.

Chufeng already noticed those two, and seeing as they were leaping towards him with unkind faces, he knew that they were going to attack him.

Indeed, the brothers arrived in front of Chufeng and stuck out with one fist and one kick aiming towards Chufeng’s stomach and leg.

Those two were in the 6th level of the Spirit realm, and although they didn’t use any martial skills, their strength and speed were top-class. If it was several days ago, Chufeng would have no way of taking their attacks. But it was no longer hard now.

*whoosh* Chufeng did not back off and he went forward instead. With one foot touching the ground, his body suddenly spun and he went between the two people like the wind.

“This aura, Spirit realm, 5th level?”

The brothers felt Chufeng’s aura, but they were surprised because of that. How could he dodge the attacks of the two while only being in the 5th level of the Spirit realm? It did not make any sense.

At that instant, the two brothers felt that they had no more face. Even though Chufeng was a talented person, the two of them were not ordinary either. How could they let a little person, who was only in the 5th level of the Spirit realm, toy with them, who were in the 6th level of the Spirit realm, in front of the all the eyes of the crowd?

Thinking to that point, the hearts of those two became colder. They changed their styles, and several palms stuck out at the same time. Countless of wind palms that was visible by the naked eye started flying towards Chufeng. Those wind palms were densely compacted and there was almost no way of dodging them.

“These two guys.”

Seeing that the two of them actually used a rank 3 skill, Chufeng started to frown. He was already unable to dodge against those skills, so he had to use his own skills to counter. But, there were too many observers, so if Chufeng really used his skills, his true strength would also be exposed.

After some thought, Chufeng bit his teeth and poured the spiritual energy within his body onto his skin. He shifted towards the thinnest wind palms and he wanted to forcibly take on the attack.

*bang bang bang*

After some heavy sounds, Chufeng got hit by three continuous palms. Although a wave of numbing pain came from his back, he did not suffer from any internal injuries so the Dragon and Tiger brothers did restrain themselves.

But, to fake the real, he threw himself forward, and at the same time that he landed on the ground he intentionally bit his lips and spit out some watery blood.

It terrified the brothers as they saw that Chufeng fell on the ground and even spit out blood. They only wanted to get back some face and they did indeed restrain themselves. After all, they did not want to anger the person behind Chufeng.

Although they were afraid in their hearts, they saw Sumei coming up so the two of them did not lend a hand towards Chufeng and could only put on a face of evilness then said while pointing at Chufeng, “Chufeng, this is the price of offending Sumei.”


“The sister of elder Surou, Sumei?”

Hearing the name “Sumei” shocked the observing crowd. The name Sumei were not unfamiliar to them because it was an extremely talented person that everyone knew.

It was said that Sumei was an exceptional beauty and only entered the Green Dragon School this year, so that was why very little people recognized her.

But because Sumei was extremely talented, being in the 7th level at the age of 14, she was directly accepted as a outer court disciple as an exception. On the same day that she entered the inner court, she entered the Wings Alliance.

After comparing Sumei’s appearance and the Wings Alliance badge on her chest, everyone was more certain about her identity. At that moment, the crowd exploded because Sumei’s name was really too well-known.

“Ahh, who’s that boy? I see he’s dead if he offended Sumei.”

“I think I heard that the Dragon and Tiger brothers say that he was Chufeng. Seeing his face, he should be that idiot. He really must not know how high the sky or how deep the ground is.”

At that instant, pretty much everyone thought that Chufeng was dead. Because of Surou’s existence, Sumei’s position in the inner court was not low.

Also with her beautiful appearance, she already became the spouse of choice for all sorts of geniuses within the inner court. Whoever dared to offend her was looking for death.

Sumei arrived in front of Chufeng, and as she looked at him who was slowly climbing back up and also the pool of watery blood in front of them, her face changed greatly.

She suddenly spun around, and slapped the Dragon and Tiger brothers with two bangs then loudly bellowed, “Who let you hit him? Are you looking to die?!”

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