JMG: Chapter 15 – Mantis Fist


The metal gates suddenly closed.

The other three bros felt that the situation wasn’t right, and quickly pulled out their daggers and knives.

Awu also pulled out his knife, but he put it on Qin Lang’s neck, and yelled at the other three, “Put down your knives!”

As those three were hesitating, a dozen or so people with knives came down from the floor above into the pharmacy, and completely surrounded them.

The situation was extremely bright.

Qin Lang said to the three others, “It’s fine. They have too many people, so throw away your knives.”

After listening to Qin Lang, they could only throw their daggers and knives on the ground.

“Awu is it? Why are you doing this?” Qin Lang pretended to be very angry.

“Simple. For money!” Awu said that like he was undoubtedly in the right, and then said to the person standing behind the counter, “Manu (Man’Niu) bro, I brought you the person.”

Manu nodded, “Nice! From now on you belong to my gang!”

“Thank you Manu bro, thank you!” Awu felt that from from this point forth, since he had the protection of Manu, he would be a lot safer. Or else, as a traitor, even if he had money, his future days wouldn’t be bright.

Manu diverted his gaze onto Qin Lang, “Brat, you can detoxify arsenic poison?”

Manu didn’t seem to believe that a little student could detoxify arsenic poison.

“If you don’t believe me, then you can eat a bag of arsenic, then I’ll detoxify you~” Even though the blade was on his neck, Qin Lang remained calm.

“Brave!” Manu coldly laughed, “But sadly I don’t have any arsenic on me, or else I would have stuffed some in your mouth for you to try!”

“There’s no point in blocking my way.” Qin Lang calmly said, “If I don’t return, Hansan would still go to the hospital.”

“He can’t go to the hospital! We have people blocking him!” Manu coldly said, “Seeing that you are still a student, I’ll give you a small lesson today to let you know that the things that we do are not something that a mere student can mess with! Pull his left hand out. I want to take his small pinky to feed to my Tibetan Mastiff!”

“Did you hear that?!” Awu used his knife to pressure Qin Lang, and brought his left hand onto the counter. After that, Awu pressed on Qin Lang’s left hand, “Damn it, extend your pinky! Or else Manu will not only cut off one single finger!”

Qin Lang remained extremely calm, and that calmness completely enraged Manu’s terrible nature. He raised the knife, and ruthlessly cut towards Qin Lang’s pinky!

Hansan’s three bros’ face were pale white from fear! They could predict, later on, it would be their turn!


A scream rang.

But the strange thing was, the scream wasn’t from Qin Lang, it was from Awu!

Manu cut off Awu’s left pinky!

Whether it was Manu or Awu, they would never have expected this ending.

Awu hasn’t seen Qin Lang’s martial ability, so he didn’t know how strong Qin Lang was. He didn’t even understand how Qin Lang got rid of his pressured control and brought Awu’s own hand under Manu’s blade.

“The ten fingers are connected to one’s heart”. Now Awu suddenly got one of his fingers chopped off by Manu, of course it hurt! Even the knife that he was holding in his right hand dropped to the floor, and he quickly clenched his teeth while stopping the blood flow.


Manu bellowed in rage, and he hacked towards Qin Lang’s right shoulder with his knife.

For the good or bad, Manu had been in this business for quite some time, and he knew the bottom line in this particular business was to not take any lives, so the position that he attacked were very specific.

But Qin Lang was as calm as always. He slid his body back slightly, and easily dodged Manu’s blade, also arriving in the middle of the pharmacy.

Manu climbed over the counter, because he couldn’t help but chase after him.

He knew if he allowed this guy to escape, there was not only the overwhelming embarrassment, the boss wouldn’t forgive him either.

Qin Lang was facing Manu and the others, a total of 18 people, bare-handed, but there was no fear in him.

Because in Qin Lang’s eyes, those people were just random thugs, and not real martial artists. Even if they had knives in their hands, they would not have been useful.

Qin Lang stood in the middle of the pharmacy next to a pillar, and adopted the Hidden Dragon Pillar posture. It instantly gave people the feeling of being deep rooted, majestic, and unable to be moved.

You could only see this feeling and aura on a real martial artist.

Manu also felt that the atmosphere around Qin Lang changed, but he didn’t believe that Qin Lang, a mere high school student, could block the attack of 18 knives. Impossible!

But just at that time, Qin Lang did a “come at me” with his palm, and it instantly provoked Manu.

“Damn you!”

Manu bellowed, and hacked forward with his knife.

At the same time, Manu’s bros also surrounded Qin Lang from all directions.


Qin Lang loudly exhaled, and then suddenly punched the pillar next to him.

Although that pillar had an exterior of wood, in reality it was constructed with reinforced concrete. But by Qin Lang’s fist, it made an indentation in the pillar, and it even formed a few clear cracks!

