JMG: Chapter 24 – Unexpected Harvest

Qin Lang saw Zhaokan’s pale face, and it seemed that he received a huge blow. He looked at the Yalin that was by his side, and roared like an injured beast, “Zhou Ling Ling! Do you know how many love letters I wrote to you? A whole 99! 99 love letters, but you felt that I wasn’t even worth looking at! I thought that you were a pure woman, if I knew——if I knew that you came here to sell your body, then why would I even write the bird love poems?! The bird love poems!”

“Yalin”, or Zhou Ling Ling stood up, and started bawling, as if she got hit in the weakest part of her heart. She rushed towards the door, and it seemed like she wanted to pull open the door and go out. But, the moment her hand touched the handle on the door, she became scared, and could only fall on the carpet and continue crying.

Just at that time, the karaoke player automatically played a <<Me that you don’t love>>, and on the LCD television screen, Dick and Cowboy was wildly singing, “The me that you no longer love, is still all alone. There was never a day that I haven’t resisted against the past memories, so why did you have to harm me, and leave me alone…”


Just at that time, the one that seemed like the quiet type “Yueyi” stretched her hand and slapped Zhaokan’s face, “Idiot! Are you still a man?! You think that every woman wants to come here to sell themselves?! Also, if you really are so refined, then why would you come to such a place for fun? If you are still a man, then please leave calmly!”

After Zhaokan took that slap, he also slowly calmed down. He certainly didn’t have any interest in doing anything else here, so he said to Qin Lang, “Bro, just look at this as a joke——Let’s leave!”

“Let’s go, life is just a joke, don’t mind it.” Qin Lang patted Zhaokan’s back.

Zhaokan grabbed the bottle of champagne, and then took out all the money in his pocket, then threw it at the “Yalin” on the ground, “Thank you for letting me see the nature of love clearly!”

“Don’t get agitated. Let’s go.” Qin Lang supported the Zhaokan that was on the edge of collapse out the compartment.

“Money, I gave it all to them!” After leaving the compartment, Zhaokan said that to the server at the door.

Because the compartment had extremely good sound-proofing, the server didn’t know what happened inside, and she even thought that Zhaokan was drunk already.

But things like those were just part of the everyday life. As long as the customer paid their bills then it didn’t matter how long they decided to stay.

As Qin Lang and Zhaokan were going to leave, police sirens suddenly rang outside. Zhaokan cried in surprised, “Damn! What kind of bad luck do I have today?! Didn’t get to do it with the woman, and now trouble is coming! I don’t want to go to the police station!”

There were other people as frantic as Zhaokan, because people who came to a place like this were well aware of what they did, and none of them wanted to go to the police station with their bare butt. The hallways were already all crazy, and even though the servers tried to keep order it was to no avail.

Qin Lang’s thought of something, so he dragged Zhaokan and ran to the other side of the hallway, then kicked open a compartment at the back of a neighbouring club. Qin Lang was planning to bring Zhaokan to jump out the window and escape, but he never would have thought after kicking the door open, there was a wonderful “huge battle” happening in the luxurious compartment. 3 bare butts were shaking left and right, and there was a bald, big bellied male doing a “Threesome”. But something that even Qin Lang didn’t expect was, that bald, big bellied male seemed a bit familiar. It seemed like the person that came to investigate in Seven Mid yesterday and stood on the podium and made a speech. Qin Lang unhesitatingly took out his cellphone, and took a dozen or so photos of that bald male in an instant. Qin Lang’s movements were very hidden and fast, and even Zhaokan didn’t notice it.

After listening to the police sirens outside, that bald male also started getting frantic. He didn’t even have time to think how Qin Lang could break open the locked door with one kick. He hurriedly wore his pants to find a “path of life”, but at that time Qin Lang already kicked open the window. He and Zhaokan both jumped down together onto the middle of a garden.

The bald man acted as if he saw the way out, so he wore a random shirt, and at that time who knew where he got the strength from: He climbed on the small window, and strengthened his courage and jumped down.

Qin Lang and Zhaokan safely landed, and just as they walked a few steps, they suddenly heard a “bang”, which seemed like something heavy hitting the ground.

