JMG: Chapter 10 – Arsenic Poisoning

Qin Lang actually didn’t really need to escape, but he would not let such a good chance to hold hands with Tauro slip by.

Just as they ran to a corner of the street outside of school, Qin Lang and Tauro got stopped by a dozen of so screaming motorcycles. In front of the motorcycle group, a black car stopped in front of Qin Lang and Tauro.

Just at that time, Ponytail got a scooter from somewhere, and also rushed over at top speed. When Ponytail arrived, he threw the scooter to the side, walked up to the black car, and respectfully opened the door. A big person with a flattop hairstyle walked out, pinched his nose, and said impatiently, “Damn it Ponytail. Did you fall into the sewer or something? Shoo, don’t get close to me. You can’t even take care of a hairless brat, and made me unable to finish my dinner. Too embarrassing!”

Ponytail was very scared of this person, and quickly stood aside.

“Hansan?” Qin Lang felt that he heard Zhaokan say that name before, but at that time he was sleeping fairly soundly. But, any person that Zhaokan mentioned must not be an ordinary person.

This flattop person was called Hansan (Han’San’Qiang). He was the boss of the underworld power in the area around Seven Mid. He was in prison previously, and knew Kung Fu. Although Ponytail was the boss of the street outside of school, he was just minion under Hansan.

But, the street outside of school provided generous profits, and Ponytail was fairly loyal, so that was why when Hansan heard someone was causing trouble around here, he immediately brought a group of people for help.

But Hansan never would have thought that the person who made Ponytail into such a state was only a highschool student, and he suddenly regretted coming here personally.

But, since he came, Hansan needed to prove his power in front of all his little bros. So he said to Qin Lang and Tauro, “I think I don’t need to tell you two what kind of person I am. If you attack my bros, then that means you attack me. Either you pay ten thousand dollars of medical fees, or you take ten thousand yourself and live in the hospital!”

Qin Lang really wanted to give Hansan and his people a good beating, also to experience the feeling of being a chivalrous person, but he understood clearly that this was a society with legal systems. This was not the era where one can use swords and punches to root out the violent and protect the peaceful while travelling around the world. If you cripple or kill a person, then it didn’t matter how evil the person was, you would still need to sit in jail. Also, Tauro was by his side, and Qin Lang didn’t want to leave a violent image of him in front of her.

Qin Lang weighed his options, and thought of a plan in his head. He then said to Hansan, “That’s right, I attacked your bro. But I have no plans of paying for the medical fees. You, Hansan. If you have the guts, then let’s go inside an alley to fight!”

Listening to those words, all of Hansan’s people laughed. Ponytail laughed the loudest. They were, of course, laughing at Qin Lang overestimation of his own strength. There was not a single person that didn’t know that Hansan’s position and territory were all gotten through fists.

“Fight? You want to fight with me?”

Hansan also laughed out loud, obviously thinking that he was not worth it. “Damn, what has the world come to? Brat, I know you want to show off in front of the girl, and experience the feeling of a hero saving the beauty. But, I will very quickly let you know, you are not a hero, just a coward! A fight is it? I’ll give you this chance! I haven’t moved my muscles in a long time anyways!”

Hansan also didn’t want to make a huge matter out of this and attract the attention of the police. Since this brat wanted to fight, then he might as well help him accomplish his goal. Being able to be a boss at the southern part of Summer Sun City, that was not false reputation. Back when he was still in prison, he met a jail-mate that was proficient in the martial arts. Hansan had to be extremely servile to win his favour, and he spent a good few years learning mixed martial arts. He hasn’t “performed” in front of his bros in a long time, and since this person wanted to fight him, then he would have no reason to refuse, or else other people would think he was unable to even take care of a little student.

“Ms. Tau, please hold these flowers well, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Qin Lang smiled to Tauro, and it seemed that he was really relaxed.

