MGA: Chapter 4 – Even Fiercer Than the Fierce Beasts

Chufeng had heard of the infamous Fierce Beasts.

They were a type of creature that could cultivate. From the weakest to the strongest, they were divided into 9 ranks, and they corresponded to the 9 levels of the martial cultivators.

But from rumours, the strength of a rank 3 Fierce Beast was far stronger than a martial cultivator of the 3rd level in the Spirit realm, and the Fierce Beasts could even be compared to the 4th level cultivators.

That was why even if it Chufeng, he didn’t dare to be arrogant. He knew that there was a mechanism in the main hall, and when it was triggered the Fierce Beasts would appear.

*Boom* Suddenly, a heavy noise resounded, and the stone doors that locked the Fierce Beasts started to open.

“Strange. I didn’t even enter the main hall. Why did the stone doors open?” Chufeng was astonished.

*Boom boom boom boom boom…* But quickly after, the 40 stone doors at the side of the main hall all opened.

That completely stunned Chufeng. It was because in the darkness behind those stone doors, pairs after pairs of blood-red eyes opened, and a heavy killing intent filled the entire main hall.

“Damn, this isn’t a joke is it?” Chufeng cursed. He clearly heard that at the last round of every exam, there would be one Fierce Beast, but what is this situation?!

*Hummmm~~~* But Chufeng didn’t have much time to think too hard because in front of his eyes, densely packed shadows leaped out from the stone doors and entered the main hall.

He could clearly see that the shape of those creatures were similar to tigers, but they were double the size of the tigers.

Their entire body was jet-black, and you could see the blade-like claws and ivory, as well as the pair of blood-red eyes.

There were a total of 40 Fierce Beasts, and their appearances were not different, so they should be the same kind. But upon closer inspection, Chufeng found out that there were strange lines on their forehead, and it was obvious that it was the mark of their rank.

*Waa~* Just at that time, one of the Fierce Beast growled and cast its gaze towards the high platform in the deeper parts of the main hall.

Simultaneously, the gazes of all the Fierce Beasts were cast towards the high platform, and they revealed their drooling.

“Damn, you robbers.” Seeing that, Chufeng was angered. How could he let these Fierce Beasts take the precious treasures? With a curse, he rushed towards the platform.

*Wuao* Just as Chufeng entered the main hall, it quickly attracted the attention of the Fierce Beasts.

That was quite good for him. A total of 40 Fierce Beasts all concurrently gave up on the Saint Spirit Grasses, and they all surrounded Chufeng and attacked him. It was like saying to them, the blood and flesh of humans were more attractive than some spiritual medicine.

“Move.” One rank 2 Fierce Beast attacked head-on. But with a punch from Chufeng, he blew off its head. It was unable to even survive a single strike.

But also at the same time, quite a few Fierce Beast surrounded him and attacked. That terrifying killing intent was enough to make one’s entire body tremble.

But Chufeng did not panic. He was as vigorous as a monkey, jumping left and right as he went back and forth within the crowd of Fierce Beasts. Everytime he attacked, there was at least 1 Fierce Beast that died.

At that time and moment, compared to the cruel Fierce Beasts, Chufeng was an even scarier monster. Every part of his body was like an indestructible sharp weapon. Despite the rough skin and thick flesh of the Fierce Beasts, they could not withstand a strike from Chufeng.

At that moment, Chufeng could feel that not only was the endless spiritual energy surging in his body, there was also the 9-colored godly lightning that he loved and hated. It was this godly lightning who gave him such strong power and forged a perfect body for him.

*Growl* Just as Chufeng was killing furiously, a sharp growl came from behind him.

He turned around to look, and he couldn’t help but be surprised. The sharp claws of a huge Fierce Beast was heading towards his head.

That huge claw was different from the others, as it was quite a bit stronger than the other Fierce Beasts. If he got caught in it, then his brain would certainly shatter.

*Whoosh* Chufeng reflexively jumped back, wanting to dodge the huge claw.

