Xian Ni: Chapter 60 – Elder

Huang Long took it and had a look. With a snort, he said, “You may not take the river water from the back mountains anymore. I’ll take these two bottles this time. You may go back for now, and remember to come here tomorrow morning. I’ll bring you to the sect’s Hidden Scripture Building and pick a suitable skill for you.”

After hearing those words, Wang Lin looked forward to it, and he bowed then left. Currently, his cultivation was very high, but he only had one skill: The Gravity Technique.

After Wang Lin left, Huang Long turned around and respectfully bent his body forward then said, “Elder Shanguan, how much truth was in Wang Lin’s words and how should we treat this?”

An elder wearing blue and was as thin as bones walked out from the main hall. His face was heavy and after snorting, he said, “How much truth? Can you not find how much truth he said? Not one word was the truth!”

Huang Long revealed an embarrassed expression on his face as he was talking to one of the ten elders who reached the Foundation Building stage. Everything in the cultivating world was reliant on strength. Him, the Head of Sect, and his fellow elders were only pushed towards the front stage.

The Heng Yue Sect rules state that as long as you reach the Foundation Building stage, you could become an elder and also enjoy the privileges. If you reached the Jiedan stage, then you could leap and become one of the sect’s real heads. If you reach the Yuanying stage, then pretty much you would be the founder of the entire Heng Yue Sect.

The 10 elders that were in the Foundation Building stage were usually training behind closed doors. Because of the exchange with Xuan Dao, Huang Long immediately contacted the elder, and got the elder to contact the two heads who were in the Jiedan stage.

Huang Long really did not expect the overwhelming appearance of Wang Lin. So, as the Foundation Building stage elder was out from closed doors, he brought Wang Lin for some questioning and had the elder observe him.

Shang Guan took the jade bottle from Huang Long’s hands. He scanned with his soul, then nodded and said, “This boy said a bit of truth. This is indeed the river water from the back mountains. If one drinks this often, then it would increase the speed of cultivation.”

Huang Long hesitated a bit, then respectfully asked, “Elder Shanguan, was it really the Gravity Technique that Wang Lin used earlier?”

He looked at Huang Long and said, “I’ve seen his few battles, and I can confirm that he did use the Gravity Technique.”

Huang Long’s expressed changed, and he said with astonishment, “It’s really the Gravity Technique? How can it be so powerful? It can even grab onto the magical treasures!”

Shanguan snorted and said, “For any skill, as long as you train it for a long time, then it will produce a magical effect. But for the Foundation Building stage, those don’t count as much. This Gravity Technique is the most basic skill in the cultivation world. The more basic it is, the longer it has been in time. Do you not even understand this?”

Huang Long quickly nodded.

Shanguan paused then said, “This child’s cultivation does really seem to be in the 3rd layer, but his inner spiritual power is extremely huge. I cannot be definite on it, but I’m guessing that he should be around the 14th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage and he may reach the Foundation Building stage in the future. With a disciple like him, even if he has some secrets it can be allowed as our current state of our sect is in imminent danger. Hmph, the Xuan Dao Sect being called the Sect of Elders is well deserved. Some random people in the Concentrated Qi stage can be called as an elder! They even tried to entice Wang Lin with sound in front of our Heng Yue Sect. They really go too far!”

Huang Long hesitated, and didn’t ask for details about that sound. He said respectfully, “I will follow your orders. Elder Shanguan, about the founders that the Xuan Dao Sect talked about…”

Shanguan sighed, and worry sprung up from his face. He shook his head and said, “Our founders have not given any news back in 300 or so years, I’m afraid…Sigh, don’t worry about those things. If Xuan Dao Sect really wants to take our Heng Yue peaks, then it can’t be helped. The Zhao country is big now, so naturally there’s a place where I belong. Hmph, when our two heads breakthrough the Jiedan stage and enter the Yuanying stage, then we will return all the humiliation back to them.”

Huang Long smiled bitterly, nodded and said nothing.

On Wang Lin’s side, after walking out of the main hall, all the inner court disciples cast sideway glances, and their attitude was very respectful. It was completely different from yesterday.

“Strength. Everything in the world of cultivation is about strength. This is absolutely not false.” Wang Lin sighed rather sorrowfully, and returned to Sun Dazhu’s medicine garden.

