JMG: Chapter 30 – Don’t Anger Me

“Thank you for the reminder.”

Qin Lang’s tone was abnormally calm, and it was because he knew that Sankun enjoyed seeing him angry, scared, or even breaking down from emotions. So that was why Qin Lang prepared to do the exact opposite. He looked at Sankun, and faintly smiled, “Which reminds me. You are actually the first person to visit me here.”

“Is there a problem with your brain?! I brought you here! Understand?!” Sankun coldly laughed, and went near the glass. Qin Lang could clearly see his sinister expression.

“This place isn’t bad, 8 people per room, pretty similar to the school’s dorm.” Qin Lang said calmly, “But, Sankun, you didn’t come here to boast to me right?”

“I came to point the path of survival for you.” Sankun coldly snorted, “If you’re still not clear about your current situation, then that’ll be because this is the first time that you came to this place. But, I can clearly tell you that tonight will be unbearable! Maybe you won’t die, but you will really want to die!”

“And the co-called path to survive?” Qin Lang asked.

“My boss quite admires you. If you are willing to be loyal to him, then you will not be charged with anything, and you won’t need to worry being sued by others.” Sankun said coldly, “Actually, I really want you dead! If it wasn’t for you, that idiot Hansan would have surrendered a long time ago, or perhaps he would have even died!”

“Your boss?” Qin Lang said with disdain, “You should say your master, because in Anderson’s eyes, you are but a dog!”

“Looking to die?!” Sankun wasn’t a kind person from the start, and with that agitation he really wanted to attack.

“Want to take care of me?” Qin Lang coldly laughed with contempt, “Are you planning to come in here to duel me? I think you wouldn’t dare right? I hear that your bro Sanbiao is a homo, so wouldn’t a person like you be just like him?”

“Brat, you’re dead! But, I don’t even need to personally attack you to take care of you.” Sankun had a fierce face on, “You will regret that you came into this world tonight! You will regret that you angered me! You don’t even know how many people want to kill an idiot like you!”

“Wait——” Seeing as Sankun wanted to leave, Qin Lang suddenly said that under his breath.

“What did you say?” Sankun thought that Qin Lang changed his mind, so he subconsciously tilted his body forward, so it would be easier to listen to what Qin Lang had to say.

“I said that you’re a huge idiot——”

After saying that, Qin Lang ferociously punched the glass in front of him. Although the glass was anti-explosion glass, and it was abnormally strong, once Qin Lang attacked with his full power, it shattered. Even if it was reinforced concrete he could crack it, let alone some poor quality anti-explosion glass. You could hear the bang, and Qin Lang’s fist broke open the glass. It violently reached Sankun’s nose and mouth, also hitting his entire body down to the ground.


Sankun did not expect that Qin Lang would attack him here and also with such power. He cried out in pain, and his nose dripped with long traces of blood. 2 of his teeth were also knocked off by Qin Lang. If it wasn’t because the anti-explosion glass reduced most of Qin Lang’s force, and if it wasn’t because he dodged rather fast, it was very likely that one punch would have been enough for Sankun to lie in the hospital for 2 or 3 months.

“Sankun, do you understand? I’m the real violent offender here! Damn it, I am too angry today. You deserve to be out of luck!” Through the broken glass, Qin Lang glared disdainfully at the Sankun lying in the glass fragments, and stuck his middle finger up at him, then turned around and walked away.

Qin Lang really was extremely angry today. Because he changed from the brave, righteous man into the murder suspect, and became a “bastard” in Tauro’s eyes, it gathered quite a bit of anger in Qin Lang’s stomach. Luckily, the arrogant Sankun came to boast in front of Qin Lang, so Qin Lang immediately poured all his anger into that one punch, and gave Sankun an unforgettable lesson.

After that one punch, Qin Lang’s really did calm down quite a bit.

