JMG: Chapter 9 – High-Pressure Nozzle

“Is this guy pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger?” Sunbo started to panic, but then thought, “Impossible. This guy could not possibly hold his liquor. He must be intentionally using this method to scare me. I can’t let him scare me!”

“It’s empty!” Sunbo accepted the beer that Qin Lang sent towards him, tilted his head back and cleaned the bottle of beer.

Sunbo was confident that he could drink 6 or 7 bottles of beer, around one catty of white wine. But that amount was reliant on certain situations. If one kept on drinking beer on an empty stomach, then the amount of liquor they could hold would drastically reduce. Sunbo was extremely clear on this, so that was why he used that method against Qin lang. But, he never would have thought that Qin Lang would learn and use it back, and using the methods of others on themselves.

“Mr. Sun, you really can hold your liquor!” Qin Lang praised him, then quickly finished another bottle himself. He swiftly opened another two bottles, and did not even plan to give Sunbo any breathing room, “This time I’ll toast you! Mr. Sun, not only do you have a good capacity for liquor, you are very easy going. You can even chat well with us students, and call us brothers. This is really hard to come by…Then…I’ll walk with beer, and I’ll toast first!”

Was this called being trapped in your own trap? Was this called to reap what you have sown?

When the third bottle of beer entered his stomach, Sunbo understood. Although it was just beer, but in any case it was alcohol and not water. Even if it was water, a person will not feel comfortable after drinking three huge bottles at once. Sunbo felt that his stomach were like overturning seas and oceans. If he continued drinking like that, then he will undoubtedly make a fool of himself.

The thing that made Sunbo dismayed was, Qin Lang was still calm and composed, without any sign of drunkenness, and even opened two more bottles of beer with a smile.

Sunbo’s face went pale, and quickly said, “Little Qin…Don’t overdo it…After all, you are still a student, if you drink too much…it won’t be good. If not, you drink…Whatever.”

Despise passed through Tauro’s eyes. When Sunbo urged Qin Lang to drink alcohol, she already knew that Sunbo wanted to use the power of alcohol to humiliate Qin Lang. Who would have guessed that Qin Lang acted to be a pig and ate the tiger, checkmating Sunbo, and making him sink into the embarrassing situation of unable to stop halfway. Not only that, Sunbo was also crafty. He knew that he couldn’t match his opponent, and used “whatever” to take care of it. If you use these methods against a student, you could tell that the person’s character is no good.

But, Tauro also didn’t want to see Sunbo making a fool of himself, so she said to Qin Lang, “Since Mr. Sun can’t continue, then no need to overdo it.”

Hearing Tauro say that he “couldn’t continue”, Sunbo really wanted to pick up a bottle and continue with Qin Lang. But, his experience told him that if he continued drinking with Qin Lang, the one being a fool would be him!

Since Qin Lang saw that even Tauro spoke up, he didn’t force it anymore, and started to eat the food in huge mouthfuls. Since the person paying was Sunbo, he didn’t bother holding back.

After eating for a while, three rowdy young people who were smoking entered the restaurant. Although the person leading was a male, he had a ponytail.

The three ruffians sat down on the table next to Qin Lang, but immediately when Ponytail sat down he immediately stood back up, and used his hand to touch his butt, then bellowed at Qin Lang’s table, “What the hell! Who spilled their beer on this chair?! Damn——”

It turned out that the chair that Ponytail sat down on had some beer stains, so the moment he sat down he felt a wave of chilliness, and accidentally fell into that trap. The bottom of his pants were all wet, just as if he peed himself.

“Sorry…That may be because we accidentally spilled a bit of beer on there. How about I compensate for your washing fee?” Sunbo didn’t even know why he was so unlucky today. Before, to drink less beer, and to prevent being humiliated in front of Tauro, as he was drinking his beer he resorted to tricks. He intentionally sprayed some beer out, but who would have known that it would cause problems, so he immediately rose up and apologized.

“Wash what?!” Ponytail immediately started to point and yell at Sunbo.

Sunbo knew that the person he was talking to were part of gangs, and he didn’t want to provoke those kind of people, so he said under his breath, “I am a teacher of Seven Mid, so how…how much are those pants? I’ll pay for them.”

“So what if you’re a teacher! That’s just some random job!” Ponytail said coldly, and puffed a mouthful of smoke directly at Sunbo, “Do you see this? Italy brand——’Amabi’. Two thousand per pair, pay up!”

