JMG: Chapter 14 – Blue Diamond Bar

Ponytail brought Qin Lang to the Blue Diamond Bar outside of school.

This bar was Hansan’s property. Before even reaching the bar’s doors, Hansan personally welcomed him. A graceful young women who was wearing a blue dress, and was around 25 years old was by his side.

Hansan looked a lot more thin and pale. He thought it was because of the poison, but in reality it was just because he didn’t rest well, and also because he was extremely worried.

When he saw Qin lang, it was just like seeing his savior. He said, “Brother Qin, you finally came. To remove the bell you must have the person who put the bell on. I put my life in your hands!”

“Han bro, what do you mean by ‘ To remove the bell you must have the person who put the bell on’? It’s not like I poisoned you.” Qin Lang thought: ‘It’s really scary to have no education…’ He smiled, “Don’t worry, since I know the poison, then it means that I can cure you as well.”

After hearing Qin Lang say that, Hansan’s nervous heart finally relaxed. He brought Qin Lang into the bar, and the young women went behind the bar and brought Hansan a bottle of red wine and a wine cup. He personally poured a cup of wine for Qin Lang, and said, “Brother, are you going to cure me?”

Qin Lang drank a mouthful of wine, then said, “Han bro, let me tell you something personally.”

Hansan shot a glance at the women, indicating her to stand aside.

“Han bro, you are already poisoned deeply, and even if the hospital detoxified you, there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t harm your body. You came looking for me to cure you, and you found the right person. This arsenic poison, our ancestors have already been using it for a few thousand years, and also researched it for a few thousand years. If you’re talking about detoxification, then my detoxification be more thorough than western medicine, and it wouldn’t damage your body.” Qin Lang was planning to cure Hansan, but he needed Hansan to understand how big of a favour that was.

“Yes, yes, our Chinese medical science is very profound and deep.” Hansan was Chinese, and in that point of view he was really proud of his country and himself, “Then I’ll leave the rest to you. I will never forget about this life-saving favour!”

“Don’t worry, I already thought of the prescription, but I need to personally make the medicine myself. I’ll go to the Chinese medicine stores downtown later——”

“I’ll have some people to escort you!”

“Don’t rush.” Qin Lang said to Hansan, “Han bro, don’t worry, I will guarantee that I will cure you. But, have you thought of the reason why you were poisoned?”

“Didn’t you say it was because I ate a lot of seafood?” Hansan looked at Qin Lang with a face of suspicion.

“Seafood was only the cause.” Qin Lang shook his head, “With a strong and sturdy person like you, it would be impossible for you to be poisoned just by eating a bit of seafood. Normally speaking, a large amount of seafood plus vitamin C would create a small amount of arsenic poison. When you ate seafood, did you drink a large amount of orange juice or things like that?”

“I rarely drink those kinds of things, and I usually drink wine.”

“Then that’s strange.” Qin Lang said, “If there was no vitamin C added on to it, then it would not be possible for you to be so poisoned so deeply. Also, even if enough vitamin C was added, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get poisoned. It is very likely that someone added arsenic into your drink and food, which created the false image of food poisoning! Yep, I think that’s right.”

Although Hansan wasn’t that educated, he wasn’t stupid. After thinking a while, he said, “Qin bro, your meaning is——Someone wants to kill me? Damn! Who’s the bastard that wants me dead?!”

“It was only a suspicion at first, but now I’m pretty much sure.” Said Qin Lang, “The person not only wanted to harm you, they even wanted to create the false image of ‘food poisoning’, so the police and other people wouldn’t be suspicious.”

“Damn their whole family! Who’s the person that’s so ruthless!” Hansan almost walked away in a rage, but he knew that Qin Lang wasn’t scaring him with frightening words.

“About this problem, it would require yourself to find the truth.” Qin Lang planned to enlighten Hansan a bit, “First, think about why you were eating so much seafood recently. Secondly, think about how vitamin C or arsenic would have been mixed into your food. Lastly, think about who has problems with you.”

Hansan forced himself to calm down. Although detoxifying was important, finding the assassin was even more important. Because although Qin Lang could cure him this time didn’t mean he could the next time.

After a while, Hansan finally had some progress. He said to Qin Lang, “I found a few people that were suspicious.”

“Then that’s easy.” Qin Lang said, “Tell those people to come with me downtown to pick up medicine, and let them know that the medicine would be absolutely necessary to cure you. If there’s someone that really want you gone, then they would certainly disrupt me getting medicine.”

“Qin bro, you are really brilliant!” Hansan said sincerely, “Only, with this, wouldn’t you be in danger? How about I find someone else to pick up the medicine?”

“Can other people see whether the medicine ingredients are good or bad?”

Qin Lang was doing this because it would allow Hansan to owe him a life-saving favour, and also it would allow Hansan to know Qin Lang’s planning methods. Only with this could Hansan willingly let Qin Lang do things. With Hansan’s help, the mission that Qin Lang needed to do would be an lot more easier.

Hansan really did get quite touched, “Brother, I will always remember this heavenly favour! In the future——”

“Han bro, say those things to me later, go do some arrangements first.” Qin Lang interrupted Hansan.

Hansan nodded, and called the four suspicious people, and said to them, “You four, bring Qin bro downtown to bring some medicine for my detoxification. Everyone focus and don’t mess up!”

The four of them respectfully nodded, and then followed Qin Lang out.

After Qin Lang and the others left, the young women came to next to Hansan and said, “Hansan, that Qin Lang is only a high school student, why are you viewing him as such an important person?”

“So that’s why people say, you women have long hair but are short-sighted!” Hansan snorted, “Although I am only a big brute, but I do have quite a good way of looking at things. You should never offend a person like Qin bro. Originally I thought he was only good in martial arts and in medical science, but I never would have thought that his scheming was so strong as well! It looks like in the future he will undoubtedly be an important person! So, remember to never offend him. Whatever he wants, give it to him until he’s satisfied!”

“What if he wants me?” The young women asked with hidden bitterness.

“Then wash yourself clean and sleep with him!” Hansan snorted.

“Hansan——You are really heartless!”

“Just joking.” Hansan laughed, “Anyways, Qin bro wouldn’t have any interest in you, but you should still wash yourself and wait for me. After being cured tonight, then we’ll…”

“Hansan, you’re so naughty…”


Qin Lang and Hansan’s four bros sat in a van, and after ten or so minutes they arrived at downtown.

It was still a bit early, so a lot of medical stores didn’t open yet.

Just at that time, the bro called Awu suggested to Qin Lang, “Qin bro, let’s go to the ‘Healthy Spring Pharmacy’. I’m familiar with the store’s boss, and I’ll call him right now to open the door for us so that you don’t have to wait for too long.”

“Sure.” Qin Lang nodded, pretending that it didn’t matter.

After a few minutes, the van drove into a small street, and at the end of the street, there was a medicine store called Healthy Spring Pharmacy.

Indeed, the metal gates were already opened.

“Qin bro, this is it.” Awu brought Qin Lang and the others into the pharmacy.

“Boss, we’re here for picking medicine.” Qin Lang went to the counter and said that.

Standing behind the counter was a strong man wearing a black sleeveless garment, and he coldly smiled, “The medicine you need has already been picked!”

“Then bring it out.” Qin Lang said calmly.

“Sure, here——”

He pulled a chopping knife from behind, and heavily slammed it on the counter.

Killing intent filled the air!


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