JMG: Chapter 11- Saving a Life

What was this?!

Ponytail and his bros were instantly stunned, just as if they were petrified into rock.

Even Tauro was baffled.

“Bro, please be generous, and help me once.”

When Hansan said “bro”, he really felt uncomfortable, but his tone was very sincere. It couldn’t be helped. At that time Hansan was thinking about nothing but the two words “arsenic poisoning”. When he knew that he may have been poisoned by arsenic, his face went pale.

Looking at the various poisons in the modern day, arsenic wasn’t the strongest poison, and there were countless of poisons even more poisonous than arsenic. But, Hansan was not that educated. He never even heard of the strong poisons such as cyanide, sarin gas, or anthrax. All his knowledge about poison were from some ancient TV movies or dramas. In those ancient dramas and movies, “arsenic” was the top class poison. So, when Hansan heard that he was “poisoned by arsenic”, it felt that his legs were going to collapse under him. Who cares about dignity? He instantly saw Qin Lang his last possible savior, so he directly used “bro” to call Qin Lang.

But it really couldn’t be helped. Although the face of being a boss was important, it was no where near as important as his own life.


Hansan immediately recalled the dramas and movies. He remembered the bitter scenes of having all seven apertures of the head bleed from arsenic poisoning, and he felt that his heart and mind were bleeding as well.

As a person that had such “broad-minded and great goals”, Hansan really didn’t want to die this young.

There was no need to go overboard with killing a person. Since Hansan lowered his head and his dignity to call him “bro”, Qin Lang would not ignore a dying man. After all, Hansan only came here to represent his bros, and that was not something that he should die for.

So, Qin Lang stopped his footsteps, turned his head and said to Hansan, “If you hurry up and go to the hospital to check it, then you can be saved.”

Hansan heard that his life still could be saved, and his heart relaxed quite a bit. He came to the side of Qin Lang, and said under his breath, “Bro, if you can tell that I was poisoned, then you should be able to detoxify right?”

“I can.” Qin Lang’s sounded extremely confident, but then it quickly changed, “But, I don’t seem to have any obligation to detoxify you right?”

Hansan thought that Qin Lang was blaming Ponytail because of the previous incidents, so he quickly yelled at Ponytail, “Ponytail! Get over here——”

Ponytail didn’t dare not listening to Hansan’s words, so he quickly went over there. The moment he arrived, he suffered Hansan’s slap. But, the instant that Hansan called Qin Lang a “bro”, Ponytail expected an ending like this. He knew that this slap was compensation for Qin Lang. Being in this business for so long, he understood when he could stand up tall, and when he needed to bow and submit. He reverently, respectfully apologized to Qin Lang and Tauro. The other two people also quickly came and apologized, almost feeling the need to kneel.

“Qin Lang, it’s fine.” Tauro didn’t understand how Qin Lang made Hansan so submissive, but she obviously didn’t really like this scene.

“Since my aunt Tau said it’s fine, I won’t look into this problem anymore. Hansan, first, go to the hospital for a check, and see if you are really poisoned or not. If the hospital can’t detoxify you, only then do you find me!”

Qin Lang’s meaning was very clear, so Hansan and his bros didn’t dare block Qin Lang and Tauro.

While returning back to the school, Tauro asked Qin Lang, “Qin Lang, Hansan is one of the ferocious characters in the underworld, how did you make him so submissive?”

“He’s not afraid of me, he’s afraid of death.” Qin Lang explained everything about Hansan being poisoned by arsenic.

“He was really poisoned by arsenic?” Tauro was shocked, “I even thought that you were only scaring him. How could you tell?”

“Hey…I even found out about your hidden trouble, plus Hansan was already poisoned deeply.” Qin Lang laughed quietly, “I followed an old doctor for a good few years. If I couldn’t even see that out, then wouldn’t I embarrass my teacher?”

If that Old Poison Guy knew Qin Lang called him “old doctor”, he would undoubtedly curse him, because that guy really didn’t like saving the dying and healing the injured, he enjoyed doing the complete opposite.

“Oh I see. Our Chinese medical science is too broad and deep, and it looks like you learned quite a bit!” Tauro couldn’t help but praise him a bit.

“Of course, and to be honest, my medical expertise is way better than the so-called famous doctors.” It seemed like Qin Lang didn’t know what modesty was.

“Oi, I praise you a bit, then your tail goes straight up into the sky.” Tauro humphed, then thought about something, “Oh right, nothing should have happened to Mr. Sun right?”

