JMG: Chapter 28 – Tauro’s Secret

“I’m still a virgin!”

Qin Lang said loudly, because he really didn’t want Tauro to view him as a student that was worse than a beast, so he quickly explained himself, “I still have my virgin membrane——No! I meant my virgin line! I can show it to you!”

When she heard the words “virgin membrane” come out of Qin Lang’s mouth, Tauro couldn’t help but smile, “Qin Lang…This is not the time to make jokes. I really don’t know where you heard nonsense like this, but the so-called ‘Early man’s line’ is rubbish. Qin Lang, I believe that you are an honest student, and the only reason why I mentioned Zhaojing and Chang Xuemin was to let you know the seriousness of this case. The reason why the two of them left school really isn’t as simple as you think it is, and now the police linked them and Zhou Ling Ling’s matter together!”

Qin Lang went silent for a moment. Tauro’s words made him feel that the situation really wasn’t good. He heard Zhaokan mention before that recently there were a few beautiful students that either stopped going to school or transferred to other schools. Who would have known that they were only covers, and the in reality something may have happened to them. In addition, that mess of a bill was forced onto his head in the confusion.

Qin Lang was really accused wrongly. If it was about Zhou Ling Ling, then there was still the one meeting of fate. But this Chang Xuemin and Zhaojing. Don’t even talk about meeting face-to-face, he even heard the names for the first time, but now the police wanted to put the blame on him. Qin Lang was even more wronged than Dou E.

“Is this ‘If a virgin man goes to a red-light district, then ominousness will fall’? And it’s a virgin that went but didn’t even get a red envelope.” Qin Lang muttered.

Ever since the arrival to Seven Mid, Qin Lang’s luck was fairly good. He met a beauty by chance in the first period, and the rest was like going along the water currents and having a tailwind. But, after going to Pure Beauty Bay Club, he was met with misfortune, and the misfortunate was not only him, Zhaokan also received a huge blow.

This could be shown that virgins cannot go to red-light district areas.

“Qin Lang, do you have anything else you want to say?” Tauro asked.

“Ms. Tau, look at this injustice. It’s fine if I get nothing for saving a person, but now I’m turned into a criminal! What happened to the ways of the world? Where could I even reason about this?” Qin Lang complained with a depressed face.

“You can reason to me.” Tauro said rationally, “I am visiting you as a representative of the school, and to teach and educate people is the reason of existence of the school. Since we have the responsibility of educating students, then automatically we also have the responsibility of guaranteeing a fair treatment to every student with upright behaviors. Therefore, if you have anything hidden troubles that are hard to mention, you can tell them to me, and I will promise that I won’t leak your personal secrets.”

Tauro’s tone brought a type of innate charm. Qin Lang’s thoughts got excited, and he almost spit out his secret. But, very quickly he remembered the Old Poison Guy’s admonitions, and hurriedly swallowed the words that were near his throat. If the Old Poison Guy knew that he told his secret to Tauro, Qin Lang probably would be fine, but Tauro would most likely be killed by the Old Poison Guy.

“Ms. Tau, I have no hidden troubles.” Qin Lang said calmly.

“Is that so?” Because Qin Lang was not cooperating, there was a bit of anger on Tauro’s face, “Your current situation isn’t too great. To avoid letting your parents worry, and also for your own future, there are some things that you should explain to me clearly. Or else, even I can’t help you!”

“I really don’t have anything that I’m hiding from you.”

“As a teacher, I hope that every student would be honest, but you really disappoint me.” Tauro’s tone seemed a bit pained. She took out a small specimen that was surrounded by a transparent plastic box from her purse, and gently put it in front of Qin Lang. The instant Qin Lang saw the specimen, the colour of his face instantly changed!

It was the specimen of the mosquito!

Qin Lang originally thought that Tauro only coincidentally preserved the mosquito sample, but he never would have thought that it was no coincidence! Or perhaps Tauro already suspected Qin Lang at an earlier time, and she was just pretending to be stupid and acting as she knew nothing!

Qin Lang’s heart suddenly started hurting.

“Qin Lang, you recognize this specimen right?” There was a bit of lament in Tauro’s tone, “Don’t forget. I’m a teacher. Every single action in the classroom is within my control. How could you conceal these small actions from me? Tell me. What’s with this mosquito?”

“Ms. Tau, it’s just a mosquito. The scientific name is Aedes Albopictus, also called the Asian Tiger Mosquito. I only know that much——”

“What are you still hiding?!”

