JMG: Chapter 8 – I’ll Give You a Lesson

“Ms. Tau, for you to come to such a place to eat, I am very sorry.” After he sat down, Sunbo gave the menu to Tauro, “Pick whatever you like.”

Tauro slightly frowned, and thought that Qin Lang stood corrected. This Sunbo was a bit unreasonable. This was just a quick meal, so why did you need to apologize? But Tauro didn’t want to waste words on Sunbo, so she quickly picked a few dishes, then prepared to give the menu to the waitress.

“Wait…Mr. Sun, I still haven’t chosen anything yet.” Qin Lang didn’t even bother being courteous.

In Sunbo heart, he thought: ‘You are only freeloading here. Having a free meal is pretty good already, but why do you have right to pick dishes?!’ But looking at Qin Lang with his hand stretched for the menu, Sunbo could only give it to him, and lightly smiled, “Little Qin, know your limits. Of course I have money for the bill, but you can’t waste food!”

The waitress on the side disdainfully looked at Sunbo, and thought: ‘What kind of special acting is this? Wearing a western suit, with oil on his head and shoes, and instantly when he came in, he bawled for a private room. I thought that he was some wealthy landlord, but who knew that the other customer couldn’t even pick a few extra dishes, and even said something about wasting food. He really can act…If you don’t want to waste food, then you could have invited them to your house. Why did you even come to this restaurant, and be so ostentatious?”

But Qin Lang didn’t even bother caring about what Sunbo thought. He looked at the menu with a smile, “Don’t worry Mr. Sun. Young people like me have a huge appetite! ——Waitress, add a black-boned chicken pot, a duck soup, and a steamed bass! The chicken and duck has to be locally produced, don’t use some imported cargo!”

In this kind of restaurant, those three dishes were already top-class. In Qin Lang’s eyes, all of it were paid by Sunbo, so it was not wasteful at all!

“Don’t worry, it will be 100% local!” The waitress said while smiling. Actually, she was the most clear that this kind of restaurant could not possibly use genuine local produce. The so-called local: It was just for the sake of overcharging the customers!

Although Sunbo really hated Qin Lang, but with his income he wouldn’t care about spending two or three hundred more dollars. He knew that Qin Lang was intentionally damaging his plans, so he couldn’t allow Qin Lang to have his way, or at least he couldn’t do anything to Qin Lang in front of Tauro. But Sunbo wasn’t simple himself, so with a quick spin of his brain, he instantly found a way to make Qin Lang look like a fool. While smiling, Sunbo said to Qin Lang, “Little Qin, the weather is already a bit hot right now, shall we drink two bottles of ice beer?”

“Drinking beer…That isn’t too good is it?” Qin Lang mildly refused.

“Yeah, Qin Lang is a student after all.” Tauro also helped Qin Lang out.

“Ms. Tau, later on when you have more experience with students you’ll understand. When you see students like Little Qin, who hasn’t privately drank beer? Not only beer, even red wine, or white wine, I’m afraid that they’ve drank no little of them. Isn’t that right, Little Qin?” Sunbo tried to lure Qin Lang into a trap, “After all, it’s just one or two bottles of beer, there shouldn’t be any problems right?”

Sunbo was a person who have had “tested in alcohol”, and he had quite a capacity for liquor, so he wanted to use such a method to humiliate Qin Lang. In his eyes, Qin Lang was too hot-blooded. Just by using a few words he would get deceived by this trap, and would drink until he was a mess.

In front of Tauro, Qin Lang didn’t want to lie either, so he nodded, “Yes, I did indeed drink a bit before. But Mr. Sun, my drinking capacity isn’t too high, so I can only at most drink a bottle.”

“That’s fine, then let’s have two bottles of iced beer!” Sunbo said to the waitress, and secretly celebrated in his mind. As long as Qin Lang starts to drink beer, then he would have a way to change drinking beer into a drinking contest. Later on he’ll wait until Qin Lang falls on the ground drunk and become a mess, just like mud.