Manu and his bros were instantly shocked——

To crack a concrete pillar with one punch, wasn’t this guy’s strength was a bit too strong?


The moment Manu was stunned, Qin Lang stepped forward, and with that one step, the strength was extremely frightening as well. The bricks under his feet cracked, and Qin Lang’s other leg flew up, aimed at Manu’s stomach.

Manu felt a huge wave of pain coming from his stomach, and his entire body flew away, then it landed heavily on the medicine shelves. Even the wooden shelves got split open.

“Ouch…You…Cut him to death!”

The bones in Manu’s body were as if they were all broken apart, but his violent nature also broke out.

The other bros quickly slashed towards Qin Lang with their knives.

“Damn! That Old Poison Guy!”

At this time, there was a reason for Qin Lang to curse the Old Poison Guy. It was because he didn’t even teach Qin Lang any martial arts. For most of the time, he taught Qin Lang about the poison arts, the poison scripture, and in terms of martial arts he only taught the Hidden Dragon Pillar to Qin Lang.

Of course, the Hidden Dragon Pillar was good, since it could easily concentrate a person’s power. Before attacking, one could concentrate the entire body’s strength into one point, and it would use the least amount of power for the largest effect of might. An ordinary person’s punch could only use 20% or 30% of the entire body’s strength, but a real martial artist that had trained in pillaring could use 70% or 80%, or even possibly 100%. This was the reason why Qin Lang easily kicked Manu away.

But the important thing was, up until now, Qin Lang didn’t learn any martial skills, so he could only use the more simple, the most primitive punching and kicking to take care of these people and their knives in their hand.

Qin Lang was not a person that had an invincible body, so he had to dodge the attacks.

Luckily, there were plenty of medical shelves in the pharmacy, and it gave Qin Lang plenty of room for dodging. His body was also very fit, and his steps were light and calm. He attacked and retreated, so at that moment he wasn’t at much of a disadvantage. The thugs on the other hand, when they carelessly got punched by Qin Lang, the pain went straight to the bones.

But, at that time, Manu already slowly recovered. He glared at Qin Lang, and it seemed like his eyes were going to spit fire, but he didn’t attack Qin Lang immediately. He whistled, and yelled, “Black Tiger!”


At that moment, a black Tibetan Mastiff came out of nowhere, and with one pounce it jumped at least 1 meter high, and it leaped towards Qin Lang.

This Tibetan Mastiff was abnormally fierce. If he got bit by it, Qin Lang would certainly get injured, and it went without saying that there were still dozens of knives aimed at him.

Manu laughed maliciously, and thought: ‘Brat, it doesn’t matter how faster you run, it won’t be faster than my mastiff!’

Qin Lang also felt that there was a bit of problem. If he lost to some dog today, wouldn’t he become the laughing stock of the world?

“Can I only use poison?” An evil thought instantly flashed past Qin Lang’s mind. As the student of the Old Poison Guy, of course Qin Lang had extremely strong poison on him. With a single touch one would instantly die!

But with that, there would be countless of problems later, and annoying things would come. Even the Old Poison Guy would be affected!

As the claws of the mastiff were going to land on Qin lang’s body, he suddenly thought of the blood mantis courageously battling the snake just that morning. He felt that the blood mantis’s two “claws” seemingly contained very profound martial art styles. Qin Lang understood, and he then changed his fist into a knife, and he accurately hacked on the mastiff’s nose.


The crack of bones echoed through the air, and the mastiff’s nose was broken from Qin Lang’s hand chop!

The bone of the nose broke, which meant that the mastiff’s mouth couldn’t be opened as well. It fell to the ground by Qin Lang’s opportunistic attack, and it was unknown whether it was dead or alive.

Finished in one move! Qin Lang’s confidence rose significantly. His waved his hand again, and chopped a thug’s wrist.


The thug’s wrist was dislocated, and he cried out in pain. The knife in his hand also fell on the ground with a clang.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qin Lang continuously attacked, and both of his hands were like a mantis hunting for food. They were just as quick, violent, and accurate. All strikes were successful!

The cries of pain and the clangs of knives falling to the ground didn’t stop.

Hansan’s three bros were already stunned. From that point on, they finally understood why Hansan needed to respectfully call Qin Lang “bro”. Only kung fu like his could be called awesome!


13 thoughts on “JMG: Chapter 15 – Mantis Fist

  1. Thank you
    I would like to ask whether the teacher will be his main love interest or not and will it be monogamy or harem?
    I know this might be considered spoiler but I have many exp of trauma regarding my romance ship fallen apart in the middle of story T_T


    1. Sorry, but this is the first time that I’m reading it as well, so I can’t really answer your question


      1. Oh well… Since it’s tagged as comedy there won’t be too much hassle even if the ship end up falling(hope not)^^
        Thanks once again, patiently waiting for more^^


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