JMG: Chapter 23 – Entering the Dragon’s Pond and the Tiger’s Cave to Find a Friend

On the east side of Summer Sun City, there was a small island within the combination of three rivers, so it was called Three River Island, and in Summer Sun city it was also called “Peach Flower Island”. The Three River Island was originally an overgrown land, and it was like heaven for the resting wild ducks, little egrets, birds, snakes, etc. But, after being engulfed by the waves of real estate, that area became the heaven of officials and dealers, and became a top-class community.

Pure Beauty Bay was located in the Overflowing River Building at the island’s south. This large building combined a hotel, food mall, entertainment, services, and things like that as one, as it was seen as a top-grade location for consumerism.

Even a taxi driver could see that.

As a matter of fact, when the freshly dressed Qin Lang and Zhaokan went on a taxi and said they were heading towards Pure Beauty Bay, the driver even said, “Pure Beauty Bay Club? You two…Nice! Good taste! Heh! ~”

After getting off the car, Qin Lang was shocked by Pure Beauty Bay’s luxurious decoration. This place was comparable to any 5-star hotel’s lobby, and maybe even surpassing them.

At the entrance of the club, two beauties wearing a cheongsam sprinkled with blue and white decoration were standing there. Those two weren’t over 20 years old, and their legs were tall and thin, making you always want to look back and take another look. It gave people a delightful feeling, and it also made people think: “If the welcoming women are high quality, then what about the women inside?”

But, that place was not allowed for just any random person. The moment they reached the entrance, they got stopped by a refined and courteous guard. Only when Zhaokan took out his father’s membership card were they allowed in.

After entering, a beautiful server brought them to a compartment on the 2nd floor.

The two of them sat on the soft sofa, and at that time the server gave Zhaokan a tablet, “Young masters, please order your ‘dishes’.”

Qin Lang moved closer to take a look. On that tablet, there were no real food dishes. It was just the photobook of maids. On it were every maid’s photo, name, BWH, character, and information like that. The meaning of “dishes” was just seeing which type of women the customer wanted and allowing them to pick it.

Zhaokan flipped over a few pages, and he seemed to like every single one. He couldn’t decide on the spot, so he asked for Qin Lang’s opinion.

Qin Lang smiled and said to the server, “All of them are beauties, and the both of us don’t even know how to decide. How about this…I’ll say it to you directly. My bro came here to lose virginity——Don’t misunderstand, it’s to lose his own. So, he can’t stand to be ravaged by the wild, unrestrained beauties. Could you introduce us some fresh, pure, and young ones? It would be preferred if it’s in the same age group, so that way it would be easier to connect to one another.”

“Right, right, just as he said!” Zhaokan quickly added, and felt that Qin Lang really understood him.

In reality, Qin Lang said that because he wanted to see if Pure Beauty Bay really had high school students coming here to do “business”, and how the process went.

The server smiled, and said, “Young masters, you may have misunderstood. We only have maids here, and not services like that.”

“Impossible, my father——”

Zhaokan was going to say something, but he was interrupted by Qin Lang. Qin Lang gave the server a hundred dollar bill, and smiled, “You understand.”

After receiving the bill, the smile on the server’s face became even more charming, “We don’t provide that type of service in Pure Beauty Bay, but if both sides are willing too, then who said they can’t do it? So, whether or not you two can get what you wish for, it’ll all depend on your ‘phone call’ to the beauties. Since the two of you are so handsome and confident, the beauties may even recommend themselves and you won’t even need to spend extra money.

After saying that, Qin Lang and Zhaokan understood. Pure Beauty Bay didn’t provide any prostitution services on the surface, but the customer and the maid could privately “make a deal”. Even if something happened, Pure Beauty Bay could push the blame off themselves.

“This Anderson really is a cunning person!” Qin Lang cursed in his heart.

“Then please do that.” Zhaokan smiled and said, “I want some purer ones, and preferably high school students.”

“We have university students, but no high school ones.” This server’s mouth was fairly tight.

“Please.” Zhaokan gave her $100, and also took out his ID card and showed it to the server, “Look, only after tonight will I be 18, so it’s better to drink some wine with the little ones. Just look at it as playing with friends, it won’t cause any troubles.”

The server shot a glance at Zhaokan’s ID, then nodded and said, “That’s fine, then I’ll look at it as ‘finding a friend’. But young masters, the service price for high school students are different.”

“That’s right, we’re ‘looking for a friend’.” Qin Lang also nodded.

The server took the tablet, entered a password in an encrypted file, then gave it to Zhaokan.

Indeed, this time, the beauty photobook were all pure and cute students. Whether it be university students or high school students, Zhaokan drooled as he looked, and muttered, “This is really like ‘Being dazzled by all sorts of wild flowers’, and my pair of eyes are really dazzled by these flowers! Hm, the one called ‘Yalin’ is not bad. She looks like a next-door neighbour and pure, also giving me a feeling that we’ve met before. I’ll take her! That’s right, how about you Qin Lang?”

Zhaokan gave the tablet to Qin Lang, and indicated that he should choose one as well.

Qin Lang asked the server with deadpan seriousness, “Could I let the machine choose?”

Zhaokan and the server couldn’t help but laugh. Zhaokan said while laughing, “Damn! Qin Lang, you think this is a lottery?!”

“I’m just here for drinking wine, so I don’t mind.” Qin Lang said.

The server nodded, and said, “Then choose #13 ‘Yueyi’, she’s a quiet type. That’s right, what wine do you two want?”

“Let’s have a bottle of champagne! Happy birthday to me today!” Zhaokan seemed a bit high.

In Qin Lang eyes, Zhaokan was certainly going to lose his virginity, and he couldn’t even be stopped by 10 horses.

The two of them laughed and then sang <<Brothers’ Passion>>. Just as the song finished, they saw the server bringing two slender and elegant little beauties into the room, and then said, “Have some fun you two!”, and closed the door.

The light in the room wasn’t too bright, but Qin Lang saw the face of the two beauties. One of them wasn’t over 18, and she seemed a bit shy. The other was undoubtedly at least 20, and it seemed that the server did some tricks, and turned the high school student into a university one. But, that university one did look like the quiet type, and she also looked very reserved. The two of them were wearing pink-coloured full body skirts, and had light makeup on. There was fresh red lipstick on the mouth, and it gave the feeling of youth and tenderness. With the short skirts and the high heels, it emphasized quite a bit of charm. It simply made people lost in unending wild thoughts, and also made people want to “commit a crime”!

Even Qin Lang started to stir at that time.

It went without saying how Zhaokan felt. That guy stretched and brought the lady called Yalin to his side, and said, “Yalin, let me introduce myself, I’m called Zhao——Ling Ling!”

Qin Lang just sat down with the lady called Yueyi, and at that time when he heard Zhaokan called himself “Zhao Ling Ling”, he thought: ‘Zhaokan, if you’re going to use a fake name, then don’t choose a female’s name.’ But very soon, he felt that Zhaokan’s tone wasn’t right, and quickly looked at his direction.


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