JMG: Chapter 17 – The Beauty’s Appointment

After returning to the dorms, only Zhaokan was there playing games.

But, Qin Lang’s bed was already made. Bed sheet, blanket, pillow, mosquito net…All of them were new, and there was even a bit of perfume.

Looking at this brand new bed, Qin Lang couldn’t but shake his head and sigh.

“Qin Lang, you’re back?”

Zhaokan just noticed that Qin Lang returned to the dorm, so he put down his mouse, and said with a face of excitement, “Qin Lang, you’re good! I heard that a very beautiful young girl made your bed this afternoon. Impressive!”

“Don’t think of any strange thoughts, that was my cousin.” Qin Lang humphed. The moment he saw the bed, he knew who’s work it was.

To this “cousin”, Qin Lang couldn’t do anything about her.

“Oh, that’s right Qin Lang. You’ve skipped quite a few classes, so be a bit careful!” Zhaokan kindly reminded Qin Lang, “The morning study sessions don’t matter too much, but if you skip too many actual lessons, then there will be problems. The school may even suspend you!”

“Thanks for the reminder.” Qin Lang knew that Zhaokan cared about him, but it was obvious that he didn’t put those words to heart.

Qin Lang climbed on his bed, and after a moment, he entered a meditation state.

Zhaokan talked for a bit more, but then he noticed that Qin Lang didn’t say anything and thought that he went to sleep. After losing his conversation partner, Zhaokan could only continue playing games on his computer.

For the next two days, Qin Lang didn’t skip any classes, but most of the time he was having a “mental adventure”, so he didn’t even know what the lessons were talking about. He was completely immersed in learning the martial style, and only in biology class did he “return to normal”.

In those two days Qin Lang didn’t contact Hansan either. He knew that if Hansan was able to become the boss of this area, then he knew what he was doing. This time someone wanted to kill him, and after removing the traitor, Hansan would be a lot more careful in his future activities.

About Anderson’s case, Qin Lang knew that he could not rush it.

Because the Old Poison Guy not only wanted him to take care of Anderson, he even wanted him to take over all of Anderson’s entire industry.

If he didn’t understand Anderson’s foundation, then how could he take over the entire industry?


Today was a Saturday, and the last class in the morning was biology.

Because the biology representative was sick, Tauro appointed Qin Lang as the temporarily representative, and it lead to the admiration and the envy of countless male students.

Representative. It doesn’t sound bad, but in reality it was the mule that sent and received homework. But, since it was the mule of Tauro, the hard and unrewarding job can become a pleasant task, so that was why so many people both admired and envied Qin Lang.

After school, Qin Lang was carrying the homework and heading towards Tauro’s desk in the teacher’s office.

It was a huge office. Inside, there were a dozen or so office desks, but the geomancy of Tauro’s desk was pretty good. It was located near the corner facing the window, and she could look at the scenery outside anytime through the window.

“Qin Lang, you’ve collected all the homework? Put it here.” Tauro lightly patted the corner of her desk, and let Qin Lang put the homework there.

“All but Zhou Ling Ling’s.” That sentence was a bit unnecessary, because Zhou Ling Ling was the biology representative. Today she was sick, and Qin Lang only said that to start a conversation.

“Mm, I know.” Tauro didn’t give Qin Lang any chances, “Thank you. Go and eat lunch or something.”

“Is that so…Aunt Tau, today is a weekend, so do you have any plans?” Qin Lang persevered.

“That’s right, today is a weekend, so why aren’t you returning home?” Tauro asked. But just as she said that, she had a feeling of falling in a trap, because it started up a conversation.

Indeed, Qin Lang grabbed the chance and lightly sighed, “A day’s worth of time is too little, and my home isn’t in Summer Sun City, it’s at Anrong City. From here to there, the distance is almost 200 kilometers, so it’s too tedious to go back and forth!”

“That’s true.” Tauro said, “Since it’s that, then spend some more time studying. Qin lang, during these past two days, I’ve heard other teachers talking about you in the office. Do you want to know what they all said?”

“They said that I had overwhelming talent? That I have a promising future, and will certainly become a person of importance in the future?” After getting familiar with Tauro, Qin Lang also joked around with her.

“Be more serious!” Tauro intentionally kept a straight face, “The other teachers said that you were wood that cannot be carved, you only know how to waste your life, and it was already destined that would be completely useless! They also said you were mouse crap, and a trouble-maker! Qin Lang, why are your biology marks so good, but not your other subjects? In my eyes, it’s not that you can’t get good marks, it’s that you don’t try!”

