JMG: Chapter 22 – Appointment at Pure Beauty Bay

“Qin bro, you decided to just let Manu go?” After coming out of the hospital, Hansan couldn’t help ask that question.

“What do you think?” Qin Lang answered the question with a question.

“Impossible.” Hansan thought for a bit, and then laughed. Tonight, to Hansan, it was really a roller coaster of emotions. When Manu pointed a gun at him, he really thought he was done for. Who would have known that Qin Lang was that powerful and took care of Manu so easily. That method was very unordinary, and now Hansan was really thoroughly impressed by Qin Lang.

Also, Hansan could predict, with Qin Lang being the boss behind the scenes, his future influence would certainly increase significantly.

“That’s right, it’s only natural that I wouldn’t let Manu go that easily.” Qin Lang said plainly, “Your current power is very weak, and Manu is a chess piece that could be used, so of course you should put him to some use. But, don’t force him too much right now, or else he would be like a trapped dog hurriedly jumping a wall.”

“With only those nude photos, could they really completely control Manu?” Hansan asked another question.

“So that’s why I told you to take away his handgun.” Qin Lang said dully, “On the gun, there are Manu’s fingerprints. If we use this gun to take care of Sankun or Anderson, or anyone, how do you think it would end?”

“Then the blame would land on Manu!” Hansan said joyfully, and also praised Qin Lang’s planning methods. It was too impressive! With this gun and the nude photos, Manu was completely trapped by them.

But what did Hansan know? Qin Lang was the student of the Old Poison Guy. The Old Poison Guy was not only strong in the poison arts, his methods of dealing with things were incomparably savage. Qin Lang always listened to the Old Poison Guy’s “teachings”, and it was the so-called “Famous masters give birth to brilliant students”. How could Qin Lang’s scheming methods be bad?

“Qin bro, what about Sanbiao?” Hansan asked once again, “He’s the aide of Sankun, what if Sanbiao secretly told him?”

“Han bro, you worry about too many things, and that should be left to Manu to worry. If Manu doesn’t want his disgrace to be exposed, then he would find ways to shut Sanbiao’s mouth.” Qin Lang said calmly, “If Manu could get himself to where he is now, then we should trust his power, isn’t that right?”

Hansan sighed in admiration again, and he secretly rejoiced that he wasn’t Qin Lang’s enemy.

Hansan dropped Qin Lang off at the school gate. Before going off the car, Qin Lang said to Hansan, “Carefully investigate Anderson’s industries, we need to prepare to take over them.”

After listening to Qin Lang’s words, Hansan was delighted in his heart. If he could really take over Anderson’s industry, then his power would certainly increase many times, and he may even become the boss of the south of Summer Sun City soon.

After returning the school’s dorms, Qin Lang started researching Anderson. Looking at the photos, Anderson really seemed like a self-restrained, elegant businessman. But, behind this person’s glasses were a pair of malicious eyes, and he was certainly a sinister and fierce person.

Qin Lang didn’t dare to underestimate Anderson. The Old Poison Guy’s mission would certainly not be as easy as “punishing the evil and spreading the good”, because the Old Poison Guy would never do those kinds of things.

To act against Anderson, Qin Lang must first understand Anderson’s foundation.

And looking at the current situation, Qin Lang already found some clues. Pure Beauty Bay was the breakthrough he needed for clues. Also, from the news that Qin Lang got, Pure Beauty Bay hadn’t seemed to have started entering the high school female students’ “business”, or at least there didn’t appear to be any problems on the surface. It looked like this Anderson person was quite devious.

But Qin Lang believed that he would have some progress soon.


On the night of Sunday, all the students returned back to school to study.

After going to a self-study lesson, Qin Lang returned back to his dorm, and started to meditate.

Before long, Zhaokan also returned as well. He was humming a small tune as he entered the dorm, and it seemed that he was in an extremely good mood.

“Zhaokan, it seems like you’ve had a good weekend huh.” Qin Lang temporary stopped his meditation, and got off the bed to ask Zhaokan.

“It’s because of a happy occasion!” Zhaokan had a face flushed with proudness.

“What’s the occasion?” Qin Lang asked while smiling, “You picked up money?”