Qin Lang turned his head back and looked, only to see that the bald man lying on the ground, and it seemed like he was in a difficult situation. The bald man heard the police sirens, and hurriedly climbed up and ran, but after two steps he fell again, in which his leg seemed to be injured.

“Leave him!” Zhaokan saw that Qin Lang actually wanted to help the bald man, and yelled at him to not meddle in other people’s business.

Qin Lang persisted in bringing the male along. Even though the bald man was almost 80 kg, but to Qin Lang, it wasn’t much, and he easily supported him up. After that, he brought him and Zhaokan out from the back. Also at that time, inside Pure Beauty Bay was a mess as well.

After successfully coming out, the three of them breathed a sigh of relief. Qin Lang noticed that on his left side flame was soaring through the sky. He turned his head and saw that on his left, some building seemed to have caught on fire. Most of the sirens just now should have been from the firefighting trucks!

“Damn!” Zhaokan couldn’t help but curse. He really thought that he had horrible luck today. He didn’t lose his virginity, he almost got caught by the police, and when he thought he successfully escaped a calamity, he found out that it was only a fire alarm, and all the panicking was false!

Qin Lang couldn’t help but laugh, “This could really be called ‘To feel guilty as a thief’!”

“Ouch!” Just at that moment, the bald man on the side painfully cried out, and crouched while holding his stomach.

That guy seemed to be injured.

“Oi, uncle, how are you?” Zhaokan couldn’t help but ask. They were, after all, “in the same situation”, and met coincidentally. He had to help a dying man right?

“It’s…It’s nothing!” The bald man was trying his best to endure the pain.

“What, your privates are injured?” Qin Lang found the reason.

“You…How did you know?” When the bald man jumped down from the 2nd floor, he didn’t injure his legs, he only injured his genitals. The bald man was pretty unlucky today as well. Someone invited him here to experience the “One day tour of threesome”. Because he wanted to experience it well, he ate a blue pill that powerfully aroused him. But, who would have guessed as things just started happening, Qin Lang and Zhaokan broke in. There were police sirens blaring outside, so the bald man even thought that this was an attack of his political enemies and police were checking rooms. That was why he frantically jumped along with Qin Lang and Zhaokan. The moment he landed on the ground, the bald man’s genitals fiercely stabbed the grass ground, and with that it proved that his genitals were not harder than the dirt ground, so that was why a tragedy like this happened.

“You were covering your private parts all this time.” Qin Lang said calmly, “You want me to call the emergency phone number?”

“No…No need!” The bald man still seemed to be persevering, “Can I use your cellphone to call a number?”

“Sure” Qin Lang gave his own cellphone to him.

“It’s me! I——Go to the back of the Overflowing River Building and pick me up, hurry——” The bald man hurriedly called someone.

“You situation isn’t hopeful.” Qin Lang said calmly, “From what I can see, I think you won’t get past 5 minutes. Blood is rapidly getting congested in that area. If you don’t treat it in time, then that place may never work again.”

“You..How did you know? Are you a student in a medical school?” The bald man asked suspiciously.

“Chinese medical science throughout my family’s generations.” Qin Lang said dully, “You can endure it, but after two minutes, I guarantee you won’t be able to.”

The bald man seemed to still have suspicions, but Qin Lang was not wrong. Although he was a political party member, within one minute, he already gave up from the pain, “I can’t do it…You…You can help me?”

“Of course I can.” Qin Lang said plainly, “Take off your pants.”

“What!” The bald man yelled in surprise.

“Suit yourself.” Qin Lang said undisturbed, “If we didn’t meet by chance, I wouldn’t even care if you lived or died. Since you choose to keep your dignity and die while enduring this pain while alive, then we won’t bother with you. See you!”

“Little bro, please wait!”


6 thoughts on “JMG: Chapter 24 – Unexpected Harvest

  1. Slightly less glamorous, treating an overweight bald guy’s genitals.
    But this is the true face of the medical profession. You don’t always get to treat little boils on sexy biology teachers’ butts.


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