JMG: Chapter 13 – The Traces in the Green Field

Abnormal insects. Just as the name implied, they were poisonous insects that were not normal.

There were abnormal people within people. For example, people may be born with inhuman strength or intelligence. Or perhaps with outstanding vision or hearing. Or maybe certain people had certain parts that they surpassed others. Those people were called “abnormal people”. Within beasts there were also “abnormal beasts”. For example, in nature there would be two-headed snakes, or three-horned cows, and there were countless different strange beasts. The ancient people didn’t know the reason for the appearance of them, and thought that those abnormal beasts were formed by “spirits”.

In reality, in Qin Lang eyes, “abnormal people”, “abnormal beasts”, and “abnormal insects” should have been from the result of gene evolution or sudden gene change.

The more mysterious thing was, in the “poison scripture” that the Old Poison Guy passed down to Qin Lang, it recorded different ways to use and breed abnormal insects. Which also meant if Qin Lang could get his hands on this blood mantis, then he would have ways to use and breed it, and also to increase its potential!

As Qin Lang was having one thought after the other, he lost focus, and he couldn’t see the blood mantis anymore!

He hurriedly looked all over the place, then finally found a small dot of red in the grass:

Only to find that the blood mantis found a green mother mantis in the grass, and it was doing “illicit” things on its back!

Qin Lang never would have thought that this insect would do such things, and it was thinking of lust after eating full! But, Qin Lang knew for male mantises, mating was something that you “enjoy until death” because almost half of the male mantises would get beheaded by the mother mantis and eaten while mating. At that time, the mother mantis already started her beheading actions.

Qin Lang couldn’t help but sigh inwardly, “a shame”. Such a brave mantis was going to be a ghost right in front of his eyes.

But just at that moment, something Qin Lang didn’t expect happened. The blood mantis was actually at ease and gave its head to the mother mantis to bite, while the lower half of its body started shaking. The mother mantis should have easily chopped off the blood mantis’ head, but it never would have thought that its head was like a diamond. Although the mother mantis had sharp teeth, but it couldn’t do anything.

After a split second, the blood mantis seemed to be finished, and shook its tail section. It stretched out its legs and kicked away the mother mantis, then it opened its wings, and flew towards Qin Lang!

Qin Lang quickly snapped out of his fascination, and used both his hands to cover his face. He had seen the power of this blood mantis, so he didn’t want to let this guy launch a sneak attack on him.

But this blood mantis didn’t attack Qin Lang. Rather, it landed on Qin Lang’s palm, seemingly having a favourable feeling towards him.

“What’s this?” Qin Lang was suspicious.

In this world, there were no love that happened for absolutely no reason. He knew that this blood mantis had a “favourable feeling” towards himself and flew towards him, so there must have been a reason, but currently he didn’t know what that reason was.

But, to Qin Lang, this was a good thing. Originally he didn’t know how to capture this blood mantis because it was really too incisive!

Also, the moment that the blood mantis flew onto Qin Lang’s palm, he could feel that in its body, there were extremely scary poison hidden in it, and it was even over 100 times more fierce than the snake!

On the white leather bag that was on Qin Lang’s waist, he took out an “insect food” pill that was specifically made for feeding poisonous insects, and it was made by the Old Poison Guy. The blood mantis happily enjoyed the pill, then allowed Qin Lang to carefully put it inside the black leather bag. The instant it entered the bag, the blood mantis suddenly became tired, and quickly started sleeping.

There were two leather bags given to Qin Lang by the Old Poison Guy. The black leather bag’s name was Thousand Poison Bag, and it had a very special use: When a poisonous insect is put into the Thousand Poison Bag, it would instantly go into a sleeping state. That was to avoid any battle between insects, and also to extend the life of the insects.

Getting a poison insect, and especially an abnormal one was extremely difficult, so he couldn’t waste their life for nothing.

Good steel must be used on a sharp blade!

Today’s training had an expected harvest, so Qin Lang was extremely joyful. Looking at the time and seeing that it wasn’t early, he quickly returned back to school.

Just a few minutes after Qin Lang left, a green-like phantom appeared on the hill. This shadow used an unexplainable speed to fly quickly around the hill, seemingly searching for something important.


Hansan didn’t sleep for the whole night.

Last night, when Qin Lang told that he was poisoned by arsenic, Hansan instantly found a doctor to perform diagnostics on him through the night, and the result was as Qin Lang predicted. Hansan really was poisoned! In addition, the poison amount in his blood wasn’t low!

