JMG: Chapter 27 – Even You Suspect Me

“Why the foul language?” The middle-aged policeman didn’t expect that such a composed lady would suddenly start swearing at him.

“I believe that my son wouldn’t do such things!” Qin Lang’s mother Xue Ying (Xue’Ying’Lian) coldly glared at the police officer, “In any case, my son is only a suspect, and not an offender. Don’t try to taint him with dirty water! If I find out that you have any acts of abuse towards my son, then I will find a lawyer to sue you! No matter what the cost!”

The Xue Ying at that time was like a mother lion fiercely protecting her children!

“I see…With parents like you, then of course there would be children like this. 15 minutes!” The middle-aged policeman walked away with a gloomy face.

“Mom, thank you for believing in me.” Qin Lang smiled.

“Idiot son, how can you even smile…” Xue Ying had a bitter smile on her face, “You know you’re in a bit of a predicament right?”

“Son, I also believe that you didn’t do anything bad. But, what happened?” Qin Lang’s father Qinan (Qin’Nan) asked.

Qinan was an employee of a biological laboratory at Xichuan United, while Xue Ying was a researcher in a scientific research centre. The both of them were fairly busy with their jobs. But, they didn’t let their son be too relaxed on his education, nor did they give too much pressure on Qin Lang, unlike other parents who want their son to have nothing but success in their life. Their only hope for Qin lang was to have a healthy body, and an optimistic and energetic attitude.

When they found out that their son got taken away by the police, Qinan and Xue Ying were so hurried that it felt like their heart was burning. They borrowed a car, and at top speed they rushed over from Anrong City which was over a hundred kilometers away.

“Dad, mom, to be honest, I don’t even know what is happening.”

Qin Lang told them the entire story from start to finish, and then he conversely comforted them, “Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything wrong. My path is right so I stand up tall, and nothing will go wrong!”

“Of course!” Qinan nodded and said, “Son, don’t worry. If you didn’t do any bad things, then no one can frame you! Even if we lose our entire family fortune we will fight to the end!”

“It’s fine, perhaps it’s not that serious.” Qin Lang faked a smile. He knew that this was no simple matter, and because there were connections between Zhou Ling Ling and Pure Beauty Bay, this was even more complicated.

“Time is up!” After Qin Lang talked a bit more with his parents, the middle-aged man opened the door with a glum face, and asked Qinan and Xue Ying to leave.

“Son! Don’t be afraid!” Xue Ying was reluctant to leave Qin Lang, and at the instant she turned her body, tears were already falling. To not let Qin Lang see them she quickly walked out of the interrogation room.

“Oh the pitiful hearts of all the parents in the world!” The policeman sighed, then closed the interrogation room door once again.

The door was just closed, but then the policeman saw a beauty wearing a woman’s suit, with a nice physique, and overwhelming grace walking over to him, then she smiled and passed her identification over, “I am Qin Lang’s biology teacher and also the school’s psychology teacher. I need to understand whether his current mental state is stable or not.”


Qin Lang never would have thought that the second time he and Tauro were meeting privately would be in the local police station’s interrogation room.

“Aunt Tau, thank you for coming to see me.” Qin Lang was still slightly smiling, “When did you become a psychology teacher?”

In front of Tauro, he felt very relaxed, even in the current situation.

“You’re welcome. I’ve always had the identification for a psychology teacher.” Tauro smiled dimly, then took out the ID and waved in front of Qin Lang, “At the entrance of the police station, I met your parents, and they seemed very worried about you.”

“Who’s parents in the world don’t worry about their children…” Qin Lang looked at Tauro while they were separated by the table, “Ms. Tau, let me ask you one question——Do you think that I did it?”

“Qin Lang, I am representing the school to figure out what happened.”

Tauro didn’t directly answer Qin Lang’s question. She took out a recorder from her purse, and pressed the recording button, “Qin Lang, let’s not waste any more time. As the representative of the school, I promise you that I ill look and treat today’s incident impartially and fair.”

“Thank you Ms. Tau.” Qin Lang thought for a bit, then started to describe the events that happened, “This afternoon, around 15 minutes after being asked to stay outside of the classroom by the physics teacher, I saw someone falling from the building. After running over there, I found out that it was Zhou Ling Ling…”

“How did you know the person suiciding was Zhou Ling Ling?” Tauro suddenly asked.

