JMG: Chapter 26 – Entering the Police Station

Although the female student didn’t directly land on the concrete, and the shrubbery and grass did have some use in lightening the impact, her situation did not look good. From the violent crash and the loss of blood, it was enough for her to lose her life within a few minutes.

Qin Lang recognized this female student, and they just met yesterday. It was Zhou Ling Ling! Today, she seemed like wore her school uniform and came here to suicide. Zhou Ling Ling probably also knew that she was going to die soon. Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth moved slightly, seemingly trying to say something to Qin Lang, but since she suffered from such heavy injures, it was obvious that she couldn’t say anything.

But, Qin Lang still saw her instinct for survival within her eyes, so maybe her suiciding was only a rash decision.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die. I promise!” Qin Lang didn’t choose to call the emergency number, and rather he put a red pill into her mouth. It was the “Hundred Poison Big Return Pill” that the Old Poison Guy gave Qin Lang, and it was a real life saving pill! Even Qin Lang only had 3 of them!

When Qin Lang did his move, a lot of students and teachers flocked out the classroom, and his own classmates were no exception even though the physics teacher tried to stop them.

Countless pairs of eyes were staring at Qin Lang and Zhou Ling Ling that was bathed in blood, meanwhile the students started a discussion one after the other.

The teachers quickly found ways to keep order, and didn’t allow any other students to approach Qin Lang and Zhou Ling Ling.

Of course, someone already called the emergency number and also the police.

At that time, Qin Lang’s attention was only on Zhou Ling Ling, so he didn’t know that spectators already gathered all around him. The effect that the pill Qin Lang gave to Zhou Ling Ling was fairly good. The blood coming from her wounds decreased significantly, and although her breathing was weak, it was getting stabler.

Qin Lang breathed a sigh of relief. The sirens of the ambulance started to reach his ears, and it seemed like Zhou Ling Ling could make it.

After confirming that Zhou Ling Ling could keep her life, Qin lang’s attention also dispersed, and only at that time did he notice that there were so many spectators all around him.

Qin Lang stood up, lightly smiled, and he was prepared to accept the praise of the teachers and students. Today, what he did could absolutely be considered as a heroic deed, and he did something that was quite impressive. Although he couldn’t get an heroic award, at least he could reach the school paper’s headlines, and make his name well known right?

As Qin Lang’s imagination was going wild, two school guards rushed over, and threw him down on the ground.

After that, Qin Lang found out that the gazes of the students all around him weren’t admiration or praise, it was despise and disdain. He even clearly heard “savage”, “bastard”, “beast”, and words like that. There were even people that spit at him!

What was happening?

As Zhou Ling Ling got lifted into the ambulance, Qin Lang also got pushed into the police car while he was still confused.



A calm and heavy palm firmly slammed on the wooden table in front of Qin Lang. A middle aged policeman with a fierce and tough face ruthlessly glared at Qin Lang, “Hurry and confess! Or else you’ll get it if you anger me!”

Qin Lang was forced into the local police station while he was still confused. And now they wanted him to confess, which made him even more puzzled. As a man of righteousness, why was he receiving treatment as if he was a suspect?

“Uncle policeman, what do you want me to confess?” Qin Lang tried to understand what was happening.

“You still want to act innocent?!”

The policeman slammed violently on the table again, “Little ruffian, there’s no use trying to pretend to be innocent in front of me! Who doesn’t know that I am an impartial and incorruptible man? My daughter is also studying in Seven Mid, and scum like you that are no better than a beast should go and sit in prison. Hurry up and confess. If you anger me, then you’ll get what you deserve!”

“But——Uncle policeman. You want me to confess, but I really don’t know what to confess…” Qin Lang put on a face of innocence, “A female student jumped down from the building, and I only went to save her. It’s that simple.”

“You went and saved her?”

The middle aged policeman snorted with scorn, “From what I see you’re like a swindling ghost trying to sell sham goods in the king of Hell’s palace! Brat, let me tell you. I’ve seen countless of people like you who don’t want to learn, who break things left and right with thugs, but those who land in my hand won’t be unyielding for long!”

“What do you want to do?” Qin Lang was feeling a bit angry, “You want to beat me? Beat me until I confess?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been in politics, and I’m also a policeman, so I won’t do any illegal things. But, before I get off work, if you don’t give me a satisfactory confession, then I’m afraid you can only go to the detention house for the night. Perhaps you haven’t stayed at that place before, but saying that a day is like a year in it should not be inaccurate!” You could hear a bit of the threatening tone in the middle-aged policeman’s words.

“Like I said, I only wanted to help her.” Qin Lang would not accept the accusation when he did not commit any crimes.

“Is that so?” The policeman coldly smiled, “On what basis? You were the first to arrive, but did you call for help? Did you call the police? We have witnesses that saw you put an unknown pill in her mouth. You are not a doctor, yet you gave a drug to her in those situations. It is obvious whether or not you harboured ill intents!”

“You suspect that I wanted to kill her?” Qin Lang was so angry that he coldly laughed, “We are classmates, and we have no enmity between one another. Why do I want her dead?!”

Qin Lang slowly understood that the rash decision he did brought him quite a bit of trouble. But, as he rethought about it, he did not regret it in the slightest.

“That’s——You need to tell me why then.” The policeman looked at his watch, “There’s still half an hour before I leave. Before then, you need to make a choice. You can stay here through the night, or you could go to the 8-man rooms in the detention house to pass the night!”

The middle-aged policeman obviously had plentiful of interrogation experience, so he knew how to bypass a young man’s psychological defense. There was no need to describe in detail what the people in the detention house or prison were like. The youth these days already knew from television and movies what kind of people were locked in those places. Those people had abnormal urges, and through the “special effects” in the movies, it made places like detention houses and prisons look like an endless hell.


The door of the interrogation room was heavily closed.

At that time, Qin Lang already calmed down, and he started to analyze everything that happened.

The moment when Zhou Ling Ling fell, Qin Lang didn’t have too much time to think clearly whether or not she fell accidentally or if it was suicide. But, now with some more detailed thinking, it may have been the latter. The reason why the spectating students looked at him with such scorn was probably because they thought that he was related with Zhou Ling Ling’s fall, and it seemed that the police thought that as well.

Who would have thought that saving a person with a good heart would cause such an absurd disaster?

But, remembering Zhou Ling Ling’s pitiful eyes that were asking for help, Qin Lang did not regret what he did.

Of course he would be wronged a bit, but as long as it could be traded for Zhou Ling Ling’s life, then it would be worth it.

But then, how could he wash clean of all the suspicions?

Looking at all the current evidence, it was obvious that they were against Qin Lang.

He thought closely. If he wanted to get rid of all the suspicions, then he could only put his hope on Zhou Ling Ling’s recovery.

But, it was obvious that it wouldn’t happen in a day or two.

Before long, Qin Lang’s parents hurriedly arrived at the police station, and received the permission to visit a relative.

The policeman opened the interrogation room door, then said to Qin Lang’s parents, “As his parents, give your son a good lesson. You two, in any case, are intellectual people——Whatever, there’s no use saying anymore. I hope that you can get your son to confess earlier, and strive for the lenient——”

“Screw your damn lenient!”

Qin Lang’s mother suddenly flipped out, and not only did it shock the middle-aged policeman, even Qin Lang had his eyes and mouth wide open. In his memories, his mother was always an educated, reasonable, composed, and polite refined woman. Who would have known that she would explode with foul language, and towards a police officer!


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    1. does his parents need to be dead for him to travel around the world with his master? theres many examples of parents hardly ever spending time with their children the higher position in society they have anyways.


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