The doctor recommended that Hansan should immediately go to the hospital to receive hospital treatment, but Hansan didn’t think that way. Although he didn’t have a lot of education, he had a stubborn temper. In his eyes, if Qin Lang could tell that he was poisoned with a glance, that meant that he could as easily detoxify him. This time he was poisoned by “arsenic”. Just by hearing that name, it scared the Hansan that watched a lot of ancient films , and thought that it was better to find Qin Lang to detoxify him.

So, in the morning, Hansan got Ponytail and his two bros to go to school to ask Qin Lang.

After all, Ponytail was responsible for the “business” on the street right outside of school, so he was more clear about the situation in Seven Mid.

After some inquiries, he quickly found out Qin Lang’s name and grade, but he didn’t dare to disturb Qin Lang. After waiting until class was over, Ponytail brought his two bros to go towards Qin Lang’s classroom.

“Ponytail, why are you here?”

On the stairs, a person wearing a basketball uniform took the initiative to get closer to Ponytail. This person was called Zaguan (Zhao’Guang) and he was one of the basketball players of Seven Mid. He was a prime example of a school ruffin. Whenever he had things that he couldn’t solve by himself, he would pay Ponytail or his bros to do them instead.

“Zaguan, what’s wrong?” Ponytail asked.

“Ponytail, I want you to teach a lesson to someone!” Zaguan quickly said.

“I don’t have time today.” Ponytail seemed very impatient.

“Then do it when you have free time.” Zaguan put 500 dollars in Ponytail’s hand.

Of course, Ponytail wouldn’t reject it, and put the money in his pocket.

“Ponytail, you’re searching for someone? Do you want me to lead the way?” Zaguan said to gain his favour.

“It’s a grade 11 student.” Ponytail said.

Zaguan quickly lead Ponytail and his bros. Just as they were turning a corner, Zaguan saw Qin Lang coming down the stairs. Zaguan thought ‘The world is really too small for enemies…’ It was the same place as yesterday when Qin Lang humiliated Zaguan. Today, it was also at the exact same spot, and they met once more. The only difference was this time Zaguan had help.

“Qin Lang, you don’t go on the path to heaven, but when there’s none in hell you barge your way in!”

Zaguan blocked Qin Lang’s path, and said triumphantly, “Ponytail, this was the person that annoyed me yesterday. Since we already coincidentally met, then teach him a lesson please.”

Qin Lang didn’t even look at Zaguan, and glared at Ponytail, “Ponytail, you want to teach me a lesson?”

“No…No, Qin bro, don’t misunderstand!”

Ponytail quickly explained. He was under the order of Hansan to bring Qin Lang! If he messed up and Qin Lang didn’t detoxify Hansan, then Ponytail could predict that Hansan would punish him severely!


When he heard Ponytail panickedly call Qin Lang “Qin bro”, Zaguan was stupefied.

Ponytail really hated Zaguan at that particular moment, so he glared at him, then threw the 500 dollars that Zaguan gave him back at his face, “Damn Zaguan! Are your dog eyes blind? How dare you offend our Qin bro! Because this is a school, I won’t mess with you, but you better not go out in the streets or else I’ll beat you until you wish you were dead!”

When Zaguan heard Ponytail say such violent words, he was scared to the point of trembling from fear.

Although Zaguan was fairly impressive at school, he was clear that the brawls in school were completely different from the brawls outside of school. People like Ponytail were people that used knives and guns. How could he, a high school student, dare anger him?

“Ponytail, since you know this is a school, why are you making such a huge scene?” Qin Lang didn’t want to attract people’s attention, so he indicated to talk after they went downstairs.

After going down, Ponytail quickly explained why he was there.

“I see…Sure, I’ll go and see him.” Qin Lang promised that, but in his mind, he was thinking that a person like Hansan should know quite a few people, and maybe he would know the person that the Old Poison Guy needed him to take care of.

Ponytail and the others were all happy, and immediately asked Qin Lang to go out the school to detoxify Hansan.

“Oi..Stop, which class are you from? You can’t freely leave and enter the school without a teacher’s note…”

Just as they arrived at the school gate, Qin Lang was stopped by the security guards at the door.

Qin Lang was going to open his mouth and explain, but Ponytail shot like an arrow to the window of the guard post, and used a severe glare towards the security guard inside.

Looking at Ponytail’s gaze that was full of killing intent, the security guard quickly swallowed his words, opened the electronic gates for cars, allowing Qin Lang, Ponytail and the others to swaggeringly leave the school.


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