“Eh…The police officer that was just interrogating me mentioned it.” Qin Lang couldn’t say that he and Zhaokan went to Pure Beauty Bay right? If he said that, then it would be like “With yellow mud on your pants, even if it wasn’t crap it becomes crap”, and he wouldn’t be able to talk himself out of it.

After Qin Lang recounted everything that happened, Tauro asked again, “Some people saw you put an unknown object in Zhou Ling Ling’s mouth. What would that thing be?”

Qin Lang nodded, “That was my the Chinese medicine pill that my teacher, the Old Chinese Doctor, gave to me. It’s very effective towards healing raw injures.”

Qin Lang called the Old Poison Guy into “Old Chinese Doctor”, and that itself was already overpraising him.

“What was the Chinese medicine pill called?” Tauro continued asking, and it looked like she wasn’t that easily convinced.

“Hundred Grass Big Return Pill.” Qin Lang’s reactions were pretty fast, converting “Hundred Poison Big Return Pill” into “Hundred Grass Big Return Pill”. Although there was only one word of difference, the feeling that you get when you hear it was completely different.

“Are you sure?” Tauro asked calmly, “Qin Lang, I’ll remind you once again. This recording may be used as evidence. Because you are not an adult yet, and the school cares about you, they allowed me to come and understand the situation. Of course, as your teacher, I also care about your current situation.”

“Thank you for your reminder.” Qin Lang said sincerely, “Everything I said was the truth! If you don’t believe me, then you can wait until Zhou Ling Ling wakes up then ask her. Everything would be revealed then.”

“The problem is, Zhou Ling Ling is still in the middle of emergency treatments, and there is no way to confirm whether or not she will awaken.”

“Impossible!” Qin Lang said a bit emotionally, “When she got on the ambulance her situation was already stable!”

“Just because of that, we need to understand why you needed to give her the so-called Chinese medicine pill.”

“Ms. Tau, you don’t believe me?” Qin Lang felt a bit hurt. He didn’t mind other people misunderstanding him or having distorted views, but he really didn’t want Tauro to think that he was a criminal.

Tauro turned off the recorder, then lightly sighed, “Looking from my personal perspective, I believe that you aren’t an offender.”

“Then that’s fine!” Qin Lang exhaled as if releasing a heavy burden.

“But the important thing is it doesn’t matter whether I believe you or not.” Tauro added on, “From all the evidence right now, it is proving that you are related to Zhou Ling Ling’s incident. First of all, you are the first person to arrive at the scene. Also, only you know what you gave Zhou Ling Ling to eat. But, the hospital already started analyzing samples of her blood and saliva. When the results are out, then we’ll know if you are lying or not.”

“Ms. Tau, I really didn’t do anything bad!”

Qin Lang continued explaining, “Think about it. If I really wanted her dead, then I could have not helped the dying. I could have just have been a cold observer. Why would I even risk getting near her? Also, if I wasn’t kicked out the classroom by the physics teacher, then I would not have seen this incident.”

“Your analysis is very logical.”

Tauro slightly nodded, but suddenly her tone changed, “But looking at a criminal’s mental perspective, a smart criminal is always very calm after committing a crime, and is also extremely good at exculpating themselves. Especially——If it wasn’t the first time doing those kinds of things!”

Qin Lang felt that something was wrong with Tauro’s tone, and looked at her suspiciously, “Ms. Tau, what is the meaning behind that sentence?”

“Don’t misunderstand, I am only speculating the case.” Tauro said, “Do you know about Zhaojing and Chang Xuemin?”

Zhaojing? Chang Xuemin?

Qin Lang shook his head blankly, “Who are those two?”

“They already stopped going to school. They were good students in Seven Mid once, and they were quite beautiful as well.” Tauro lightly sighed, “Only that they were coerced by people, and walked onto the wrong road.”

“What is this situation?” Qin Lang dubiously looked at Tauro, “Ms. Tau, you think that those two people were related to me as well? Ms. Tau, Aunt Tau, I swear that I have no connections with them, I can prove it——”

“How are you going to prove it?” Tauro looked at Qin Lang in shock.


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  1. Another nice chapter,story seems prety good and funny and need to be more spread, p.s. could someone spoil me does he sleep with teacher or any girl at all


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