It was obvious that Tauro seemed a bit angry, “This mosquito fell from your body! Don’t think that I know nothing! I even know that you were peeking at me at that time!”

“Ms. Tau, it’s just a mosquito. Even if it fell from my body, it can’t prove anything right?” Qin Lang already decided that “a dead duck’s mouth will be firm until the end”.

“No! You may not want to say anything, but I found some things on this mosquito——”

Tauro stared at Qin Lang, “This mosquito’s corpse was not damaged, which meant that it did not die from external damage. Under the microscope, the entire body was in a rigid state. Also, I collected some blood samples from its belly——”

When she talked to that point, Tauro paused. It was obvious that she had the upper-hand, and pausing shortly at that time could bring Qin Lang some psychological pressure, perhaps even making Qin Lang take the initiative to confess. Indeed, a bit of panic appeared on Qin Lang face, but it was not out of control. Tauro knew that Qin Lang’s psychological defense did not completely crumble, so she could only continue, “The experiment results were very interesting. I found that the mosquito actually died from poison! Qin Lang, can you tell me why?”

“Why?” Qin Lang’s heartache intensified. He never would have thought that he already attracted Tauro’s attention at such an early point of time, and even thought naively that Tauro had some good feelings towards him. Qin Lang thought he was smart, but he never would have knew that in reality he was so foolish in relationships!

“I hope you can tell me the reason!” Tauro continued and said, “Also, I’ve investigated. Last night you didn’t go to self-study sessions, you didn’t go to the school’s dorms, and Zhaokan was drunk. Can you tell me where you two went?”

Tauro’s tone went from dull to strict, then Qin Lang suddenly realised that he may be in a disadvantage because of her psychological tactics! To Qin Lang, dealing with Tauro seemed even harder to deal with the policeman, because her observation and intuition was really too strong.

But how could Qin Lang possibly tell her that he went to Pure Beauty Bay? Wouldn’t that just make her look at him with complete disdain? If Qin Lang said that he went to places like Pure Beauty Bay, would Tauro still believe that he was still a virgin, and really did nothing?

It was obvious that she wouldn’t!

“We went outside of school for a drink.” Qin Lang said firmly, and that was a more reasonable and fair answer.

Tauro still seemed a bit pained as she shook her head, and sighed, “Qin Lang, are you saying the truth to me?”

“Everything I’ve said was the truth.” Qin Lang continued forcing himself to say it. He suddenly realised that not only was Tauro’s chest well developed, her brain was also well developed. But, as a male, he felt only the former would fascinate him, while the latter would only make him fearful.

Tauro looked at Qin Lang, seemingly looking through his heart, while her tone was low and regretful, “Do you still remember that night when you went to the specimens lab? You should have used the computer in the lab, and you searched information such as the location of ‘Pure Beauty Bay’ with the computer’s browser——Qin Lang. Are you still not willing to admit it? If you don’t, then I will tell you. I already asked one of the students in your dorm, and they said that they heard Zhaokan speaking in his sleep last night, saying words such as ‘Pure Beauty Bay’, ‘Zhou Ling Ling’, etc. Qin Lang, can you admit it?”

Qin Lang failed!

He always felt that he was smart, but he never would have thought that he was defeated by a female who was ample in both the brain and the chest.

Qin Lang carefully judged Tauro, and he suddenly realised that the Tauro in front of him was so distinct, and the distance between them was so out of reach.

After a moment, Qin Lang said disappointedly, “That’s right, I went to Pure Beauty Bay. But, I also want to know, why are you so interested in me? I really don’t know whether you are a teacher a police, because I feel like you are even more professional than a police officer.”

“Qin Lang, I am your teacher, but I also never abandoned the dream of being a police.” Tauro said calmly, “Did you know what I took in Southern China University?”

Qin Lang shook his head.

“Criminal’s psychology.” Tauro said while mocking herself, “So that was why I have the identification as a psychology teacher, and also I can notice small details that other people can’t notice.”

“As such an outstanding person, it is really a shame not being a police detective.”


“Praise! Truly.”

“Indeed, I do want to become a police detective, but sadly my family doesn’t allow it.” Tauro’s expression seemed a bit frustrated, but very quickly it re-stabilized itself, “Okay, you know my secret now. Then, can you tell me your secret as a private exchange?”


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  1. This here is why you delete your Browser History, people. Or the person you like gets the wrong idea lol, or the correct idea that you don’t want them to know. So keep it incognito people or take care to eliminate your tracks.


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