JMG: Chapter 20 – Manu’s Trap

“The street makes profits.” Hansan analysed and said.

“Then what about his train station?” Qin Lang shook his head, “It should be something else.”

“Then this guy must want to sell drugs to students!” Hansan said again.

Qin Lang shook his head again, “That doesn’t make sense. If they were only planning to sell drugs, then students wouldn’t be the best choice. They have a limited audience, and once they get found out, the situation would become very bad.”

Purely from Qin Lang’s speculation, it made Hansan admire him once more. Hansan couldn’t help but think: ‘Qin Bro is really quite a person in high school, and his brain is way more useful than mine. If I knew there was today then I would have studied a bit more back in the day…’

“Then Qin Bro, why do you think Sankun wants the street?” Hansan directly asked Qin Lang.

“I will personally figure out this problem.” Qin Lang faintly smiled, “That’s right, do you have Manu’s phone number?”

“I do.” Hansan said with suspicion, “Qin bro, what do you want to ask Manu? I’m sure that he won’t tell you.”

“How would you know if you don’t try?” Qin Lang picked up Hansan’s cellphone and called Manu.

“You damn Hansan XXX….”

The moment that the phone went through, he heard Manu swear non-stop, but that swearing was directed at Hansan.

When Manu almost finished swearing, then Qin Lang said, “Manu, I’m Qin Lang.”

Manu instantly went silent. His impression of Qin Lang was extremely deep. If it wasn’t for Qin Lang, then he wouldn’t be in the orthopedic hospital lying down.

“Qin Lang? I will find revenge!” Manu said with hatred.

“Go ahead.” Qin Lang didn’t care, “Manu, let me ask you something. Why does Sankun want the street outside of Seven Mid?”

“Idiot, you think I have a pig’s brain? I say——” With the distance of the calls, Manu was still quite arrogant.

“Manu, you really do have a pig’s brain. You just told me that you know the reason!” After saying that, Qin Lang hung up, and gave the cellphone to Hansan, “So it looks like Manu knows the reason.”

“But he won’t tell you.” Hansan said.

“He must!” Qin Lang said plainly, “It’s Saturday, where is he going to go? Hurry up and find the hospital that Manu is at. I’ll go give him some flowers.”

When Hansan heard that he knew that Qin Lang was going to make his move, but then he was worried as well, “After being beaten up by you, Manu must have increased his security, I think——”

“If it’s just people like Manu, then there’s no difference between 18 and 80.” Qin Lang smiled, “Or else, let’s go together?”

Hansan couldn’t help but be surprised by that, but then he said along the mood, “Okay! I’ll let Manu and Sankun know that I’m not good to anger!”

After saying that, Hansan gulped another mouthful of wine, and seemed not afraid of death anymore.

But, of course, Hansan didn’t want to die, it was just that he trusted Qin Lang’s strength.

The two of them exited the KTV doors, and the guard Mao bro already put the $500 in Qin Lang’s hands, “Qin Bro, this is your car fee.”

Qin Lang knew that that taxi driver always pulled something like this, so he took the $500 as a punishment.

“Maozi, look more clearly in the future!” Hansan ferociously glared at Maozi, but tonight he didn’t have time to teach Maozi a lesson, and he drove a van to the Summer Sun City orthopedic hospital.

After 20 minutes, the van stopped at a flower shop next to the hospital. Qin Lang bought two bundles of white chrysanthemum. Him and Hansan both held a bundle, and covered their face with that while entering the hospital.

Hansan started getting nervous, and he had one hand on the flowers, and another already prepared to pull out a knife.

“Han bro, calm yourself. We are only visiting a patient.” Qin Lang said to Hansan.

Hansan really didn’t know how Qin Lang was so calm. Was it possible that he was not scared nor nervous at all?

Qin Lang was indeed not nervous, and with smiles he got closer to the nurses, and very successfully found out Manu’s room number. After that, he and Hansan climbed the stairs towards Manu’s room.

Manu’s room was on the 4th floor, and that guy really knew how to live. He was in luxurious room, and by the stairs and the elevator there were two guards.

Although there were only two people, but to not make any noise was not easy at all. In today’s world cellphones were so advanced, with one single phone call, the opponent could call a huge group to help.

But at that time, Hansan didn’t want to return without any work done, and as he was going to go straight on, he was stopped by Qin Lang, “I’ll go.”

Qin Lang was holding the fresh flowers and walking over there. The guard saw Qin Lang and put the his newspaper and went on guard. He focused on Qin Lang, but Qin Lang didn’t stop moving, and continued. The guard was stretching out to move the bundle of flowers aside, wanting to see Qin Lang’s face. But at that time, Qin Lang stretched instead, and covered the guard’s mouth, also putting knockout powder into his mouth and nose.

