MGA: Chapter 8 – Coincidentally Meeting Chuyue

“The Wings Alliance rarely recruit members, but when they do, the people they recruit are like the dragon within men.”

“Although the Wings Alliance only has 32 people, but within the inner court, they are very well-known people.”

“Also, their hearts are one, and they look at each other like an extension of their hands and feet. Whoever dares to make a move against the members of the Wings Alliance, no matter who it is, they will have their revenge.”

“Two years ago, a third-rate school in the Green Province harmed a member of the Wings Alliance. The one that exterminated the school was also the Wings Alliance.”

“That strong?” Listening to that point, Chufeng was also astonished. Although the a 3rd rated school could not be compared to the Green Dragon School, but it still had quite some power. To be able to exterminate them showed that the Wings Alliance were very strong.

“Also, although the founders of the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance are very strong, but compared to the founder of the Wings Alliance, there’s a huge difference.”

“According to the rumours, the founder of the Wings Alliance entered the inner court at the age of 11, became a core disciple at the age of 14, and was the #1 disciple at the age of 16 in the Green Dragon School.”

“But sadly, he is no longer in the Green Dragon School. The year that he was 16, he left this place and no one knew where he went.” Talking about things like that, the younger brother seemed to be rather regretful.

“Who is that person called?” Chufeng was amazed even more. Core disciples were important figures of the Green Dragon School, and every one of them could be said to be geniuses in martial cultivation.

And the founder for the Wings Alliance became the strongest within the core disciples at the age of 16. How outstanding was that person?

“His name is Zhang Tianyi.” The younger brother said his name one word at a time.

[TN: Tianyi = Sky/Heaven Wings]

“Zhang Tianyi.” Chufeng remembered that name, because he was qualified to be remembered by Chufeng.

“That’s right, I heard that our inner court beauty elder Surou is also one of the members of the Wings Alliance, and she is also one of the strongest within the core disciples.”

“Also, other than elder Surou, within today’s core disciples, there are a lot of people who belong to the Wings Alliance. All of their achievements are not inferior to the founders of the World Alliance or the Sword Alliance. Isn’t the Wings Alliance strong?” The younger brother continued saying.

“If you say it like that, then this Wings Alliance is really strong. Are there any special symbols for the members of the Wings Alliance?” Chufeng was getting more and more interested in this Wings Alliance.

“It’s rare to see anyone from the Wings Alliance, but on their chest, they would wear a small badge, and a pair of wings are on that badge.”

The three of them chatted as the walked, and very quickly they arrived at the plaza that was filled with people. It was the place to register for the Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

Actually, the so-called registration was writing your own name on a wall scroll then taking a token. There were no elders there.

“Junior, the Spiritual Medicine Hunt starts tomorrow, so I’m thinking that you should join in an alliance and request for shelter.”

“So I give you a word of advice. Don’t think of joining an alliance like the Wings Alliance, because we won’t have a single chance in our lifetime.”

“No need to even mention the Wings Alliance. The World Alliance and the Sword Alliance are not easy to enter as well.”

“So, if you want to join an alliance, then you need to keep your eyes open.” After registering, the two brothers started to take advantage of the mood again.

“Then please give me some pointers.” Seeing that the brothers were so friendly, Chufeng couldn’t bear to not give them face.

“Although the stronger alliances are harder to enter, but you cannot choose a weak one. For example, you should never enter those who say how good their alliance are to one person after the other. Those alliances could not even protect you, and you would only get bullied.”

“Like that girl who’s giving bamboo sheets to everyone. With a glance you could tell that she’s from some weak little alliance, and they’re here to trick the new disciples.” Saying that, the elder brother pointed towards a purple clothed young female from not far.

Looking over to the direction that he was pointing at, Chufeng couldn’t help but hesitate, because that purple clothed young female was Chuyue.

“Chuyue!” Seeing her, Chufeng yelled excitedly.

Hearing Chufeng’s yells, Chuyue also turned her head to look. When she saw Chufeng she also was joyful, and as she waved she yelled, “Chufeng!”

Chufeng wanted to find Chuyue, but he never would have thought that they would meet at that place, so he hurriedly walked over to Chuyue.

“Ahh, it’s finished. Another idiot has been tricked. We’ve wasted our time after walking to him for so long.” Seeing that, the pair of brothers look at each other with their four eyes and shook their head.

“Chufeng, you’ve finally entered the inner court, this is great! We can finally start training together.” Looking at Chufeng’s purple clothing, Chuyue was delighted from the bottom of her heart, and found out that she was happy for Chufeng.

“Chuyue, what are you doing?” Looking at the bamboo sheets, Chufeng was fairly curious.

“Oh, you still don’t know huh? Chuwei created an alliance in the inner court called the Chu Alliance.”

“All the people from the Chu family are in this Chu Alliance. But even so, there are still too little people in our alliance.”

“So, taking advantage of this year’s new disciples that are entering the inner court, I want to try to pull some more people to enter our Chu Alliance and increase our power. After all, if the Chu Alliance has a good development, then in the future it will help our Chu Family greatly.” Chuyue explained while smiling.

The Chuwei that Chuyue mentioned was a young elder brother in the Chu family. He was 20 years old this year, and 10 years ago he entered the Green Dragon School.

But, Chufeng did not have a good impression on that Chuwei, as Chuwei was one of the people that bullied him a lot when he was smaller.

“Then I’ll help you.” Although he didn’t like Chuwei, Chufeng didn’t want Chuyue to work too hard.

“It’s fine, it’s really fine. You don’t understand the situation in the Chu Alliance, so I can do it myself.” Chuyue smiled while declining, then asked with concern, “That’s right. Chufeng, did you register in the Spiritual Medicine Hunt?”

“Look at this.” Chufeng smiled, and took out the token for the Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

“That’s great! This time I can go with you and catch the spiritual medicines. I’ll tell you that catching the spiritual medicine is a battle of wits and bravery, and it’s very interesting.” As she mentioned the Spiritual Medicine Hunt, Chuyue seemed to really look forward to it.

“Chufeng, I’ll be getting busy. At night, come and find me. I have something that I want to say to you, so you have to come.”

Seeing another new disciple walking through, Chuyue quickly stuffed a bamboo sheet into Chufeng’s hands and walked over to that new disciple and introduced the Chu Alliance to him.

Seeing that Chuyue insisted like that, Chufeng didn’t continue to force it, and on that bamboo sheet, the location of Chuyue’s residence was written on it.

Walking in the plaza and scanning through the crowds, he found out that there were quite a few people that were like Chuyue who advertised their alliance.

But very little people cared about them. Since everyone wasn’t an idiot, unless they couldn’t enter the stronger alliances, very little people would choose to join in small alliances like that.

And the so-called Chu Alliance only had Chuyue herself recruiting members. Even the founder Chuwei did not appear. That showed that only Chuyue thought about the Chu family.

Night came, and Chufeng went to Chuyue’s residence as planned. Chuyue was walking back and forth outside the residence, and it was obvious that she was waiting for someone.

Seeing Chufeng, Chuyue put both of her hands behind her back while skipping and jumping her way over.

Although Chuyue was one year older than Chufeng, but she was still at the prime of her youth. Not only was her appearance beautiful, her character was also lively and cheerful.

In the Chu family, Chuyue could be said to be a clown. No matter if it was the old or small, they all liked this little strange girl.

Arriving in front of Chufeng, Chuyue opened her hands and said while laughing, “Hey, hurry and pick it up.”

Between the two white palms was a Saint Spirit Grass.

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