“Let’s have three bottles.” Tauro spoke once again. Seeing how Qin Lang and Sunbo used an astonished gaze to look at her, she calmly smiled, “There aren’t any law restricting females from drinking beer right?”

The dishes quickly arrived, and Sunbo was aware that the time had come. He rose his large drinking glass cup and said to Qin Lang, “Little Qin, actually I’m not even that much older than you. Since this is outside of school, you can even call me Sun bro or even by my name. Come, for eating together today, let’s toast!”

Sunbo tilted his head back, and drank all the beer in his upturned glass cup in one go.

Since Sunbo already toasted first, Qin Lang couldn’t say no, or else he would get looked down upon. So, Qin Lang also cleaned it all in one go, then said to Sunbo, “Mr. Sun, I really can’t hold my liquor, so let’s eat a bit first.”

This was Qin Lang intentionally showing weakness.

“Little Qin, this isn’t right you know. As a brother I already toasted you to a cup, you should do the same to me right?” Sunbo had no plans of letting Qin Lang rest, and thought: ‘You little brat, just wait until you lie down!’

“That’s fine, then I’ll toast you Mr.Sun!” Qin Lang raised his cup again.

“Come! There are no teachers or students on the drinking table, only brothers! Toast!” Sunbo said straightforwardly.

In a bottle of beer, it can fill at most three glass cups. After drinking two, it meant that you’ve drank over half a bottle of beer. As an experienced drinker, Sunbo knew that to make Qin Lang fall as quickly as possible, the best way was to make him drink beer when his stomach was empty. That way the alcohol would very quickly be absorbed by the body, then he would rapidly be drunk and fall.

“Little Qin, this third cup we toast Ms. Tau. We can’t only care about us while drinking, and leave Ms. Tau on the side right?” Sunbo stretched his hand out again, and gave absolutely no reason for Qin Lang to refuse.

“Mr…Sun. If I drink this as well, then I really can’t do it.” Qin Lang pretended to not be able to fight the alcohol.

Sunbo was secretly delighted, but said, “As a young man, how can you say no? I really do admire you young people. You have vitality, you have ambition, and you’re not afraid of anything——Come, toast for your youth!”

At that time, without Sunbo even saying anything, the waitress already brought a whole crate of beer to their side. Drinking competitions like this was a common occurrence.

“It should be enough after a bit more, Qin Lang still needs to learn tomorrow.” Tauro really didn’t want to see Qin Lang in a mess.

“I see that little Qin’s stomach for liquor is not bad! Don’t worry Tauro, a young man’s body is still good, and it can drink plenty of beer!” Sunbo laughed, but there were knives hidden in his laugh. With his experience, Qin Lang should already be slightly drunk, but he himself would not detect it, and it was very easy for him to continue drinking while he was excited, straight until he falls.

“Yes…Sun…Sunbo, since we brothers drink beer together for the first time, we have to drink enough!”

Qin Lang “went along with the beer” and directly called Sunbo’s name out, which made Sunbo slightly not well, but he did say that there were no students and teachers on the drinking table earlier, so of course he couldn’t blame Qin Lang. In addition, Qin Lang started a drinking contest with him, so it matched Sunbo’s intentions.

“How about, Sunbo…We drink directly from the bottle?” Qin Lang suggested.

“Good! ~This is how real youths should be!” Sunbo laughed, and seeing Qin Lang get tricked so easily was exactly what he was looking for. But the smile on Sunbo’s face quickly froze, because he saw something that felt like he was in a scene of a “strange fantasy”:

He saw that Qin Lang grabbed a bottle of beer with one hand, put his thumb near the cap of the bottle, and instantly he heard two bangs. The beer bottle cap flew out, matching the sound. Sunbo had seen countless of ways to open a beer bottle, but for Qin Lang to have simply used his thumb’s strength to pry open the cap, how much power was there!


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