JMG: Chapter 25 – The Fading Away Youth

“Damn, it’s huge!” When the bald man took off his pants within the trees and bushes in the garden, Zhaokan couldn’t help but exclaim.

The bald man’s face went red, but hearing Zhaokan praise that his thing was huge, he felt a bit proud. But then Qin Lang said on the side, “Rubbish. Just now he fell, causing blood congestion and inflammation, so it’s 3 to 5 times larger than normal. Of course it’s huge.”

“It’s only 1/5 normally? Then wouldn’t it be…as big as the middle finger?” Zhaokan was comparing on the side.

“It looks like this is quite serious.” Qin Lang took out a silver needle, and stabbed a bit on the side of the bald man’s genitals.

“Ahh!” The bald man lightly sighed, and then his entire face was full of surprise, “Eh, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Is it good already? Little bro, you are really a fine doctor. The illness disappeared when you reached it!”

“That’s…I think it’s too early to be happy.” Qin Lang shook his head, “I only used medicine to paralyze the nerves around the affected area, so you won’t feel any pain temporary. At least, it’ll be enough for you to reach to the hospital and receive treatment.”

After saying that, Qin Lang threw the silver needle in the garbage bin, then said to the bald man, “Perhaps even the doctors in the hospital won’t be able to solve your problem. When you need me at that time, contact me then.”

“In any case, thank you little bro.” The bald man held Qin Lang’s hand with affection, and it gave people a really sincere feeling.

“You’re welcome——Deputy Mayor Wu.” That sentence was said very lightly, so Zhaokan shouldn’t have heard it. But just with that one sentence, it made the bald man’s heart jump, because Qin Lang already saw through his identity.

Wuwen (Wu’Wen’Xiang) thought that the two young men in front of him didn’t know who he was since the night was dark, and the light wasn’t very strong. In addition, there were as many bald-headed men in Summer Sun City as the carp in the river. But he never would have thought this young men knew him!

“Little bro, I really have to thank you. But, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Wuwen’s tone was warm like the spring wind, and it seemed like his politician skills were pretty strong.

“I saw you yesterday at Seven Mid’s entrance. At that time it was really loud, and students were welcoming you all along the street. How enthusiastic they were…” Qin Lang smiled, “But if you don’t remember anything like that, then I’ll take my leave for today.”

“Take care.” The bald man intentionally stayed calm, and as Qin Lang and Zhaokan left, his expression became heavier and heavier.

After a moment, a black car stopped on the road next to the bald man. A young driver hurriedly opened up the car door, and said to him politely, “Deputy Mayor Wu, where to?”

“The City People’s Hospital! Hurry!” This was about his privates, so of course the bald man was impatient.

At that time, Zhaokan and Qin Lang were walking along the Green Willow River. Zhaokan was waving the half empty champagne around, and kept on cursing, “Damn it! Damn life, this is my damn life! I am really an idiot, I saw a prostitute as an angel, and I even wrote love letters and love poems to her. I really am a stupid person!…”

“Please! Zhaokan! Be more like a man okay?” Qin Lang said to Zhaokan, “There are some things that doesn’t look as simple as they look on the surface! In any case, the person called ‘Yueyi’ was correct. You aren’t any better, or else you wouldn’t come to this place today.”

“That’s right! So that’s why I’m a idiot!” Zhaokan gave himself a heavy slap, “I need to remember this lesson. From now on, if I believe in any love anymore, then I really would be a perfect example of an idiot!”

Qin Lang shook his head, “No need to go to the extremes. Let me ask you, what if Zhou Ling Ling was forced?”

“Forced?” Zhaokan coldly snorted, “Every little miss would say that they were forced. What kind of era is this? Would they sell themselves to bury their fathers? Or to go to school? Or to buy ‘apples’? Ha!”

Zhaokan drank the champagne in one go, then fiercely threw the bottle in the river.

After a few minutes, the crazy Zhaokan finally became drunk and lost consciousness. Qin Lang stopped a taxi, and got themselves back to school.

Zhaokan slept straight through the day, and didn’t even go the self-study sessions.

Qin Lang knew that he needed time to recover, so he didn’t bother with Zhaokan. Let alone Qin Lang had something to clear up the outlines, figure out, and understand Anderson’s shady business, then find out a way to act against him, completely destroying him.

While he was in the morning self-study sessions, Qin Lang was continuously thinking about that. Looking at the situation yesterday when he was in Pure Beauty Bay, he confirmed that Pure Beauty Bay were doing shady business by scamming high school students. But Anderson was a very cunning person. Not only did he walk on both a black and white path, he was very careful in doing things. For example, on the surface, Pure Beauty Bay didn’t have any prostitution services, and it only seemed like private things between the customer and the maid. Also, with the students as the maid, they were even more careful on that part. At least when police goes and investigate, then will certainly not find anything there.

Therefore, to deal with Anderson, Qin Lang couldn’t hope for the righteous judgement of the law, he had to personally find evidence himself. If he starts then he will not stop, and once he starts he had to make Anderson lose his reputation, and lose everything he had!

“The student on the last row——transfer student! If you don’t want to listen to the lesson, then please stand outside of the classroom!”

As Qin Lang was thinking how to deal with Anderson, he never would have thought that the physics teacher could not take him anymore, so he directly “made a move” on him.

To teachers, Qin Lang still had the minimal respect, so he didn’t argue or anything. He rose and walked outside the classroom. But he didn’t stand outside the classroom waiting for punishment, he went directly downstairs. The teacher only said he had to stand outside the classroom, but he never said he had to stand which location outside the classroom.

In Qin Lang’s eyes, standing in the small garden next to the building still counted as “outside of the classroom”. This area even had benefits for him to think over the problem.

Although Qin Lang’s method angered the young physics teacher, he didn’t express it because the teacher felt that he didn’t need to lower himself to a trouble-maker.

Class was in session, so the small garden next to the school building was very quiet. With the fragrance of the flowers, Qin Lang’s planning in his brain became clearer and clearer.

Suddenly! Qin Lang saw a blue shadow fall from the school building’s roof. He originally thought that it was a kite that had its string broken, but the kite could not fall down with such speed. It was obviously a person!

The blue shadow crashed within the shrubbery in front of the school building, and desperate cry rang out. Bright red blood splashed all over the place, and from Qin Lang’s angle, it seemed like a strange red flower blossoming. The young woman that had her life fading away from her was like a blue butterfly curled up in the middle of the flower and deeply sleeping.

Qin Lang felt that his head exploded, and his mind went blank for a moment, but after a split second, Qin Lang’s rationality overcame his reactions, and he quickly responded to it. After that, using unexplainable speed, he crossed a distance of 20 meters within 2 seconds, and arrived in front of the female student that jumped from the building——

He could not stare blankly at the life of a youth that was fading away!


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