JMG: Chapter 29 – Really Hurt

Facing Tauro’s sincere gaze, Qin Lang really hated himself for being unable to tell her everything and also erasing all her misunderstanding from her heart. But, he knew he couldn’t, because the Old Poison Guy will certainly kill her!

Tauro saw that Qin Lang was still hesitating, and continued trying to convince him, “From my intuition, I believe that you really didn’t do anything bad to Zhou Ling Ling. But, if you want me to completely trust you, and gain help from my side, then you have to spit out all your secrets. Only then can I find ways to wash the suspicions from you…Even if you’re not thinking about yourself, then you should at least think about your parents.”

Qin Lang was still hesitating, and his inner heart was fiercely battling itself. Tauro’s words did have quite some persuasion. Qin Lang also knew that if she released the information that she was holding to the police, it would undoubtedly increase the “misunderstanding” the police had towards Qin lang. At that time, Qin lang would very likely become an unlucky scapegoat.

In this aspect, the Chinese police were always very proficient on that. Once they confirmed a suspicious target, they will firmly stick to them until the suspect became a criminal.

From the information that Tauro showed to Qin Lang, his situation was not hopeful at all!

Time passed.

Tauro was still waiting for Qin Lang’s response.

Suddenly, a phone rang.

Tauro could only take out her phone. She looked at the number, then pressed the answer button. A moment later, the smile on her face started to solidify. When she put down her phone, her face was already covered by a layer of cold frost, “You are really a complete bastard! If I wasn’t your teacher, I would certainly slap you a few times! It seems like you don’t have any mental illnesses, just a twisted mind!”

Qin Lang was stunned. Just a few moments ago he was still a reliable student in Tauro’s eyes. Why did he suddenly become a “bastard” in the blink of an eye?

“Ms. Tau, how did I even offend you and deserve the issue of the title ‘bastard’?” Qin Lang said depressingly.

Tauro said coldly while angrily packing her things, “I am in no mood to joke with you! The preliminary analysis of Zhou Ling Ling’s saliva from the hospital came out. The pill that you gave her included several types of poison! No matter if this was your idea or if you were under the orders of someone, this is absolutely unacceptable! But the funny thing is that I even thought that you were a good student, but I never would have thought——Whatever. Perhaps prison and Hell are the best places for you to go!”

That last sentence fully showed Tauro’s anger towards Qin lang.

But Qin Lang still didn’t give up, and tried to defend himself and said, “Impossible! What I gave her was absolutely not poison! Wait until Zhou Ling Ling wakes up, you can ask her——”

“Zhou Ling Ling is already dead!” Tauro said furiously, and her voice even brought the police outside over, “Qin Lang, you really are a bastard! I will give all the information I know to the police. Just you wait for the decision of the law!”

After saying that, Tauro stormed out of the door and left. It seemed that she was really a female that really hated evil, but——

Qin Lang was not even an evil person!

“Dead? Zhou Ling Ling is dead? How is this possible!”

At that time, Qin Lang’s brain was full of question marks, because what Qin Lang gave Zhou Ling Ling was absolutely the Hundred Poison Big Return Pill! A real life saving pill! Although the Old Poison Guy was an expert in the poison studies, but Qin Lang was certain that most doctors’ medical skill in all of China was a lot worse than the Old Poison Guy’s. That was why his life saving pill would not kill!

But, the crucial point was that Zhou Ling Ling was dead. Since the hospital’s analyzation of her saliva also proved that Qin Lang’s pill had poison, it meant that Qin Lang’s current situation was not hopeful at all!

It could even be said to have a mountain of irrefutable evidence!

Witnesses: The students and teachers in Seven Mid were witnesses. Evidence: The saliva analysis would be the evidence.

No wonder Tauro said that Qin Lang was a “bastard”. With the unquestionable proof in front of her, she couldn’t trust her own senses anymore.

Qin Lang’s heart suddenly became abnormally hurt. The reason why he was so hurt was not because he suddenly became the suspect of a murder. It was because he suddenly became a “bastard” in Tauro’s eyes.

This was really “Deeper the love, deeper the pain. The person one loves the most will also inflict the most pain.”

Just at that time, Qin Lang vaguely heard the middle-aged policeman arguing with someone, “What?! Take him to the detention centre?! Boss, this guy isn’t even an adult, and he’s still a student. Wouldn’t it be too inappropriate bring him to the detention center? Also, the situation currently isn’t too clear either, so it wouldn’t be too in line with our morals.”

The policeman was defending Qin Lang?

If Qin Lang didn’t hear it personally, he would even thought that he heard wrong.

A person’s heart was indeed really hard to guess.

On the surface, the middle-aged policeman was an evil person, but who would have knew that he was only scaring Qin Lang. In reality, he was a person that followed good morals.

“Captan Liu, this is the orders of the higher-ups!”


“No buts! Old Liu, it can be said that you are an experienced police, and you should know the severity…Whatever, I won’t bother wasting my breath on you. Little Zhao, you deal with this. Bring that brat to the Little Zangou (Xiao’Zhan’Gou) detention centre!”

“Yes sir!…”


6 o’clock at night. Usually at this time it would be time for Qin Lang’s dinner, and before, at this time, Qin Lang and a group of male students would rush as if they were racing towards the school’s cafeteria. “Appetite and pleasure are only natural”, and it seemed that fighting over food was also a pleasure. But today, he could only stay hungry.

Within 10 minutes, Qin Lang arrived at the Little Zangou detention centre located at the suburbs of Summer Sun City.

No one cared whether he ate dinner or not, and the police at the detention house brought him into an 8-man room.

It seemed fairly similar to the school’s dorm, but Qin Lang knew that this place and the school’s place were like Hell and Heaven.

Luckily, the other “roommates” most likely went to eat dinner, and didn’t return to the cell yet, so the atmosphere wasn’t too oppressive.


The steel door of the prison cell heavily closed.

But, at the next instant, the steel doors reopened, and the jailer said impatiently, “Come with me to the meeting room. Someone wants to visit you!”

“Who?” Qin Lang asked suspiciously.

“Your classmate!”

“I don’t want to go.” In the current situation, Qin Lang really did not want to talk to any classmate. The things that happened today were just too chaotic. He needed some time to clear up his mind, and also to find ways to shake away the suspicions.

“That’s not up to you!” The jailer reached over to Qin Lang and pushed him out. He was actually forcing Qin Lang to see this person.

After a moment, Qin Lang saw the so-called “classmate”.

To be honest, Qin Lang really didn’t have such a “classmate” that was so old. This guy was almost 30 years old, with a tall and sturdy build. He was even an Uighur person. Also, his aquiline nose gave people a malicious feeling, and just with a glance you could tell that this person was no kind person, and also extremely sinister.

“Qin Lang, do you know you are here? It’s because I got people to take you here!”

After saying that sentence, the person revealed a wild smile, and said to Qin Lang with hatred, “I am Sankun!”

“So it’s you, you bastard.” Qin Lang coldly snorted. Sankun could be considered to be a fierce character in Summer Sun City in which the colour of a person’s face would change when they heard his name. But, in Qin Lang’s eyes, he was only some gang head of an Uighur group.

“Brat, I heard you could fight. But, I’m sure that you’ve also heard that in the Little Zangou detention centre, most of the inmates are violent criminals!” Sankun was obviously threatening with his tone.


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