JMG: Chapter 19 – Thoroughly Subdue

“Golden Dragon Palace KTV.” When Qin Lang left the school, he went on a taxi.

“$15!” The taxi driver directly gave a price, and it seemed that he wasn’t planning to run the meter.

Qin Lang knew that business on a Saturday night wasn’t easy, so he didn’t bother arguing.

After a few minutes, the car stopped at the entrance of the Golden Dragon Palace, and then the driver turned his head and said to Qin Lang, “We’re here. $50!”

“50? Are you sure?” Qin Lang coldly asked, “Know you limit. Do not be too greedy!”

“Brat, are you planning to evade fare?!”

The driver obviously didn’t put the student Qin Lang in his eyes. He stuck his head out, and said to one of the thugs around the Golden Dragon Palace KTV, “Mao bro, come over here and have a smoke!”

After saying that, the driver ferociously glared at Qin Lang: This was a demonstration! The hidden meaning behind it was, “Do you see this? I have pretty good relationship with the people around Golden Dragon Palace. If you don’t give $50 today then you’re out of luck!”

The person called “Mao bro” was fairly well built and sturdy. There were even two tattoos on his arm. Because he had strong deterrence, he was called here to guard.

Qin Lang didn’t pay attention to the driver, and he just threw 15 dollars at him.

Of course “Mao bro” recognized that driver, so he knew what was happening. He revealed a vicious expression, and blocked Qin Lang, “Brat, you don’t want to pay the full amount?!”

“Pay what?! Maozi, do you have crap in your eyes and don’t even recognize Qin bro?!”

Before “Mao bro” even finished talking, he got slapped on the back of his head. He angrily turned his head around, but he found out that the person that slapped him was Ponytail, he instantly calmed down, and thought: ‘How should I have known that this person was ‘Qin bro…’

Maozi didn’t dare to offend Ponytail, so the fire in his mind could only be loosened at that driver. He went up and slapped that driver, “Idiot! Our Qin bro only sat in your car to give you face, and now you dare extort Qin bro?! Are you looking to die?! Damn idiot, hurry up and cough up that car fee…50! No, screw that! Take 500 out!”

As Maozi was pressuring and giving that driver a lesson, Qin Lang and Ponytail already entered the Golden Dragon Palace KTV’s 3rd floor room.

In here, Qin Lang saw the troubled Hansan who was drinking wine.

When Hansan saw Qin Lang, he told everyone else to get out, then gave a large envelope to Qin Lang, “Qin bro, this is Anderson’s photo, address, and some of his industry’s information. That’s the most I could find out about him.”

“Thanks.” Qin Lang put the envelope away.

Qin Lang saw Hansan wanting to say something yet didn’t, so he already guessed what happened. He asked, “Hansan, you’ve met trouble?”

When Hansan heard that Qin Lang ask that, so he sighed and said, “Someone wants my land!”

“Mm, tell me about it.” Qin Lang poured a cup of wine, and listened to Hansan’s explanation.

Qin Lang already knew that Hansan would have troubles. Since the opponent dared to use poison to attempt to murder Hansan, then it meant that they weren’t afraid of him. But, if Hansan didn’t want to say, then Qin Lang wouldn’t ask. That way Hansan wouldn’t think that Qin Lang wanted to be the boss.

“Manu’s boss, Sankun, already made it clear that they want me to give up one of the streets outside of Seven Mid!” Hansan said with anger.

A single street outside of Seven Mid can produce quite a bit of profit, so of course Hansan didn’t want to give it up. Also, if he gave up land, that meant that he would lose face as well.

“So it looks like you can’t beat this Sankun?” Qin Lang’s tone was still very calm.

“Yes.” Hansan didn’t bother hiding it, “These past two days I hiddenly sent people to attack them, but in terms of number, strength, we are inferior to them!”

“So you’re planning to give up the land?” Qin Lang asked dully.

Originally, Hansan thought that Qin Lang would suggest helping him out, since Qin Lang’s martial arts skill spoke for itself, but Qin Lang was not moved. After a bit of thinking though, Qin Lang was only a student, so he probably had no interest in dealing with the underworld business, and he also had no obligation to help him.


