JMG: Chapter 34 – Appearance of the Old Poison Guy

“Ouch!” Qin Lang lightly yelled, then said angrily, “Despicable!”

“Haha! You stupid student! I’m a black boxer. Do you know who black boxers are? The methods do not matter as long as you win! It doesn’t matter if your punching or kicking is strong. I have the poison of a cobra on this knife, you’re dead! You’re dead! Haha!”

Chengang laughed with proudness, and his laugh was so loud that the prisoners in the other cells heard it. Suddenly everyone hushed and started cursing.

Although the prisoners detained in the Little Zangou were violent criminals, Qin Lang’s kung fu won over their admiration. Who would have thought that the infamous “Steel bro” would use a knife and poison against Qin Lang? It really made people despise Chengang!

“Don’t worry, I won’t die!”

Qin Lang coldly laughed, and knocked Chengang out with a punch. After that, he yelled out, “Jailer! Damn you guys! You let Chengang bring a knife in, and there was even poison on the knife!”

With Qin Lang angry bellow, it also stirred up the other prisoners’ anger, and all the cursing shock the skies and the earth.

The jailers were indeed alarmed. Two of them rushed to Qin Lang’s cell, and seeing the small knife in Qin Lang’s leg, the colour of their face instantly changed, and cursed in their heart: “Damn Sankun, you want us to lose our job? Bringing a knife in, and even putting poison on it. If this brat dies in this place, then there would be too much trouble!”

“Quickly send him to the hospital!” Another jailer immediately contacted the rescue workers.

When the rescue workers arrived, Qin Lang took the chance and fainted into the chest of a nurse.

Very soon, the “fainted” Qin Lang got sent to the People’s Hospital in Summer Sun City to receive treatment.

Because he was an “important suspect”, and he was poisoned by snake poison, Qin Lang was arranged into a simple hospital room, and there were two jailers guarding outside. To be honest, sleeping in here was a lot better than sleeping in the detention house. Actually, this simple hospital bed was even better than the ones in the school dorm.

“Ha, you two can guard outside for me!” Qin Lang looked at the direction of the two jailers, and thought that they deserved to stand as guard outside for the entire night.

Although Chengang’s little knife did have poison, but to Qin Lang, a cobra’s poison was just like the introduction poison that he tried. The thing that he mainly learnt from the Old Poison Guy was the poison arts, not the martial arts, which meant Chengang using poison against Qin Lang was a grave mistake.

With that, Qin Lang would sleep comfortably on the hospital bed, and Chengang’s ribs being broken by Qin Lang was well deserved. The jailers would undoubtedly not dare to create a report of this.

As Qin Lang was preparing to sleep, the window curtains moved as if it was moved by the night wind, and suddenly an extra shadow appeared in the hospital room.

“Old Poison Guy!”

Qin Lang yelled under his breath. As he saw this silhouette, he was a bit excited, but also a bit nervous.

“Your kung fu is going not bad, and you even learnt a real style——Car-Breaking Mantis. Hehe, the name isn’t bad at all!” The Old Poison Guy’s tone was with a bit of disdain, but he always talked harshly to Qin Lang, so Qin Lang viewed the disdain as a type of praise.

But then, the words following up would certainly not be praise, “But, did you train yourself to be an idiot? Do you know why you are in this situation right now?”

“That’s…I had a bit of bad luck.” Qin Lang said depressedly. True, although the things before all went smoothly, but ever since he went to Pure Beauty Bay, his luck did a 180 degree turn.

“Rubbish! It’s not that you have bad luck, it’s that you are too soft-hearted!” The Old Poison Guy coldly snorted, “Using Hansan and beating Manu were done fairly well. But, you gave your enemies a chance by helping a female that was unrelated to you and unwilling to live! Complete idiocy! Don’t be stubborn. Let me ask you. If you didn’t care whether that Zhou Ling Ling lived or died, would you be in this situation?”

“I wouldn’t.” Qin Lang replied gloomily.

The Old Poison Guy was not wrong. If Qin Lang didn’t help Zhou Ling Ling, he wouldn’t be slammed into the cell by others.

“Old Poison Guy, are you here just to mock me?” Qin Lang couldn’t help but ask.