“Better than picking up money!” Zhaokan threw his bag on his bed, and revealed a mysterious expression, “My bro, let me tell you a good news. On the night of Tuesday, I’ll bring you to a good place——Heh…”

“What good place?”

“Pure Beauty Bay!” Zhaokan laughed, and the laugh was very despicable.

“Pure Beauty Bay Club?” Qin Lang looked at Zhaokan with suspicion. Although he thought that Zhaokan was joking, but his family did have some money. Only that they wouldn’t give him money to waste on a place like Pure Beauty Bay.

Pure Beauty Bay, it was just like a never-ending money spending hole.

“Impressive, a newcomer like you even know that Pure Beauty Bay is a good place! But, to be honest, it is a really good place, and I’ve heard that a large portion of Pure Beauty Bay’s females have high education records. They are really talented and good looking, pure and beautiful…” Zhaokan almost started drooling.

“I’ve heard of it, but you really want to go?” Qin Lang asked.

Seemingly seeing through Qin Lang’s suspicions, Zhaokan patted Qin Lang’s shoulders and laughed, “This is the big present that my dad gave me for my 18th birthday. Bro, I’m almost 18, so I can’t be wearing the halo of a virgin right? So that’s why my dad released by consuming quota, and let me go to Pure Beauty Bay to find a few fresh and pure ones. This was to lose the body of a virgin, which would make me avoid thinking about dirty things, so in the ‘future’ I could concentrate on my studies and start my career!”

“You two are really good!”

Qin Lang raised his thumb at Zhaokan, and he couldn’t help but be impressed by the style of those two people. But, Qin Lang also knew that this was because Zhaokan’s mother passed away early, so the father and son were like “an out of control horse” since there was no one supervising them.

“But, why did you invite me?” Qin Lang asked, “Is it that you want me to be a witness, so when I meet someone I could say ‘I can act as proof, that student Zhaokan on some year some month some day lost his virginity at Pure Beauty Bay, I personally witnessed it?'”

“That’s right, I want you to be a witness, but it also applies to me. Good brothers go through hell and heaven together. I think that 80% of you also want to do it to, so you might as well come with me, since this is my father’s money and not mine. Also, the other people in the dorm are all taken away by the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, so they won’t have the courage to go with me.”

Zhaokan persuadingly said, “You may never get this chance again~ My dad said, although the prices are high in Pure Beauty Bay, they guarantee clean sanitation. All the women inside are checked periodically, so there’s no need to worry being ‘poisoned’.”

“Sigh. Since we are good bros, I have to give you a few words of advice.” Qin Lang put out an earnest and well-meaning pose, “First, I have to thank you for your invitation, but I don’t want to just randomly lose my ‘real body’, because that makes no sense! If this was the ancient times, then when a boy loses his virginity, not only don’t you need to pay, you can even get a huge red envelope——”

“Your money saving thoughts can’t be used on this place!” Zhaokan interrupted Qin Lang, “If you feel that it’s a waste, then I’ll help you contact a wealthy woman, and I’ll guarantee that you’ll get a huge red envelope. It’s just I’m afraid if you see their face, you’ll ‘eject’ out of there early.”

“Anyways, celebrating your birthday with you is no problem, but you can’t lose your ‘real body’ that easily.” Qin Lang persisted with his principle, “And didn’t you say that you had a person you liked?”

“Mental and physical love are two separate things! But, if you really don’t want to, then I won’t force you to.” Zhaokan then smiled and said, “It’s just at that time you may not be able to restrain yourself——I won’t say more, even now I can’t restrain myself! I need to go to the washroom to do some practicing…—One rubbing dissolves thousands of worries!”

“Save a bit of strength or else at the critical point on Tuesday you won’t have enough!”

“Small rub for feeling pleasured, big rub causes body to be injured, strong rub causes complete annihilation…Raise your head and you see the bright moon, lower your head and you feel something coming out soon…Hurry and use nunchuks, rub! Rub! Rub! Rub!” After a moment, Zhaokan’s original “Poem of rubbing” echoed in the washroom.

Qin Lang couldn’t help but sigh, and thought: ‘This Zhaokan guy is quite a person, but I can use this chance to go to Pure Beauty Bay to check things out, and see what that old fox Anderson is doing.’


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