Just as he entered, he saw Sun Dazhu’s face with smiles and friendliness as he walked up and said, “Good disciple, I’ve been waiting for you for quite a while. Come come, this is the best quality medicine tea that I personally made, and I guarantee that you will feel vigours after you drink it.”

Saying that, he picked up a teacup from the stone table in the garden, and personally gave it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had a strange expression on. This Sun Dazhu changed way too fast, and he couldn’t react in time.

Looking at Wang Lin’s expression, Sun Dazhu smiled awkwardly, and with sincere eyes, he said, “Wang Lin, your master hasn’t really been doing his job, and we had a lot of misunderstandings between us before.”

Wang Lin didn’t not take the cup of tea. With a scan of his soul, he found out that it did contain spiritual power, so he said, “I feel a bit tired, so I’m not going to drink this tea.”

Sun Dazhu immediately said, “Tired? Then you should rest more rest more. Your place is way too small. How about this…From today on, you can sleep in my room.”

Wang Lin’s face was calm, but his mind was on alert. If you ask him who would be the most suspicious in the sect, then it would be Sun Dazhu. So, he shook his head and said, “Whatever, I won’t be here for a few days. I’m planning to go to the back mountains to continue to train in isolation.”

Sun Dazhu opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, and Wang Lin saw that and hurriedly walked towards his room. Sun Dazhu’s gaze flickered, and after looking at the teacup in hands, a cold shine appeared in his eyes.

Wang Lin suddenly looked back, and on his face, he revealed an expression that seemed to be smiling yet was not. He looked deeply at Sun Dazhu with meaning.

Sun Dazhu’s face was frozen, then he forcefully smiled and said, “My good disciple, what’s the problem?”

Wang Lin showed teasing eyes, walked forward a few steps, and said, “Master, you seem nervous.”

Sun Dazhu’s heart jumped, and he backed away 2 steps. Forcefully calming himself, he said, “I am indeed nervous. Your strength is way stronger than mine, I am only in the 5th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage.”

Wang Lin looked at the tea, then suddenly said, “Master, drink this tea for me.”

His face changed greatly and forcefully smiled again, “How can I do that? If you’re not going to drink it, then I’ll just pour it away.” After saying that, he threw the teacup on the ground. He also quickly backed away a few steps, and one of his foot stood on the door of the garden.

“Master, drink it.” Wang Lin’s expression was normal. With the Gravity Technique, the teacup that should have been on the ground slowly floated up and landed in front of Sun Dazhu. He sighed. Since Sun Dazhu was acting this way, then there seemed to be a problem with the tea.

It was unknown what Sun Dazhu’s expression was like, and after a while he suddenly frowned and said, “Wang Lin, it seems that you are misunderstand me. You think that there’s a problem with this tea? Fine, I’ll drink it!”

Sun Dazhu took the teacup, and after looking at Wang Lin, he drank it all in one go. After drinking, he threw the teacup on the ground and said unhappily, “Is it fine now? The Head of Sect told me to find him because he has things he wants to tell me. If I arrive late it would be too disrespectful. If you have anything you want to say, say it when I come back.” After saying that, he started backing away.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and his body quickly moved. Sun Dazhu’s expression changed. He was planning to retreat, but with his 5th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage, how could he possibly compare to Wang Lin?

In an instant, Wang Lin arrived next to Sun Dazhu. His vision flickered, and he lightly patted Sun Dazhu’s chest. Just now, when he drank the tea, Wang Lin instantly noticed that he didn’t really drink it. Rather, he was using the spiritual power within his body to surround the tea.

With that pat, Sun Dazhu’s spiritual power dissipated. The tea immediately exposed itself and quickly dissolved into Sun Dazhu’s body.

His face changed greatly, and it brought a trace of fierceness. He said with severe words, “Wang Lin, what are you doing? You want to kill your master? If you kill me, then the Heng Yue Sect will not forgive you.”

Wang Lin said nothing, and only scanned with this soul. The tea within Sun Dazhu’s body already completely dissolved. Threads of silver string-shaped objects went along his veins and drilled into his head.

Sun Dazhu also felt that something was wrong. As he was going to say something, it was too late. The string-like object already drilled into his brain. In an instant, his fierce expression slowly relaxed, then finally calmed down.