But the claw’s speed was really too fast. Although Chufeng’s brain dodged the damage, the claws still landed on Chufeng’s chest.

“Ouch~~” 5 bloody wounds were torn into his chest, and the fatal pain made Chufeng yell out loud.

“I will tear you apart.” And other than the pain, Chufeng was even more angry.

He already saw that there were 4 lines on the forehead of the Fierce Beast that attacked him, indicating that it was a rank 4 Fierce Beast.

If he was some other person, then without doubt that person would turn around and run. Who cared if they were in the same level of cultivation? The power of the Fierce Beast would undoubtedly be stronger than the human’s.

But not only did Chufeng not escape, he even crazily pounced towards that Fierce Beast. The movement which had no care of his life made even the unintelligent Fierce Beast hesitate subconsciously.


With the hesitation of the Fierce Beast, Chufeng solidly landed a punch on its forehead.

But there wasn’t the explosion of blood as expected. Rather, there was a loud sound, as if steel and iron collided.

Even Chufeng felt a wave of achiness from his fist, and it was as if the punch didn’t land on the head of the Fierce Beast, but rather landed on a copper and iron wall.


But Chufeng’s punch was no small matter. The Fierce Beast wailed, and it even backed off a few steps. It was obvious that it also felt the pain.

“Die for me.”

Seeing that his attacks had some effect, Chufeng didn’t hold back anymore. Swinging his arms, the after images of the punches filled the air flew in all directions, and the heavy fist was like a storm. It continuously pounded on the body of the Fierce Beast.

It had to be mentioned that Chufeng’s exploding strength was too strong. Under the insane attacks, the Fierce Beast that was a few times larger than him was pushed back. The Fierce Beasts that wanted to launch a surprise attack on him also undoubtedly received a punch, and got killed just like that.

At the end, all 40 Fierce Beasts were completely killed by Chufeng. Large amounts of bodies and heads were in strange areas, and their death were extremely bitter.

The body of the rank 4 Fierce Beast was still intact. But its huge brain was deflated by Chufeng as it was alive.

*Huff huff huff* The current Chufeng was standing in a pool of blood, and he was deeply gasping for air.

After that bloodpath, more frightening wounds appeared on his body, but it wasn’t enough to kill him. Except the attack of the rank 4 Fierce Beast, the wounds caused from all the others were only simple bruises, and they didn’t even scratch him.

“How strong is my fearful body?”

It was a question that Chueng asked himself. Compared to those Fierce Beasts, he felt that he had steel for tendons and iron for bones.

That body exceeded the limits of humans, and once again, he recognized his specialness.

Looking around with his eyes, Chufeng leaped on the tall platform. Without even looking at them, he took the martial skill book and the Saint Spirit Grasses.

After doing that, Chufeng didn’t plan to open the huge closed door. He went back at the direction in which he came from, and reentered the mechanism stage.

Before Chufeng left for long, within the stone room that closed the Fierce Beasts, a dozen or so shadows walked out. The leading person was Surou.

At that moment, whether it be Surou or the aged elders, their expression were very strange.

They only saw Chufeng continuously hitting the already dead rank 4 Fierce Beast.

But to think that so many strong Fierce Beasts were only killed by one youth, it was unimaginable.

“Elder Li, who is that child?” Surou inquired.

Elder Li did not respond, and looked at the other elders behind him, but all the elders shook their head.

“You don’t know what the name of such an outstanding disciple?” Surou’s brows wrinkled, showing some displeasement.

“There are simply too many outer court disciples. If he was hiding his strength, then we…” Elder Li’s face was full of helplessness.

“Whatever. Hurry up and find out about his background, then tell me.”

“Also, if he doesn’t want to expose his strength, then leave it as he wishes and don’t let him know that we are trying to understand his power.” Surou instructed.

“As you wish.” Elder Li and the others respond respectfully. To this inner court elder they didn’t dare to be unrespectful.

Surou looked deeply with meaning at the direction in which Chufeng left in, and only then did she enter the stone room while thinking.

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