JMG: Chapter 18 – Back to Back Little Monks

6:50 p.m. Qin Lang quickly arrived at the organism specimen lab.

“Qin Lang, you’re here——Ah!”

Tauro was originally standing on a ladder while organizing the specimens. When she heard Qin Lang’s footsteps, she turned around to greet him. But, she never would have thought that the moment she turned around, the ladder under her suddenly slipped, which caused her and the ladder to topple to the side, so she cried out.

“Good chance!”

The Qin Lang that just entered the lab saw the scene, and happiness rushed into his heart. He didn’t even know what kind of luck he had today. The melodramatic scene that only appeared in movies was happening in front of him. It was obviously the heavens giving him a chance, for him, the hero, to save the beauty! ~

Without any hesitation, Qin Lang immediately leaped out with flying speed, and he was as nimble as a cheetah. The moment before Tauro hit the ground, he laid down on the floor, and let Tauro stably land on his body.

Qin Lang’s movements could have been even faster, and he could have even held Tauro by the waist, but Qin Lang didn’t do that because he didn’t want to overdo it and scare Tauro. Even lying on the floor as a spring bed for Tauro was a very pleasant task. Even though there were layers of clothing between them, that kind of feeling made Qin Lang feel incomparable happiness. In that instant even his bones softened, and he really wanted to stay like that forever and never move from that spot.

Tauro had extremely good control over herself, and she didn’t give Qin Lang a chance to have ambiguous thoughts. So she immediately rose, then apologized, “I’m sorry! The ladder didn’t crash into you did it?”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing.” Qin Lang put on a face of concern, “Aunt Tau, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, thanks to your fast speed. Thank you.” After Tauro thanked him, she immediately brought the topic to the correct direction, “For the purpose of filling up the organism specimen lab, the school brought in a bunch of insects and butterfly specimens. I know that your knowledge in this field is very rich, so I asked you to come over here to organize and put these on display.”

“What ‘filling up the lab’? It sounds good, but it’s just to deal with the higher ups right?” Qin Lang smiled and said, “I never would have thought that our Ms. Tau has her times of shamming.”

“No matter what you say, this is a good thing for students.”

“I don’t know whether or not this would be good for others, but for me, this is absolutely a good thing!” Qin Lang said with a serious face, “If it wasn’t for these specimens, when would I have the chance to help you Aunt Tau?”

“Enough talking! Hurry up and work! There are several hundred specimens here!” Tauro gave a box of specimens to Qin Lang, “Pay attention to the tags of all the specimens and don’t get them wrong. If someone sees them wrong then they would say that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Don’t worry, they won’t be wrong!”

Qin Lang’s other homework were a huge mess, but his knowledge in biology was even stronger than the class representative. All sorts of specimens entered his hand, and even if he didn’t look at the tags, he wouldn’t get them wrong. And to the specimens that had their tags dropped, Qin Lang still could have found the tags correctly and stick them back on. Tauro saw that Qin Lang placed all sorts of specimens without messing them up, so she couldn’t help but nod, and thought that he was really efficient in this, since he did have quite a bit of biological knowledge.

Not only did Qin Lang have profound knowledge of biology, his actions were very swift as well, and he quickly put one specimen after the other on the display rack neatly.

“Ms. Tau, the butterfly specimens’s name on the tag is wrong.” At that time, Qin Lang waved a delicate butterfly specimen in front of Tauro’s face.

“Come down first, be careful.” Tauro let Qin Lang come down the ladder first, so another incident like the one before wouldn’t happen again.

No matter how bold Qin Lang was, he wouldn’t intentionally fall down to land on Tauro, so he agilely climbed down the ladder and showed the specimen to Tauro, “Ms. Tau, the tag says that this butterfly is called ‘Papilio Demoleus’, but it should actually be called ‘Papilio Helenus’!”

“You are that sure?” Tauro suspiciously asked, “There are over 14 thousand different species of butterflies in the world, and the two butterflies that you said are both Papilios. How can you be so sure that this is the Papilio Helenus and not the Papilio Demoleus? Don’t tell me it’s because this butterfly doesn’t have a Bodhidharma face!”[1]

Qin Lang didn’t expect Tauro would joke a bit, so he couldn’t help but smile, “Ah…Actually, the Papilio Demoleus has nothing to do with that monk. On the other hand, the Papilio Helenus does have some relation with him——”

After saying that, Qin Lang intentionally stopped to increase suspense.