Hansan sighed deeply, and gulped down a mouthful of wine, “I will not hand the land over to him! Sankun poisoning me, I can overlook that, but this person is insane. He dares to do anything! If he had the street outside of school, then he would certainly sell drugs to students, and lead even more students astray!”

“I never would have thought that you would have your righteous times.” Qin Lang smiled lightly.

Hansan’s face reddened, then said seriously, “Qin bro. I know that you look down at me sometimes since I am part of the underworld. But, although I am part of the underworld, there is a bottom line. We don’t touch heroin, and we don’t force any woman into prostitution”

“Han bro, I didn’t have any meaning of looking down on you.” Qin Lang said calmly, “If there’s white then there must be black. I understand this. People from the underworld would certainly have their eyes on the street outside of school. But, Han bro, having a bottom line of being a person is already pretty good.”

Qin Lang used “Han bro” to call Hansan, meaning that he had no intention of looking down on Hansan. From all those past years, the Old Poison Guy taught Qin Lang a lot of things, so that he wouldn’t really think that the world was that peaceful. Being able to hold their own bottom line of being a person was already very good.

Hansan never would have thought a high school student like Qin Lang would see through that much, and he couldn’t help but admire him even more. Finally, Hansan used the moment and spoke his thoughts, “Qin bro, I know that you have the skills. If you are willing to help me, then I can keep this land and my face——Don’t worry, I will not let you do this for free. How about this, from now on you’re my boss!”

Qin Lang already knew Hansan’s thoughts, but the reason why he didn’t say anything was because he was waiting for Hansan to say it himself. The Old Poison Guy wanted Qin Lang to take over Anderson’s entire industry, and of course he meant under legal situations, or else even if he took over today, the police would be knocking on his door the next day. So, after some thought, Qin Lang decided that the best way was through Hansan. Hansan could be counted to be experienced in the world, and he was very familiar with the black and white powers of Summer Sun City, so he would undoubtedly have ways to legally take over Anderson’s industry.

“I won’t be your boss.” Qin Lang shook his head, “Later on, it’s possible that not only will you be the boss of the Seven Mid area, you will be the boss of the city’s southern part or even the entire Summer Sun City’s boss!”

Qin Lang’s tone was very ordinary, but it revealed extremely strong confidence, and that boiled Hansan’s blood. But, Hansan was not the type of person to think rashly, so quickly he knew that achieving that goal was no simple task. Although Qin Lang’s martial arts skill was not bad, but in the current era, you couldn’t rule the world with only strong kung fu. But, Hansan understood Qin Lang’s meaning, then nodded and said, “Qin bro I understand. You’ll be the boss behind the scenes.”

If Hansan could allow Qin Lang to be the boss, then of course he could allow Qin Lang to be the boss behind the scenes. If Qin Lang didn’t lend out a hand, then Hansan would most likely lose to Sankun. At that time, both the land and face would be gone, and other groups may take advantage of Hansan’s misfortune, and Hansan would become the sacrificial lamb for them. In any case, with Qin Lang as the boss behind the scenes, and as they expand their territory, the good things that Hansan would have could increase!

Now that they had the foundation of cooperation, the rest of the things were a lot easier to talk about.

Hansan’s face wasn’t as depressed as before anymore, and he started to talk about the things to do against Sankun, “This bastard Sankun. He’s even not a native of Summer Sun City, he’s an Uyghur from the Huijiang province. He brought a bunch of fearless Uyghur bros and controlled the train station at the city’s east area, so he’s very rich. He is really ruthless, and not easy at all to deal with. At first, Manu and Sankun had no connections between one another, but I never would have thought Manu would have been bought under by Sankun, so now Sankun’s power is very strong.”

“There’s something that doesn’t make sense.” Qin Lang thought then said, “Sankun’s power is at the east of the city, and you are at the south of the city. There should be no reason to start a battle with you when he hasn’t settled the power struggles at the east.”

“I would have never thought that this would happen.” Hansan said, “I never interfered with the things between Sankun.”

“First of all, we need to understand what Sankun’s real goal is——” Qin Lang used his finger to lightly knock on the wine glass, and thought about the reason. After a while, he seemed to have the answer, “A street outside of school! A street outside of school, why is he so interested in it?”


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