Tauro wanted to stop him originally, but since she saw that Qin Lang was so confident, she didn’t stop Qin Lang, and only said, “Careful! If you don’t come out in ten minutes, then I’ll call the police!”

On the street outside of school, there were a lot of private houses. Between every private house, there would always be an alley in between them.

At that time, the sky already darkened, and the alley only had the faint yellow light coming from the roadlamp.

Qin Lang and Hansan walked into the alley, one in front, one in back.

In the middle of the alley, Qin Lang stopped, turned his head around, and said one sentence to Hansan, “You’re already near death, and you don’t even know!”

Hansan was distracted for a split second, then coldly laughed, “Trying to scare me? You want to kill me? Come!”

“Idiot!” Qin Lang coldly snorted, and then threw a punch out. That punch was not aimed towards for Hansan, but rather struck the cement wall on his side.


The fist didn’t create a loud noise, but on that reinforced concrete, a near inch-deep dent was left behind, and all around it were tiny little turtle cracks.

Hansan’s heart thumped: “How is this guy’s fist so hard!”

In that moment, Hansan didn’t dare to attack.

After shocking Hansan with a small show of power, Qin Lang used eyes of pity to look at Hansan, “Hansan, I said that you were near death. That was because you are poisoned! And it is Arsenic Poisoning! Very quickly the symptoms will appear, but I am not a person that will attack with others are in danger. Otherwise, the next punch will not land on the concrete!”

In reality, Qin Lang just didn’t want Tauro to think that he was too violent and scare her away.

“Ha! You can really tell a joke! I have not grown by being scared!” If it wasn’t because of the punch before that shocked Hansan, he would have already started to punch Qin Lang. Why would he even listen to Qin Lang?

“Joke? Is there any need?” Qin Lang coldly laughed, “In the past few days, you have always felt dizzy, had headaches, depression, dryness of throat and mouth, correct?”

Hansan didn’t say anything, and that could only mean he admitted to Qin Lang’s words.

“Also, these last two days your urine had strange colours, and your feces had traces of blood…The most important thing is——”

As he was talking, Qin Lang suddenly stopped. This way he could allow Hansan to think that Qin Lang was all high and mighty.

“The most important thing is what?” Hansan finally couldn’t help but ask.

“Never mind it, since you don’t believe me, then why should I bother explaining? Hansan, continue eating your seafood. After two more meals, you can send people to collect your corpse!” Qin lang coldly snorted, and did the action of leaving.

Hansan originally didn’t believe him, but the moment he heard Qin Lang say the word “seafood”, he instantly panicked, and quickly tried to call him back, “My…bro, how did you know that I’ve been eating seafood recently, and how did you know that I was poisoned?”

Qin Lang thought: ‘Of course I know that you’re poisoned…’ As the apprentice of that Old Poison Guy, in addition to how his body was, Qin Lang was extremely sensitive to the feeling of poison. That was why just with a glance, he could tell that Hansan already had the signs of Arsenic Poisoning. As to how Qin Lang figured out that Hansan ate quite a bit of seafood recently, it was because Qin Lang could smell the “sea smell” on Hansan, and guessed that it was the reason why Hansan got poisoned.

But, Qin Lang didn’t plan to talk much to Hansan. The more knowledgeable you seem, the more shocking effects you can get.

“This is the slow poisoning affect of arsenic.” Qin Lang said calmly, “And the poison affects will show themselves tomorrow night. Take care!”

After saying that, Qin Lang really did walk out from the alley.

Ponytail and his bros saw Qin Lang walk out from from the alley, but didn’t see Hansan try to stop him, so they were fairly confused.

But just at that time, Hansan quickly caught up, and stopped in front of Qin Lang. Ponytail and the others thought that the boss was really going to start, and instantly they started getting all exciting while waiting for the bloody, cold-hearted, and violent scenes to happen. But, they never would have thought that after Hansan stood in front of Qin Lang, he bent over, and respectfully called him:

“Bro, please save me——”


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