JMG: Chapter 16 – An Insect as a Teacher

Inside the pharmacy, all 17 thugs already fell. Even if there were some that had strength to stand up, they could only lie on the ground and pretend to be dead.

It was because Qin Lang’s “Mantis Fist” was too fierce!

When Qin Lang officially started attacking, within 2 minutes, the 17 thugs all got attacked and fell.

The light injures were dislocations, the heavy injures were broken bones!

But there was still something that confused everyone. Qin Lang was standing in the middle of the pharmacy, and didn’t move at all. Both of his eyes were closed, and he didn’t say anything. No one knew what he was doing.

Even Manu was absolutely shocked. After being in this business in Summer Sun City for so long, he never heard of such a strong person, and he even was proficient in the Mantis Fist!

At that time Manu already stood up, but he didn’t have any courage to attack Qin Lang. So, he could only throw away his knife lightly and walk in front of Qin Lang to ask, “Qin bro, you——”

Before Manu even finished his sentence, Qin Lang sent him flying again, but this time Manu’s body slammed on the metal door gate, and instantly lost consciousness.

“Annoying! Do you not see that I’m thinking about a problem?!” Qin Lang yelled unhappily.

Actually, Qin Lang wasn’t thinking about a problem. He was just reflecting and understanding the magic of the “Mantis Fist”.

It happened too suddenly, and even Qin Lang wasn’t prepared himself. Actually, Qin Lang didn’t understand it himself. How did he grasp the real meaning of the Mantis Fist from that blood mantis’s hunting scene so quickly? Is it possible——

“Could it be that I’m one of those legendary martial geniuses?”

Qin Lang thought that a “martial genius” could only happen in movies. Because if he really had innate talent for the martial arts, then he wouldn’t be forced by the Old Poison Guy to squat for a good few years.

But then, how did he suddenly understand the “Mantis Fist” and instantly used it?

Was is possible that the 3rd realm “style” was so easy to learn?

After kicking Manu, Qin Lang gave up on the thoughts, and chose some of the detoxifying medicine materials in the pharmacy, and then brought Awu plus the three other bros out.

Only when Hansan saw Qin Lang and the others reach the Blue Diamond Bar did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Halfway on the road, one of the bros reported the situation to Hansan, and exaggerated Qin Lang’s power.

Hansan already knew that Qin Lang was a formidable person, but he never thought that he was that strong. To be able to completely dominate Manu’s 18 people bare-handedly, his martial skill was way too powerful!

Awu’s face was like ash, and he could predict how this was going to end.

But Hansan was busy with curing himself, so he didn’t even bother with Awu.

Qin Lang gave the medicine materials to Hansan and said, “One bag is for drinking, 3 times for that. One bag is for bathing, also 3 times for that. Bathe once every hour, then the poison would no longer stay in your body.”

Hansan did not doubt Qin Lang’s words in the slightest, and he quickly let the young woman go prepare.

“Han bro, I’m done my part, so I’ll be taking my leave.” Qin Lang said to Hansan, “I trust that you have your ways to settle the other things.”

“Qin bro, thank you very much!” Hansan thanked very sincerely.

Qin Lang quickly returned back to school, because he wanted to figure out this “Mantis Fist” problem. It was something that could raise his martial skills, so Qin Lang really wanted to completely understand it.

Halfway, Qin Lang couldn’t help but call the Old Poison Guy, and talked about him learning the “Mantis Fist”, but Qin Lang didn’t tell him about the blood mantis, and just said that he suddenly understood it.

The Old Poison Guy paused for a moment, then used a tone of contempt to say, “The 3rd realm ‘style’ isn’t that easy. Don’t use the word ‘learned’ lightly, you’ve only scratched the surface!”

After saying that, the Old Poison Guy hung up.

Qin Lang felt dejected. Even though the Old Poison Guy looked down on his point of view, Qin Lang subconsciously felt that the Old Poison Guy would be more certain and clear on his improvement. He also leaked some information to Qin Lang: He had only scratched the surface of “style”!

Even though Qin Lang was in the classroom, nothing in the following lessons entered his ear, and he was only thinking about the mantis hunting scene. The Old Poison Guy said that Qin Lang only scratched the surface, but Qin Lang wasn’t a person that would give up, so he decided that he had to completely understand that fist technique.

Qin Lang had a profound knowledge in biology, and he also watched a lot of films based on animals and plants. Within those films, there were quite a few HD screens about mantises hunting. In Qin Lang’s eyes, mantises were undoubtedly the hunting master in the insect world. Within the movements of preying, they contained some mysterious principles. The birth of the Mantis Fist was also a master in Chinese boxing that created it from mantises’ hunting.

It looked like, to really thoroughly understand this Mantis Fist, Qin Lang needed to view the mantis as “master”, and take the mantis’s hunting actions and skills then convert them into the fist techniques. Especially, he needed to view the blood mantis as master, because that mantis was very martially skilled.


Afternoon, when school ended, Qin Lang went to the Blue Diamond Bar again.

