JMG: Chapter 38 – Seeing Zhou Ling Ling Again

Outskirts in the west of Summer Sun City, Green Cloud Mountain.

Green Cloud Mountain. The name sounded pretty impressive, but in reality it was only a small mountain that was not higher than 300 meters. But the grasses and trees flourished in the mountain, and there was a feeling of a desolation and wildness.

A few years ago, the Summer Sun government prepared to develop Green Cloud Mountain, but because the location wasn’t too great, and especially because of there were a lot of graves, the lead investment group didn’t look at it greatly, so as the development just started it died prematurely.

At the bottom of the Green Dragon Mountain, Qin Lang followed the Old Poison Guy’s instructions, and found two abandoned single-storied houses. Weeds and Cuscutas grew all around it, and with a glance one could tell that this place was abandoned for a long time.

Being brought to such a place by Qin Lang, Tauro started getting nervous. After all, Qin Lang was a “Bastard”. If this guy had some evil or malicious thoughts…

“Ms. Tau, you seem very nervous?” At that time, Qin Lang lightly smiled and said, “Are you afraid that I’m up to no good?”

Actually Tauro was quite worried about that, but she said, “I’m not even forgiving you! I’ve learnt mixed martial arts before, so if you’re up to no good, then I will not easily let you go!”

“If you’ve learnt kung fu before, then let me experience at some later time.” Qin Lang smiled, and walked towards the abandoned house.

“Is Zhou Ling Ling really in here?” In reality, Tauro didn’t really believe Qin Lang’s words, but for some reason, by the work of gods and ghosts, she unexpectedly followed Qin Lang to this place. Perhaps in her subconscious mind she still thought that Qin Lang was a good person.

“Mm, she is here.” Qin Lang brought Tauro and continued walking towards the house. After arriving at the door of the house, Tauro lightly yelled out, “Zhou Ling Ling——”

“You are Ms. Tau——Ms. Tau!”

Tauro really did not expect that Zhou Ling Ling’s voice would come from in there. Zhou Ling Ling was the biology representative, and she had been in contact with her for quite a few times. Of course Tauro would recognize Zhou Ling Ling’s voice, so she replied with surprise and happiness, “Yes! I am Ms. Tau!”

After listening to Zhou Ling Ling’s voice, Tauro immediately walked inside quickly.

Inside this house, she saw that there was a simple collapsible bed, and Zhou Ling Ling was lying on the bed. Inside the house, there was quite a few used gauzes. There were even some on her leg, and that showed that her injuries were not recovered completely yet.

But, Zhou Ling Ling still sat up from the bed as she saw that Qin Lang and Tauro enter the house, and that showed that her injuries were not that serious.

“Zhou Ling Ling, quickly lie back down——” Tauro persisted on letting Zhou Ling Ling continue resting on the bed. But even so, Tauro was quite surprised by Zhou Ling Ling’s quick recovery.

No matter what, Zhou Ling Ling being alive let Tauro’s heart relax quite a bit, and it also let her feel less hate towards the “bastard” next to her.

“Zhou Ling Ling, why are you here? You know, everyone, including your parents, thought that you already——But, seeing that you’re fine, I am very happy.” Tauro said. If she did not witness it personally, she would not have believed that Zhou Ling Ling was still alive.

“Ms. Tau, to be honest, I don’t even know why I am at this place.” Zhou Ling Ling was confused herself.

“About that, I’ll explain it.” Qin Lang said, “So it’s like this. On the day that Zhou Ling Ling got injured, I gave her a special recovery medicine. Originally, it could have kept her life, but I never would have thought that some people didn’t want her to continue living, so they prepared to do harmful things to her in the hospital. Because of that, my master did some things here and there, and let Zhou Ling Ling enter a fake death state, so it easily tricked the forensic examiners and the people that wanted to harm Zhou Ling Ling. After that, he brought Zhou Ling Ling here to treat her injuries, then we came here to meet Zhou Ling Ling.”

“I roughly understand the situation.” Tauro said, “But why did your master need to bring Zhou Ling Ling to such a desolate location?”

“That’s because it wouldn’t be discovered by other people, and also it’s very safe.” Qin Lang said.

“Safe? Why don’t I think so?” Tauro thought: “This is the wilderness. How is it safe for a female student to recover here all by herself?”

“That’s because you don’t know the methods of my master.” Qin Lang didn’t explain in detail on that question, and only said, “Don’t worry, it would be impossible for outsiders to come near this place.”

“That’s right, there’s a lot of snakes outside in the grass!” Zhou Ling Ling said while still being fearful, “Just as I arrive at the door, those snakes would appear. I didn’t even dare to leave this place——But, why did those snakes not attack you two?”