“Aunt Tau, since we are already so close, then I’ll tell you the truth——I really don’t like the other subjects! No interest!”

Taru’s face slightly reddened, and thought: ‘Who said I was close to you..’, but then said, “Don’t try to find excuses for yourself. Oh right, didn’t you tell me that your goal was to get in Southern China University? With how you are now, I don’t see a huge chance for you!”

“Actually…” Qin Lang thought for a bit, then shamelessly said , “I’m like a black horse, the very low tone type. Usually my grades are very ordinary, but at the critical moment, I’ll be one of those people who will soar through the sky if they actually tried.”

“You think I’ll believe that?” Tauro snorted, seemingly a bit angry, “I thought you would understand that you’re doing bad, and be more determined to study better. But, I never would have thought that you would still be all smiles and not serious. I am very disappointed in you. At your current age, you don’t understand how important it is to get into a good university!”

“Ms. Tau, don’t be disappointed!” Qin Lang quickly explained, “Ms. Tau, I am already trying my best. If you look at the grades at the end of this month, I certainly won’t let you down!”

“It doesn’t matter if you let me down. But you let your parents and yourself down.” Tauro said. “But that’s good. If your grades suddenly increase by the end of the month, then I’ll invite you to a meal!”

“Really? Sunbo the crap stirring stick wouldn’t be there right?” Qin Lang really didn’t care what he said. Luckily the teachers in the office were already all gone, or else if that sentence entered Sunbo’s ear…

“Okay, hurry and go study.” Tauru suddenly remembered something just as she said that, “Oh right, Qin lang, your biology marks are pretty good, so I’m wondering if you know the different types of insects?”

“Not only do I know, I know quite a bit.” Pride was Qin Lang’s style.

“Hopefully you’re not lying to me.” Tauro said while smiling, “Since you are skilled in that, then you could help me with something. Mm, tonight at 7 o’clock, let’s meet in the organism specimen lab, okay?”

“Absolutely no problem!” Of course Qin Lang would be extremely happy when a beauty appointed to meet him.

Coming out of the office, Qin Lang met Zhaokan who was carrying his bag, preparing to return home.

“Qin Lang, you’re not going home today?” Zhaokan asked Qin Lang.

“I don’t want to make the round trip.” Qin Lang shaked his head.

“Oh I see——Then come with me tonight, I’ll introduce a few friends to you.” Zhaokan said enthusiastically.

“I can’t today, I need to go to the lab later to help Ms. Tau to do something.” As he was saying that, Qin Lang felt a bit proud.

“Ms. Tau’s invitation——Impressive. It looks like this temporary representative is doing its job!” Zhaokan really admired him, “Good luck, maybe later you’ll officially become the class’s representative!”

“Forget about it. Don’t pray so that Zhou Ling Ling can’t recover from her sickness!”

“Not praying. I got news that Zhou Ling Ling wasn’t sick, but rather preparing to transfer to other schools or to take a break from school. I don’t even know why, but it seems like recently all the pretty girls chose to transfer or to stay at home, it’s really strange…” Zhaokan seemed to be interested in this, and now he was in no rush to get back home, “This news is more reliable, because you know, I am indeed in the student union.”

“What worth does the president of the poem club even have——”

“No matter what it’s still my club!” Zhaokan humphed, “Let me tell you, don’t look down on my poem club. To be honest, in our poem club, except for writing poems, we also have an important holy mission——”

After saying that, Zhaokan stopped. Qin Lang was getting inpatient, “Drop the suspense and quickly say it!”

“This important holy mission is: To collect every small news about Seven Mid’s beauties!” Zhaokan said.

“So being a ‘puppy’? Isn’t that the job of the school’s newspaper editors?”

“They——” Zhaokan said with disdain, “Those editors only collect information about the principal, the school’s honor, gifted students and the like. Those have absolutely no value! Only us, the poem club, are the urgent within the urgent, and we carry this heavy and important mission. I’ll tell you the truth. Under my brilliant lead, us, the poem club, has already released a photobook of the beauties in Seven Mid, and we even gave every beauty a poem. There are plenty of orders already. So, any interest?”

After talking for half a day, Zhaokan’s goal was to do business with Qin Lang.

“Two books! Hardcovers!” Qin Lang was also very straightforward, and didn’t bother hiding it.

“Bro, you are generous!” Zhaokan was extremely happy.

“But, I have a small request.” Qin Lang said.

“Please say it.”

“These two books, I don’t need any poems!”

Zhaokan was speechless.


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    1. O god, that is totally how its going to end up i bet, he says hes reading a book on insects, when its teh beauty book(though i can’t tell the difference Kappa)


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