Qin Lang’s powder were certainly top-class. Within a blink, the guard fainted away. Qin Lang grabbed the chair next to him and used the newspaper to cover that guy’s face, and the people who didn’t know would think that the guard was sleeping.

Seeing Qin Lang natural, unforced, and smooth actions, Hansan couldn’t help but yell “Good!” in his heart, and thought: ‘Qin bro is Qin bro, to do something like that so cleanly was just like the secret agents in movies.’

Qin Lang copied and pasted, and also knocked the guard by the elevator out. Only then did he nod to Hansan, and entered Manu’s room.

“Damn Manu! You really do know how to enjoy yourself!” Hansan cursed at the Manu lying on the bed, “You never would have guess that I would pay you back personally right?!”

Manu made Awu put large amounts of vitamin C in Hansan’s food and drink, then got people to have Hansan continuously eat seafood, making Hansan get poisoned by arsenic. Because of all that, Hansan almost lost his life, so of course he would really hate Manu. But, now Manu was only a lower-rank prisoner, so Hansan should be thinking how to torment him now.


Just at that time, the room’s door was suddenly locked, and a thug blocked the door.

But the washroom door suddenly opened, and a dozen or so knife holding thugs surrounded Hansan and Qin Lang.

“Hansan, I never would have thought that you would personally come!” Manu’s sound echoed, and he was the last person to come out of the washroom. On his chest, thick white cloth was wrapped around it, because his ribs got snapped in half by Qin Lang’s kick.

Hansan saw the situation and he knew that he and Qin Lang entered Manu’s trap.

Manu said a bit arrogantly, “Hansan, you really are an idiot! This trap was prepared just for Qin Lang, but I never would have thought that you were this stupid, and come to suicide with him. But this is fine. I’ll waste less time finishing off the two of you! And you, Qin Lang. You really think you’re Wong Fei Hung? So what if you know a bit of kung fu? I’ve learned and used from the scenes in movies, and I already knew that you would come!”

“Manu, we’re just here to give you flowers.” Even if he entered a trap, Qin Lang was still as calm as always, “These two bundles of white chrysanthemum, please accept them.”

“White chrysanthemum is for dead people, save it for yourself!” Manu coldly snorted.


While soaring, the fake Manu lying on the bed suddenly rose up and the crooked knife in his hand was aimed at Qin Lang’s back.

Qin Lang was already prepared for this “fake” on the bed. The moment he heard the wind noise, he knew that this guy started attack. The moment the person was soaring through the air, Qin Lang suddenly spun around, and kicked up like lightning on that guy’s stomach.


The surprise attacker got surprised attacked by Qin Lang, and he fiercely hit the ceiling, then fiercely went back on the bed. He felt that all his bones in his body were shattered, so he could only lie on the bed. He couldn’t even hold his knife, and it was dropped on the ground.


Hansan personally saw Qin Lang’s true attack, and he never would have thought that Qin Lang was that fierce. With a simple kick, he kicked a near 200 pound brute up to the ceiling. And the people around Manu, they were all shocked, and none of them wanted to be the first to attack.

“So what!” Manu laughed maliciously, “Qin Lang, no wonder you are so arrogant, it’s just because you have kung fu! But if you go against me, then today you will undoubtedly die! So what if you have good kung fu, can you block bullets?”

After saying that, Manu suddenly pulled out a black handgun from his behind.

The colour of Hansan’s face instantly drained away. He could already tell that Manu’s handgun was modified gun, but the power isn’t any less than the real thing. He quickly said, “Manu! Are you insane! The rules of the underworld state that you don’t use guns! Do you want police to come?!”

“Idiot! Hansan, this is the reason why you are going to be swallowed up by us!” Manu said disdainfully, “I’ll just kill you two here, and find a crippled little bro to take the blame, and he can go to jail in my place! I’ve already thought of everything. You two idiots, do you think that this is an era of punching and kicking?”

“Manu! You’re the real idiot——Don’t those two bundles of white chrysanthemum smell nice?” Qin Lang lightly smiled.

The moment Qin Lang’s words came out, the people next to Manu fell one after the other, just as if they were drunk. After that, Manu also felt that the world was spinning, and his body uncontrollably fell on the ground.

“Qin bro, you are really impressive——” Hansan admired him from the bottom of his heart, but he never would have thought that he would feel a bit dizzy himself.

Qin Lang quickly stuffed a pill in Hansan’s mouth, and smiled, “Hansan, you can’t fall asleep right now, we still have plenty of good stuff to do~”


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    1. Not a hoax, if you eat any seafood (crustacean base or stuff with shell) and drink vitamin c , they create a reaction that cause arsenic poisoning. There are many products when consume together create poisoning. Another example is not to eat honey with onions. People have died because of such consumption.


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