JMG: Chapter 21 – Hundred Flower Intoxication

With Qin Lang’s poison detoxification pill, Hansan quickly returned back to normal.

At that time, Qin Lang was stuffing Manu’s men into the washroom. Seeing as Qin Lang easily threw one person after the other with only one hand, Hansan couldn’t help but be impressed by Qin Lang’s arm strength.

But, the thing that made Hansan even more impressed was Qin Lang’s method——Without any sounds, he made all of Manu’s minions faint, and it also made Manu’s gun completely useless, just as if he used “magic”! It was absolutely breathtaking!

Of course, Qin Lang didn’t use any “magic”, he only released a type of poisonous gas——”Hundred Flower Intoxication”. This poison used a combination of all sorts of poisonous flowers, and after a person smelled it, they would faint just as if they were drunk, but they wouldn’t die. There was one disadvantage to the “Hundred Flower Intoxication”, which was having the scent of flowers. So, Qin Lang intentionally bought two bundles of flowers, and the reason was to cover the scent of the “Hundred Flower Intoxication”.

“Qin bro, let’s bring Manu back for interrogation.” There were too many of Manu’s people here, so Hansan didn’t want to stay for long.

“No need.” Qin Lang smiled because everything was pre-planned, “Just interrogate him here.”

“Here…What if he doesn’t cooperate?”

“He will undoubtedly cooperate!” Qin Lang’s tone was full of confidence.

“Okay!” Hansan humphed, “Then I’ll torture some information out of him, since his idiot Manu should die anyways. Who told him to point his gun at me!”

“Hansan, using torturing methods only worked in the past, nowadays it will only temporary force them to yield.” Qin Lang smiled, “We need to use more civilized, more effective methods.”

“Qin bro’s meaning is——I should kill him!”

“No, a person like Manu isn’t worth you getting charged for murder.” Qin Lang smiled, “Have you heard of nude photos?”

Hansan looked like he understood, and laughed, “Qin bro, good plan!”

“Then let’s hurry and set it up.”

Qin Lang smiled, and took out his cellphone, “Take off Manu’s clothes, and put this guy on top of him——Not bad! Let’s take another straight one! Another with…Put them three together! Also, put his gun in his hands, and throw in the nurse uniform for better appeal…Nice!”

Very soon, Qin Lang look 56 “nude photos” of Manu, and it was more than enough to take care of him.

After that, Qin Lang only woke Manu up.

“Damn! You guys used knockout medicine, what kind of hero act is that——”

The moment Manu woke up, he realised that he was poisoned. Although he didn’t know how he was poisoned, he guessed that it was knockout medicine or things like that. But, before Manu even got to finish his sentence, he got slapped by Hansan, “Damn Manu! Ignoring the underworld rules and used guns! I hate to be unable to kill you!”

“Kill me!” Manu coldly said, “The gun is in your hands, kill me! Come!”

He thought that Hansan would be enraged, but who knew that Hansan actually smiled instead, “Manu, I don’t want to kill you. I just want to see you wish you were dead! Look, what’s this——Hehe, I never thought that you had these kinds of taste Manu!”

On Hansan’s cellphone monitor, there was a clear “nude photo”. It was the scene in which Manu “doting on” two of his people.

“Damn!” When Manu saw that photo, both of his eyes went red and it looked like he wanted to kill.

But Hansan was not afraid at all, and he coldly smiled, “If I just click ‘send’, then very quickly, everyone in Summer Sun City would know the tall, sturdy, and fierce boss Manu was actually a homo, and he even ‘did it’ with his men. It would be really interesting at that point right?”

Manu’s rage slowly simmered away. Although he really wanted to kill both Qin lang and Hansan, he just didn’t have that kind of strength. Also, he knew a person like Hansan said what he could do. If Manu didn’t listen to him, then the entire Summer Sun City would receive Manu’s “nude photos”, and he would also become the laughing stock on the streets. He would have no hope in continuing in Summer Sun City, and if he lost control, then all the enemies that he made before would not miss the chance in “beating the drowning dog”!

“What do you guys want?” Manu was supporting his head with his hands, and painfully crouching on the floor, just like a rooster that lost a fight.

“Tell me, why is Sankun interested in the street outside of Seven Mid?” Qin Lang asked while sitting on the sofa.

“It’s because he wants territory——”

“Lies!” Qin Lang coldly said, “Han bro, no need to waste any breath on him, just send it out. Also, find a printing store and print 10 thousand poster, then spread them in every corner of Summer Sun City!”

“No——Qin bro! Han bro! I was wrong!” Manu quickly begged, “Sankun wants Seven Mid’s students!”

“Students? Continue.” Qin Lang snorted.

“Sankun said that there were 20 thousand students in Seven Mid, and it was a land of treasure, in which it was such a waste landing in Hansan’s hands. He said that the Seven Mid’s students, the males can be trained to be his minions, to increase his members. The important ones were the females. They were just like a money tree! If he controlled the street outside of school, then he would have ways to lure those female students astray. There are countless rich people and officials that lost interest in university female students. They felt that high school students would be more pure and youthful, and they would also be willing to spend more money towards them.”

“Damn Sankun! That beast!” Even Hansan couldn’t help but start cursing, “Manu, you are no better either, you’re actually helping Sankun do these things!”

“Qin bro, Han bro, I was wrong!” Manu already completely yielded.

Qin Lang thought for a bit, then said, “If Sankun got his hands on these high school female students, then what would he do?”

That was an important question, because from what Qin Lang knew, Sankun’s main business was not the “service” industry.

“I don’t know.” Manu shook his head, but after seeing Qin Lang’s cold and ferocious glare, he quickly added, “But maybe Sanbiao knows! He’s Sankun’s trusted aide!”

Sanbiao. The person pretending to be Manu before and laid in bed to surprise attack Qin Lang. No wonder that guy used a crooked knife, it was because he was Sankun’s men. After waking Sanbiao up, he showed a nude photo to him and said, “Tell me what I want to know or else I will guarantee that everyone in your hometown would know that you enjoy doing it with males!”

Don’t look at Sanbiao’s ferocious appearance. The attack power of this “nude photo” did not care what nationality or ethnic group you were in, so he quickly cooperated as well, and said with his head down and depressed, “Boss Sankun said, when the female students get ‘led astray’, send them to ‘Pure Beauty Bay’. They would give high prices!”

“Pure Beauty Bay!”

Qin Lang was surprised. He knew that Pure Beauty Bay Club was Anderson’s industry, but he never would have thought that Anderson had connections with Sankun, and even did such heartless things. Even if the Old Poison Guy didn’t give him the mission, as long as Qin Lang knew about that, then he would make Anderson regret that he lived!

In Qin Lang’s eyes, and to the male students in high school, chasing after females was already something that was very hard. But, those damn millionaires, corrupted officials, thugs and the like had to stick their leg in, and they picked off all the good looking ones. All that was left were the ones that looked like they had dinosaur teeth. Damn, they were just strangling high school male students’ dreams. Thinking about it, to the hardworking male students, they couldn’t even create a good dream for themselves. Oh the grievance!

After the interrogation, Qin Lang and Hansan left.

And as they were leaving, Qin Lang had Hansan take away Manu’s gun.


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