But, seeing that Qin Lang hit a person, two jailers immediately rushed in, and wanted to use the police truncheon to give Qin Lang a lesson. But, they were forced back by Qin Lang’s glare that was full of killing intent. Qin Lang even said coldly and aggressively, “If you don’t have guns then don’t provoke me!”

The two jailers originally wanted to give Qin Lang a lesson, but after seeing that Qin Lang broke through the anti-explosion glass, they could only hold in their planned violent actions. One of them said coldly, “Return to your cell!”

In the eyes of those two jailers, as long as Qin Lang remained in the detention centre, they would have ways to take care of Qin Lang. Why would they ask for pain right now?

Seeing Qin Lang act so arrogantly, Sankun was trembling from anger.

The other jailer hurriedly goes up to Sankun and said, “Don’t worry, we’ve arranged everything!”

“I want him to wish that he was dead! Cough!” Sankun bellowed, and coughed up some blood.

“Don’t worry, there are plenty of people that want him like that.” The jailer quickly said, “You should find a doctor soon, and don’t lower yourself to people like him. He will understand the cruelness of reality!”

Sankun was not in any arrogant mood any more, and he painfully left the detention centre. But, in his heart, he was already imagining the torture that Qin Lang was going to receive from all sorts of people.


The jail door was heavily closed.

“Brat, you’re quite arrogant! But, in this place, even if you’re a tiger, you still need to kneel on the ground like a cat! In this place, it is our territory!” Once the door was closed, the jailer separated by the door also started getting arrogant.

Qin Lang didn’t bother caring about that jailer, and he turned around and entered the dark prison cell. He opened his palm, and in there was a paper slip that a prisoner secretly gave to him while he was passing the cells.

“Han bro said that Anderson and Sankun are finding people to take care of you. Careful!” The paper only stated that.

It seemed like the prisoner before was Hansan’s people. In this situation, Hansan didn’t come and visit Qin Lang, which could either mean that he was also met with trouble, or the jailer already orders from the higher-ups, and didn’t allow Hansan or others to visit Qin Lang.

What more is, if Sankun already came to boast about it, that meant the Qin Lang’s current situation could be described with four words:

Completely out of luck!

But, after Qin Lang’s punch just now, the anger in his heart was also vented out and he returned to his usual calmness. Although it was true that the current circumstances were grim, but Qin Lang did not let others trample over him!

But, ever since Qin Lang entered the prison cell, the atmosphere inside started to get intense.

Qin Lang knew that the 7 “cell-mates” were specifically arranged by the jailer. Perhaps it was Sankun’s order, or it could be Anderson’s order. But no matter what, those 7 people were not kind people, and they were certainly all violent criminals. The head was a bald person, and on his head there was a long knife scar. He was wearing a black sleeveless garment, exposing his healthy muscles and the two green dragon tattoos on his arm. He appeared abnormally fierce and tough, and the other 6 people called the bald person “Kui Bro”.

At that time, 6 of Kui’s men were already eager to start fighting. With a single word from Kui, the would instantly start attacking.

“Brat, you’re Qin Lang?” Kui was originally sitting on the edge of the bed, but then he suddenly stood up, bumped both his fists together, and his joints crackled, “I wondered who the person was going to be, but I never would have thought that it would be a little student like you!”

“So what if I’m a little student?” Qin Lang didn’t even put people like Kui in his eyes, “Hurry up and start. Don’t delay my sleeping time.”


10 thoughts on “JMG: Chapter 30 – Don’t Anger Me

  1. Some guys are gonna get hurt :: lol
    Thanks for the chapter!! I really enjoyed that a**hole getting to eat some glass in his mouth.


  2. Only a several prisoners? We’re talking about a dude who wiped out like 20 gang members here. How could a few prisoners be any match for him.


  3. My god this story is really a gold.
    The mc, the story, and the twist is nothing but incredible.
    Tbousand thanks for translating this


  4. Thanks for chapter 30!
    I wonder if he has to crawl his way out of this or would Old Poison Guy come help, most likely that former…


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