Wang Lin glared at Sun Dazhu, and straightaway he found out that something was wrong. His eye expression was a bit lifeless.

After pausing for a while, he said, “Master, I do not want to kill you, it’s just that you had malicious intents towards me. Even if you drank this tea, I wouldn’t do that to you.”

Sun Dazhu’s expression was dull, but he suddenly said, “You cannot drink the tea.”

Wang Lin stared blankly, and after looking at Sun Dazhu, he suddenly asked, “Why can’t I drink it?”

“There are Three Corpse String Caterpillars in the tea.” Sun Dazhu’s expression was numb as he said that.

Wang Lin’s gaze flickered, and he asked, “What does this Three Corpse String Caterpillar do?”

“In a short period of time, it can control all the actions of other side. It is one of the necessities for creating a puppet.”

Killing intent flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes, and he asked calmly, “Why did you want me to take it?”

“Ever since I found out that you had the spiritual gourd, I was suspicious in my heart, so I took you as a disciple. I originally wanted to wait until you reached the 1st layer of the Concentrated Qi stage, then use a soul searching method on you, but because of the Spirit Dispersion Herb, I felt that you could not reach the 1st layer of the Concentrated Qi within 10 years, so I left that problem alone. But I never would have thought that the competition yesterday, your strength suddenly increased. My expression was very open, but in reality I was even more suspicious, and thought that you must have secretly hid some gourds with spiritual power in it. You may even have some other secrets, and because I also wanted to increase my cultivation level, I prepared this cup of tea for you.”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and asked, “What’s a Spirit Dispersion Herb? Why did you not tell anyone about me? Also this Three Corpse String Caterpillar. Why did you not use it earlier?”

“The Spirit Dispersion Herb is a necessity in the dispersing arts. The use is to disperse the spiritual energy in the body. I did not tell anyone about you because I was afraid that people would forcefully steal the gourd from me. Later on, because it happened too suddenly, if I said it, then it would not do me any good, so I might as well move by myself.”

“About this Three Corpse String Caterpillar. I did not use it earlier because last year, when I went down the mountain, I traded it for some stolen ancient books from the sect with a fellow associate. That person said that the success rate is 100% under the Foundation Building stage. Also, the herb has no colour nor spell, so it wouldn’t be easy to detect it. I was originally planning to use it on the 3rd senior to get some pills from him.”

Wang Lin’s anger started to burn, and coldly smiled, “You weren’t afraid of me finding out?”

“In order to get the secret from you, I didn’t care that much. I’m old now, and if I don’t have any more improvements, then I wouldn’t have any hope for the Foundation Building stage in this life. Actually, I wasn’t even sure that you would come back today, so I already made a wager to myself, and prepared this cup of tea. If you came back today, then I would try it. If you didn’t, then you must have stayed at the Head of Sect. From then on, you may always go down the mountains, and I wouldn’t have any more chances.”

Wang Lin’s gaze turned cold and his voice icy as he asked, “Just now, you said that the Head of Sect was looking from you. Was that true?”

“It was not.”

Just as Sun Dazhu finished saying that, Wang Lin’s gaze flickered, and with a pat he hit the top of his head. Instantly, Sun Dazhu’s body crumpled, and he fell on the ground while bleeding in all 7 apertures of the head.

Wang Lin blankly looked at Sun Dazhu’s corpse, and in his heart there was a feeling that could not be explained. This was the first time that he killed a person, and the person he killed was his own master.

After thinking for a while, Wang Lin picked up Sun Dazhu’s corpse, and walked out of the Heng Yue Sect with a declining expression. He found a mountain stream and threw the corpse at it.


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  1. Thank you very much. Too bad Wang Lin couldn’t find a way to use the Sun Dazho, even if it was only for a little while.


  2. Unexpected ruthless side to him. Although I’m quite glad that he is willing to take action with his own hands instead of waiting for some punishment from the elders.
    Thanks for the chapter.


    douche nr 2 is dead douche nr 1 is affraid of him and he found himself a legendary sociopath master
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  4. Eh~ should have mad him a puppet. I bet he has a lot of useful knowledge. And it might make his life easier if his master is under his control.


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