Xian Ni: Chapter 44 – Li Shan

Wang Lin went silent of a bit, then asked “What plans do you have? How can I help you?”

Wang Hao sighed and said, “You are only at the 3rd level of Concentrated Qi, so you can’t help me. Lu Yun Jie is at the 6th level, and because he is good at creating pills, he is liked by the Head of Sect. I don’t have any hope anymore. Wang Lin, these few years in the Heng Yue Sect, I take you as a really good friend. You are my bro, so I have one request. In the future, when you train enough, kill Lu Yin Jie as revenge for me!!” After saying that, Wang Hao tightly clenched his fist.

Wang Lin looked at him, then firmly nodded.

Wang Hao bitterly laughed, then said, “Tie Zhu bro, what did you need me for? If you want anything, tell me while I’m still alive. If you want pills, I have plenty here. You want them?”

Wang Lin looked deeply at him, and he buried the decoction issue to the bottom of his heart. He really wanted to help Wang Hao, but the opponents were on the 6th level of Concentrated Qi, and he was not too sure about his own strength.

Although he met abnormal people, and he trained his Gravity technique in the dream space for 20 or so years, he never challenged anyone from the sect. Wang Lin did not dare to rashly assert his own strength!

Seeing that Wang Lin was not saying anything, Wang Hao bitterly patted his clothes, and said, “Tie Zhu, you are more skillful than me. Thinking back all those years, sometimes it feels like I’m in a dream. Time passes really fast…” Sighing again, Wang Hao turned around and left with a depressed expression, and his body slowly disappeared from Wang Lin’s eyes.

“The weak are the meat and the strong are the eaters. Everything relies on strength. So this is the world of cultivation…?” At that time, Wang Lin had a deep realization in his heart, and he stared blankly at the sky.

That instant, Wang Lin entered a realm called enlightenment.

The so-called enlightenment wasn’t that kind of enlightenment in which the cultivation level rises and goes straight up. It was a feeling of being enlightened with perfect wisdom. That feeling could bring different understandings to people. His cultivation level wasn’t raised, nor was his soul. It was the understanding of the rules of the world.

Wang Lin understood that the real cultivation world was cruel. It was an experience for natural selection. To become a saint, then the most basic thing was to prepare the attitude of a saint.

“The strong eats while the weak is eaten. Is that the attitude that a saint must prepare for?” Wang Lin muttered to himself, and deeply exhaled.

He turned around, and disappeared from where he was.

As he was going to return to the medical garden, Wang Lin’s expression suddenly became strange. Looking at the guest room for the Xuan Dao disciples from afar, he muttered to himself, then went over there.

Before even coming in, he heard a sound that was exaggerating from inside.

“I say. My fellow disciples from Heng Yue. My flying sword is quite impressive, it’s one of the unique treasures of our Xuan Dao Sect, and it’s called Ziwu Money Sword. You can go ask around anyone. It was quite a challenge for me to steal it out, and if anyone trades it off, then they must poison their hair and beard and swear to not take it out in the martial exchange 3 days later. Or else I won’t sell it!”

“Is it real or fake? Is this treasure really as magical as you say it is?” Instantly, someone didn’t believe it.

“I, Li Shan, never lie. If you don’t believe me then it’s fine. I can sell this flying sword whenever I want to!”

Only then did Wang Lin realize that this place was a bit unusual. There were many people gathered around, and disciples from both sects were equally there. At that time, he entered and took a look, and he saw a 20 or so year old Xuan Dao disciple with square face, dense eyebrows and a righteous aura. He was holding a small sword that flickered with blue light and it was made out of copper coins! He was talking exaggeratedly while standing in the middle.

Some of the Xuan Dao disciples revealed strange faces. One of them couldn’t continue watching, lightly coughed and said, “Li Shan did not lie. Ziwu Money sword is indeed one of the treasures of our Xuan Dao Sect. But I also have to add that the one he is holding is a counterfeit. But, no matter what, it still has some uses.”

The disciples from Heng Yue discussed amongst themselves. Finally, a male who was at the 5th level of Concentrated Qi walked out. Wang Lin remembered that this person had a surname of Zhao. Zhao discussed with Li Shan under his breaths, and who knew what he pulled out. At the end, the two of them were all smiles, and they completed the trade.

“It is but a sword made out of normal iron with some scattered gold. As expected from the Xuan Dao Sect to sell these sorts of things!” A person coldly mocked. It seemed that there was a person within the inner court disciples that knew their stuff.

“This fellow disciple is correct. Just now my junior also made it clear that this is a counterfeit. But someone from Heng Yue still bought it. With a thing like this, it is best to buy it back as a collection piece.” Li Shan immediately retorted.

“Disciple Li, you’re wrong. The reason I bought this broken sword was not as a collection piece. It was to buy it back for my dad. Killing pigs is my family’s business. This sword is just right for doing that!” The disciple Zhao who bought the flying sword from Heng Yue changed his face, and loudly laughed.

Li Shan was not angry, he also said while laughing, “Since you bought it, I don’t care what you use it for. Okay. I have a treasure here, called Invincible Black Dust Overwhelming Stench Thunder Bomb! This toy here is a real treasure, and this time I am not lying. I can test it right now!”

After saying that, he took a round ball that was completely black, and threw it at the wall. With a boom, cracks like a spider web appeared on the wall, and blackness surrounded it. There was even a huge stench coming from it.

“How is it? This Invincible Black Dust Overwhelming Stench Thunder Bomb is my specialty hidden weapon. Although it doesn’t have a lot of might, but if it lands on someone, then there’s no way of washing it off even if it’s me. Especially this stench. I painstakingly gathered the bodily fluid of dozens of abnormal beasts to create it. It is absolutely a disgusting weapon!” Li Shan explained while his face was smiling and he was proud of himself.

The crowd looked at each other, and they had blank expressions on their face. Some female disciples even pinched their nose and retreated back a few steps. Wang Lin was also amazed. He scanned with his soul, and his face suddenly changed oddly.

Within the Xuan Dao disciples, they all felt embarrassed. But Li Shan was fairly famous in the Xuan Dao Sect for creating some strange things. Very little people were willing to offend him, since no one wanted to be struck by the smelly bomb.

This Invincible Black Dust Overwhelming Stench Thunder Bomb was very well-known in the Xuan Dao Sect, and it could almost be compared to some of the treasures in the sect.

“How was it? I spent quite a bit on it. But remember what I said. Do not use the sword in the competition in 3 days, or else I wouldn’t have sold it to you.” Li Shan had a strict expression on, but he was laughing in his heart: “You idiots. The more I say not to use it, the more you will use it. Hehe, at that time, things will be interesting. The elders would certainly praise me. Perhaps they would even give me a few treasures!”

Thinking to that point, both of his eyes started to shine and he began to yell.


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  1. Thanks for the chapters! It’s great that you’ve been subbing in for Xian Ni, otherwise I would’ve never found your other translated works. I wish you well and hope you’ll continue to translate MGA and JMG as well :)


  2. Was he saying not to use the stink bomb in the competition or was he reminding the guy that bought the counterfeit sword not to use it?


  3. Great chapter Flower Bridge, i only started reading LN a few days ago with doulou and i’ve covered xian ni and kuang shen. can you tell me about how you translate, do i have to know the language or do you use third party applications and also where do you get the raws. I’m really interested so any tips would be good.


  4. wuxiaworld can’t be access. Not sure what happen.
    Anyways thx for the chapter it really helped me forget that wuxiaworld can’t be access.


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