Tauro was indeed curious, so she couldn’t help but ask, “What relation? You better not be talking nonsense to me…”

“The Papilio Demoleus has more spots and has more magnificent colours; while the Papilio Helenus has less spots and also less colours. But the most distinct part is under the Papilio Henenus’s wings. Under them, there are two white spots, like two monks medicating back to back. It also really resembles the Japanese little monk Ikkyu-san, so that’s why its nickname is also ‘Ikkyu Butterfly’. Look, don’t these two spots look like two little monks toying around in Brokeback Mountain?”

Tauro carefully looked, then smiled and nodded in approval, “They do look a bit like little monks. Qin lang, I am quite impressed that you could use such a way to distinguish between different butterflies——But, your thoughts are a bit dirty. Saying the little monks were toying around really is a bit lacking in moral sense.”

“That’s pretty normal right? If the foolish male and the hated female in Butterfly Lovers can become a pair of butterflies, then the monks in Brokeback Mountain could, of course, become butterflies as well. You can’t discriminate against same gender love right? Even if they cannot be one, then in any case you can view it as back to back yeah?”

“You——Do you have anymore interesting stories? Talk about them.”


In the process of working and chatting, Qin Lang felt that the distance between him and Tauro got quite a bit closer, and that allowed Qin Lang to know that he still had a chance. It seemed that everything was going into the right direction.

As one specimen after the other were put on the display rack, the distance between the two of them were slowly decreasing as well.

“This is the last box of specimens. You settle this, because I have to do something and go out for a bit. There shouldn’t be any problems right?” After answering a phone call, she prepared to leave.

“No problem.” Qin Lang received the last insect specimen box from Tauro.

“When you leave remember to lock the door okay?” Tauro reminded Qin Lang before turning around and leaving.

Without the distraction of Tauro, Qin Lang quickly finished putting the specimens in the display rack.

But, Qin Lang was in no rush to leave. He was planning to wait a bit more, so if Tauro came back early, he was wondering if he could get “treated” for dinner. Just as Qin Lang said before, not asking for returns wasn’t his style.

Qin Lang wandered around in the specimen lab, but there was one unremarkable specimen that caught his attention.

This specimen seemed to have been finished recently. In the transparent box, it was the dried out mosquito!

Qin Lang’s perception was very sharp, so he was been certain that this mosquito was the mosquito that he killed by poison. But he never would have thought that it landed in Tauro’s hands, and it even became a specimen.

“Is it possible that Tauro detected something?” Suddenly Qin Lang felt a bit anxious.

Qin Lang wasn’t afraid of letting Tauro know his secret, but he was scared that Tauro would be injured or die because of curiosity. The Old Poison Guy had always been very fierce and firm. If the Old Poison Guy found out that Tauro knew Qin Lang’s secret, then Tauro would be in danger!

“Perhaps it was a coincidence?”

But after a while, Qin Lang slowly calmed down. He felt that he may be having groundless fears, after all, he and Tauro have not known each other for long. Especially this mosquito. It was gotten from their first meeting ever, and at that time Tauro shouldn’t have had much of an impression on Qin Lang.

“It must be a coincidence!” After some more thoughts, Qin Lang was certain of his conclusion.

Next to the specimen manufacturing station, the desktop computer’s indication lights were still on, and it seemed like Tauro forgot to turn off the computer. Qin Lang moved the mouse a bit, and the computer woke up from its sleeping state. As he was going to shut down the computer, he suddenly remembered about Anderson, so he opened up a browser, and typed in “Summer Sun City”, “Anderson”, “Pure Beauty Bay” and words like that into the search bar.

Very quickly, Qin Lang found some rather useful information.

But just at that time, Qin Lang received Hansan’s phone call. After a moment, Qin Lang said, “I’ll come right now.”

1) In Chinese, the name for “Papilio Demoleus” is “Da Mo Feng Die”, and the name for “Bodhidharma” is “Da Mo”, so in Chinese, the butterfly’s name is actually something like “Papilio Bodhidharma”, and Tauro is making a joke on that.


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