“Two thousand…This is blackmail!” Sunbo was so angry that his mouth started twitching. Looking at the pants that were dirty and full of holes, you could tell that it was just some random street stall clothing. He even said “Armani” incorrectly.

“Blackmail? So what?!” Ponymail used his hand to push Sunbo’s chest, but he was better off not pushing. With that push, it jerked Sunbo’s already crazy stomach. His mouth immediately became a high-pressure nozzle, and sprayed the beer that he drank down before towards Ponytail.

Qin Lang saw his chance, and quickly shifted Tauro with her chair towards himself.

Ooh! Ohh~

Ponytail got beer sprayed all over himself by Sunbo, and it didn’t stop with only one.

Sunbo continuously sprayed a few more times, and finally felt that his stomach was more at ease. At the same time he was also less drunk, and quickly realised that he messed up bigtime. Indeed, Ponytail used his hand to wipe away the nastiness on his face, then started pounding on Sunbo with his fists, and he angrily bellowed, “I’ll kill you!”

The two other people also surrounded Sunbo.

“Stop! Or else I’ll call the police!” Tauro stood up at that time. No matter what, Sunbo was still her colleague, so she couldn’t keep watching Sunbo get punched by these three into a pig head right?

Ponytail wasn’t any nice or kind person, so he swore as he spoke to Tauro, “Police? Sure, even if you call the police you all are in the wrong. But, seeing as you don’t look bad, go watch a movie with me, then I’ll forget about this——What, you’re not willing little brat? You want to be the hero to save the beauty? I’ll kill you too!”

The last words of Ponytail were for Qin Lang, because he saw that Qin Lang’s eyes were full of killing intent.

“Could you give me some face and forget about this?” The restaurant boss also didn’t want anyone breaking anything, so he quickly came to negotiate.

“That’s fine, but they started this first. How about this. This brat is still a student, so I won’t beat you up. The guy on the ground is with you two right? Either you pull out two thousand for my pants, or this lady goes with me to watch a movie and singing, then I’ll forget about this!” Ponytail said arrogantly. As the boss of the street outside of school, he was used to being arrogant.

All of this was caused by Sunbo. But that guy pretended to be dead while lying on the ground, and allowed Qin Lang and Tauro to be the target of attack. Sunbo was like a turtle with its dead tucked in. Of course Qin Lang wouldn’t do that, and he looked at Ponytail with disdain, “Did you get drunk off of all that beer? This is between you and him, and it has nothing to do with us! If you want money, then ask him for it. Ms. Tau, let’s go.”

“You——” When had Ponytail ever been looked down by someone? With a bellow, he stood in front of Tauro, and threw a punch at Qin Lang’s nose, looking to open some flowers on Qin Lang’s face.

Qin Lang was waiting for him to make his move. Seeing Ponytail’s punch come, he didn’t dodge, and stood as straight as a pencil. Suddenly he lifted his leg, and fiercely kicked Ponytail in the stomach.



Ponytail cried out in pain, and he flew out of the restaurant by Qin Lang’s one kick. After that, he looked like a dead toad, with his stomach facing the sky and his four limbs spread apart while lying on the ground.

The other two ruffians saw Qin Lang kick Ponytail out for three meters. How could they dare to block him? They immediately pulled out their cellphones to call for reinforcements.

Qin Lang didn’t even bother with those people. With one hand holding the fresh flowers, another holding Tauro’s hand, they started running and also reminded Sunbo, “Mr. Sun, word spreads fast! Don’t lie down pretending to be dead over there!”

Why would Sunbo be that bored? But that was the truth. He didn’t even suffer from heavy injuries, because Ponytail only wanted to give Sunbo a small lesson, and didn’t want Sunbo’s life. To eat less punches, Sunbo could only lie down while holding his head, acting like he was heavily injured. Who would have guessed that Qin Lang saw through that and said that he was pretending to be dead?

Since Qin Lang and Tauro already started running away, Sunbo could only break into a run as well. If Ponytail and his gang comes, they would, without a doubt, come for him first.

After running out of the restaurant, Sunbo only then remembered that he didn’t pay for his meal.

Also at that time, Sunbo saw a group of people running towards Qin Lang and Tauro’s direction, obviously being Ponytail’s comrades. With zero hesitation, Sunbo ran for his life in the other direction.


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