The arsenic poison in Hansan’s body were already gone, but his mood wasn’t as relaxed. If Qin Lang guessed correctly, then there was really someone that wanted him gone. From Awu, Hansan already found some clues.

“Han bro, the poison on your body is already completely gone, so don’t worry.” After entering the bar, Qin Lang said that to Hansan.

“Qin bro, you really are my savior!” Hansan said very seriously, “From now on, just call me by my name.”

Those words were from Hansan’s heart. Although this guy wasn’t any kind person, he was a person that emphasized brotherhood. Qin Lang saved his life, so of course Hansan would be thankful. Also, with Qin Lang’s martial ability and intelligence, it had Hansan’s admiration.

“You are older than me——”

“In this type of business, we don’t look at age, we only look at ability. Qin bro, if you don’t promise me then it means you don’t give me face.” Hansan said firmly.

“That’s fine.” Qin Lang also didn’t really want to bother on this problem with Hansan, so he brought the conversation into the real subject, “So you have a general idea of the people who want you gone?”

“A bit.” Hansan nodded and said, “That idiot Awu, he didn’t know a lot. But, Manu is part of the east city’s underworld gang, so it looks like this problem is connected with their boss. I’ll find out the specifics later. I thank Qin bro for today!”

“No need to thank me.” Qin Lang said, “That’s right, have you heard of someone called Anderson?”

“I do.” Hansan nodded, “This Anderson, he’s also a person of the underworld, but he walks both on the black and white path. That person does things very secretively, and he rarely shows his face to the public. I’ve only seen him once after all.”

“What kind of person he is?” Qin Lang was extremely happy as it seemed that his work was being paid off.

“A middle-aged man of around 40 years old, and on the surface, he does look like a business person unrelated to the underworld. This guy mainly does business in entertainment, but the most famous thing is his ‘Pure Beauty Bay Club’. It is absolutely second to none in Summer Sun City, and even in the Pingchuan province it is quite famous. Qin bro, why are you interested in him?”

Hansan forcefully said the last sentence, but suddenly felt that he shouldn’t have asked, so he quickly added, “Qin bro, ignore my last sentence.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not that I’m interested in this person, it’s my master that’s interested.” Qin Lang lightly smiled, “Thanks. If it’s possible, then please collect more information about him.”

“Don’t worry Qin bro, leave this to me.” Hansan promptly replied.

After that, Hansan gave Qin Lang a business card, and if Qin Lang needed, he could call him anytime.

Qin Lang accepted it and reminded Hansan to be careful not to be plotted against by others, then he returned back to school.

Just as he returned to the school gate, someone appeared next to him, and called him “Qin bro”.

The person that called Qin Lang out was Zaguan. The person’s face had already became a pig’s head, because Ponytail said if Zaguan dared to step outside the school then his people would not be forgiving!

But it was impossible for Zaguan to never leave the school, so the moment he left it, he got beaten up by Ponytail’s people.

Zaguan gave it some thought, and finally, he decided to find Qin Lang to apologize, then perhaps Ponytail and his gang would forgive him.

Zaguan was quite arrogant in the school, but the moment he left the school, in Ponytail’s eyes, he wasn’t even worth a whiff of fart, and it goes without saying how Hansan would view him as. Zaguan heard that both Ponytail and Hansan had to call Qin Lang “Qin bro”, so he lost the courage for revenge on Qin lang, and he was only hoping that Qin Lang would forgive him.

Regarding revenge, Zaguan was actually more worried that Qin Lang would continue making trouble for him.

Qin Lang wasn’t even planning to bother with Zaguan, but when he was stopped by Zaguan, he said dully, “Oh Zaguan? I’m sorry, I almost didn’t recognize you. So, why did you stop me?”

“It’s…It’s nothing much.” Zaguan said, “It’s just that…Qin bro, I was blind back then, so I accidentally offended you. I hope that in the future you won’t lower yourself to my level, and whenever I see you, I will automatically avoid you.”

“So it’s about that.”

Qin Lang suddenly stopped, but his face was expressionless and he was only staring at Zaguan. Under Qin Lang’s gaze, Zaguan felt that his heart was getting weaker and weaker, but after a moment, Qin Lang said, “Don’t tell me you forgot. Zaguan, you got Ponytail to ‘take care’ of me. Was it your idea or someone else’s idea?”

“It was someo…My idea!” Zaguan’s heart and mouth were inconsistent.

“It was really your idea?” Qin Lang coldly laughed, “That’s fine, it seems that you value loyalty——I will get Ponytail’s people to tightly watch you!”

“Please don’t——Qin bro, I was wrong!” As Zaguan saw Qin Lang was going to leave, he quickly gave up, “Qin bro, I was wrong, I was really wrong…I was under the incitation of Cai Shao! I should be punished!”

“That’s more like it.” Qin Lang smiled calmly, and patted Zaguan’s shoulders, “If you were that loyal, then why did no one help you when you were getting beaten up? Okay, I’ll talk to Ponytail.”

“Thank you Qin bro…Thank you…” Although Zuguan was thanking Qin Lang, he was hating himself in his mind. Why did he provoke people like Qin Lang…


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