“Don’t worry, Sunbo already escaped early.” Qin Lang snorted, not even covering up his disdain towards Sunbo.

Without them even knowing, they already arrived at Tauro’s dorm, but Qin lang had no thoughts of stopping. Tauro knew that this guy was quite bold, so she could only order him to leave, “Qin Lang, it’s fairly late now. Today was your first day at school, so hurry up and go back to your dorm to unpack your things.”

“It’s not even 8 o’clock, and I thought that you would even invite me up to drink coffee.” Qin Lang said unwillingly, “That’s right. What’s your phone number? If anything happens to me I can ask for your help right? Also, give me Sunbo’s phone number as well.”

Tauro could only give her phone number to Qin Lang, and only then did that guy leave. As he was leaving, Qin Lang even said to Tauro, “Aunt Tau, drinking beer harms the body, so drink less in the future!”

Tauro was startled, but she didn’t say anything at the end and went straight up back to her room.

Qin Lang found his dorm, 409, and also discovered that Zhaokan was in the same dorm as him.

At that time, Zhaokan was playing a game on his bed with a notepad.

“Qin Lang——Is Mr. Tau really your aunt?” This Zhaokan guy was really nosey.

Qin Lang nodded, “Where are the others?”

“Idiot, of course they went for some night self-studying.” Zhaokan said to Qin Lang.

Qin Lang looked at his bed, which was completely empty. He then asked Zhaokan, “No one made the bed for me?”

Zhaokan was staring at Qin Lang like he was an alien, “What?! Do you think that you’re some prince, and someone would make the bed for you? And about that, I’m puzzled. You don’t even have a bed made, where are you going to sleep tonight?”

“Yeah, where am I going to sleep?” Qin Lang also thought that this was a problem.

But a bright idea suddenly struck Qin Lang, and he found the solution. He pulled out his cellphone and called Sunbo, “Mr. Sun, I’m Qin Lang…I didn’t have enough time to make my bed today, so find me a bed.”

Zhaokan was stunned, and thought that Qin Lang was pretty arrogant, directly ordering the teacher to find himself a bed.

It was not easy for Sunbo to quietly return back to school, and he instantly became angry when he accepted Qin Lang’s phone call, and thought: ‘Brat. What do you think you’re doing? Why do I have to find you a bed?’ So obviously he firmly refused Qin Lang’s request.


Without having any sense of shame, Qin Lang directly called his name, “You don’t want the people looking for you to cause trouble right? Do you want me to leak your name and phone number?”

Sunbo didn’t want to suffer any more physical pain, so he quickly compromised, “There’s a small hotel near the school, I’ll call and hold a room for you.”

“Thank you Mr. Sun.” Qin Lang hung up the phone.

“That was really awesome!” Zhaokan had to admire Qin Lang. On his first day, he was already so impressive: Eating with Seven Mid’s most beautiful female teacher, and even got his own homeroom teacher to order a room for him. In Zhaokan’s eyes, this kind of friend was worth making!

Very quickly, Qin Lang and Zhaokan got familiar with each other. Qin Lang then knew that Zhaokan was an official of the student union, and it was because he was the president of the poem club in Seven Mid. Including Zhaokan, the poem club didn’t even have ten members, because the golden era of “With one love poem and a bit of wine, you can get a girl with very few lines” had passed already.

Zhaokan was just like himself, and he talked with Qin Lang straight until it was time for night studying.

Qin Lang saw that the time was getting late, and only then did he leave the dorm, and went to the small hotel that Sunbo held for him.

Just as he sat on the bed, his cellphone played the tone for a text, and he received a new message:

“My good apprentice, don’t forget to eat your medicine and practice your Qi. Since you are at Summer Sun City, do something for your master: Take over the Anderson’s entire industry, making him have absolutely nothing, and bring him in front of me again!”

This message was from the Old Poison Guy. Qin Lang thought for a while, and replied with one word, “Reason?”

He didn’t respond.

But that was as expected. He had been following the Old Poison Guy for almost five years now, and Qin Lang knew his behavior. It looked he had to do some  research for himself about this Anderson business.

After that, Qin Lang threw the cellphone to the side, and took out a red poison pill from a white leather bag, then swallowed it.

A wave of painful heat hit his stomach. This one pill could easily kill a elephant, but the effects it had on Qin Lang was like eating a chili pepper.

Just that and nothing more!

After that, Qin Lang sat cross-legged on the bed, and entered the Qi practicing meditation state, slowly letting his body thoroughly absorb the poison from the poison pill.


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