“I think that we shouldn’t talk about such miniscule problems first.” Qin Lang knew that the Old Poison Guy didn’t want anyone know about this, so he quickly changed the topic of the conversation, “Zhou Ling Ling, I need your help to wash away my criminal suspicions. Right now, a lot of people think that I’m a murder suspect, and they all said that I killed you. Even Ms. Tau cursed me and said that I’m a bastard.”

“Qin Lang——” Tauro shot a glance at Qin Lang, “In any case, you are still a man. What’s with this small-mindedness?”

“I am a man that is very easily wounded!” Qin Lang faked to be very injured, “Besides, the words that you said really had a huge blow on me. It made my lose confidence and courage for my future, my life, and for my romance…”

“Qin Lang——” Tauro fiercely glared at Qin Lang, and he finally remained silent. Only then did Tauro say to Zhou Ling Ling, “Zhou Ling Ling, Qin Lang is a good student. This time, to save you, he even got framed into a murderer. Even I misunderstood him…”

Tauro simply explained the things that happened, and the words coming from her softly expressed her apology towards Qin Lang.

Actually, after being misunderstood by Tauro, Qin Lang was very angry at that time. But later letting it all go in the detention house, Qin Lang also calmed down. Him and Tauro only knew each other for a few days, and all the evidence were detrimental to Qin Lang. In addition, Tauro was a detective specialist, so it was obviously very hard to believe in Qin Lang unconditionally. Thus, Qin Lang also felt that it was too forceful for Tauro to trust him unconditionally.

Also, there was one important reason that Qin Lang brought Tauro to see Zhou Ling Ling. It was too let Tauro clearly understand that he was not a murderer and not a criminal.

After hearing Tauro’s words, Zhou Ling Ling apologized to Qin Lang, “I’m sorry Qin Lang. I never would have thought that I would trouble you this much. Now that I think about it, I am really stupid. I have the courage to suicide, but I don’t have the courage to fight against those people.”

“It’s not that you don’t have the courage, it’s that you knew that it was very hard to fight them right?” Qin Lang said calmly, “You’re afraid that they would bring more sadness and harm you even more. Zhou Ling Ling, please tell me. What were you afraid of?”

Qin Lang’s words gave Zhou Ling Ling some courage, but it also evoked her painful memories. After a while, she said, “They got me addicted to drugs, then forced me to do immoral things. I had no way to shake away from their control. On that morning, I went to the hospital to do a test, but I found out that I was infected by sexual transmitted diseases. I really could not feel attached to this life at that time! So, I wore my school uniform, and I hoped when I died, my heart would still be clean!”

“Those savages!” Tauro trembled from anger, “Ling Ling, don’t worry. I will help you get back some justice!”

“Thank you Ms. Tau, and thank you Qin Lang.” Zhou Ling Ling lightly sighed, “Actually, I really don’t have any attachments to life. But, to not allow anymore people like me to be harmed, I decided I would go all out with them. Since I have already died once, there’s nothing to be afraid of!”

“Zhou Ling Ling, I admire your courage, but you don’t need to negative. Trust me. Since I could save your life, then I can obviously completely get rid of the drug addiction in your body, and I can also cure the illnesses on your body.” Qin lang guaranteed to Zhou Ling Ling.

“Really?” The shine of hopeness reappeared in Zhou Ling Ling’s clouded eyes.

“I promise.” Qin Lang smiled, “My medical skill isn’t bad, and I’m quite skilled in gynecology. Ms. Tau can even guarantee that.”

Listening to that, Tauro instantly recalled the situation when Qin Lang cured her Fire Boil problem, and her face couldn’t help but slightly redden. But in order to not disappoint Zhou Ling Ling, she could only nod and say, “That is true. Qin Lang’s medical skill is quite good, or else he would not be able to keep your life. But, as top priority, we need to eliminate all the criminals with one swoop! So, we require your assistance!”

“We?” Qin Lang looked at Tauro with surprise, “Ms. Tau, you said ‘we’, so you want to deal with those real ‘bastards’ together with me?”


11 thoughts on “JMG: Chapter 38 – Seeing Zhou Ling Ling Again

  1. “I promise.” Qin Lang smiled, “My medical skill isn’t bad, and I’m quite skilled in gynecology. Ms. Tau can even guarantee that.”

    Best novel when it comes to reading flawless chapters.. there is not even a cliffhanger.


  2. thanks, just started this series and when I read your decription(and how you were fond of it but it was hard to tl all the chinese quirks into english) of it, I was unsure, but I still tried it since I saw all the nice comments and it really is good and interesting. Thank you very much for translating it and keep up the good work :D


  3. That was anti climatic. I thought seeing Zhou Ling Ling would require breaking into a well guarded hospital or something.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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