“You are my student. If I mock you then it means I mock myself.” The Old Poison Guy snorted, “It seems like your mission has failed, and you will quickly become a murderer. How about you live in isolation from others with me into the mountains——”

“Oi, wait——Old Poison Guy.” Qin Lang quickly said, “The mission hasn’t completely failed yet, and I don’t plan to live in isolation in the mountains with you.”

“You want to continue sitting in prison?” The Old Poison Guy snorted.

“Of course I don’t want to.” Qin Lang said, “But I don’t want my first mission to fail like this. I feel like I still have a chance!”

“Where’s the chance?”

“Zhou Ling Ling!” Qin Lang said calmly, “If your Hundred Poison Big Return Pill is real, then Zhou Ling Ling shouldn’t have died!”

“Nonsense, of course my Hundred Poison Big Return Pill is a life saving pill!” The Old Poison Guy coldly snorted, “You prodigal, wasting one of my pill. I still haven’t gotten you back for that!”

“Then why were there poison elements in Zhou Ling Ling’s saliva sample?” Qin Lang asked.

“You idiot, the Hundred Poison Big Return Pill was originally a life-saving pill made from poison, but even if there are poison elements it doesn’t mean it can’t save lives. How do you not know this after following me for so long?”

“Is it not you the reason why I’m in this situation? If they didn’t find any poison elements in your life-saving pill, then I would have been cleared from suspicions.”

“Do you think you’re infallible?!” The Old Poison Guy cursed Qin Lang again, “Even if they couldn’t find any poison elements you still need to be aware of being a scapegoat! You should know that the pill wasn’t at fault, yet the girl still died. Do you know why?”

“Anderson got people to go to the hospital to kill her?” Qin Lang understood the crucial point.

“It seems that you are not a complete idiot!” The Old Poison Guy snorted, “The reason why you lost to Anderson was not because your kung fu was bad nor was it because your were an idiot. It’s because of your soft heart! If you had let that girl die, the one winning would probably be you. But who would have thought the student of me, Old Poison Guy, would waste a life-saving pill on a person that you don’t even have anything to do with, and you even got yourself into jail!”

“Old Poison Guy, don’t attack me like that okay?” Qin Lang chuckled, “Rather than cursing me like that, how about pointing a good road for me, and letting me defeat Anderson while finishing this mission?”

“Whatever, I’ll give you a chance!” The Old Poison Guy coldly snorted, “Zhou Ling Ling did not die.”


“She did not die.”

“Master, you really have seen long and far! Wise! Brilliant!…” Qin Lang did not conserve any words of praise for the Old Poison Guy. He knew if Zhou Ling Ling did not die, then it would be very easy for him to completely reverse the situation and win over Anderson. Also, if the Old Poison Guy said that Zhou Ling Ling didn’t die, then Qin Lang believed that she did not die, because the Old Poison Guy had that ability!

“Less rubbish!” The Old Poison Guy snorted, “I just didn’t want that girl to taint my name. If people knew that my life-saving pill would kill, then where would I point my face at? Boy, you continue finishing your mission. And this time, you can only win and not lose, or else——”

After saying that, his tone became icy.

“Or else what?” Qin Lang couldn’t help but ask.

“I would kill that female teacher!” The Old Poison Guy’s words made Qin Lang’s heart jump.

Qin Lang didn’t hear the Old Poison Guy mention Tauro before, so he naively thought that he didn’t notice her existence. But, hearing those words, Qin Lang knew that he was wrong. He could not hide the things that the Old Poison Guy wanted to know!

“I don’t allow it!” Qin Lang almost yelled out.

“You know if I say I can I will!” The Old Poison Guy snorted, “You only have half a month! Do you want me to get you out of here?”

“No need! I have my ways!” Qin Lang coldly said. He was very unhappy that the Old Poison Guy used Tauro to threaten him.

After a few cold laughs, the Old Poison Guy suddenly disappeared from the hospital room.

[TN: The Old Poison Guy’s nose must hurt very much with all that damn snorting…]


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  1. Thanks for the new chapter!
    Well at least Old Poison Guy isn’t so cold has to leave his student rot in prison for the mistakes he made.


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