JMG: Chapter 5 – Hundred Poison Gold Boil Ointment

“Qin Lang——” The favourable impression that Tauro started to have towards Qin Lang instantly disappeared, “Don’t think that you’re wearing a hat of a doctor and can take advantage of me!”

“Ms. Tau, Aunt Tau…you…are mistaken!” Qin Lang said pitifully, “If I really wanted to take advantage of you, then I could have requested to inspect the afflicted part right?”

“You! If you are really an honest person, then leave the box of medicine behind. I can use it myself!”

“Aunt Tau, you don’t know how expensive this box of ointment is and the pain to create it! Also, for your speck of fire boil, you only need ointment that’s the size of a piece of rheum. How can you finish an entire box? I’m just worried that you’ll smear too much, or miss the spot, and waste this precious material.” Qin Lang argued. He was not lying or exaggerating. When he was creating this box of Hundred Poison Gold Boil Ointment, he did use around a hundred different types of poisonous fluids and poisonous powders. These materials were even a few times more expensive than gold!

Also, the effects of the Hundred Poison Gold Boil Ointment were also very astonishing. Whether it be the poisoned wound from being bit by a poisonous creature, or the normal wound from being slashed by a sword, after smearing the ointment the recovery will speed up significant. Hundred Poison Gold Boil Ointment: Use poison to fight poison. Not only could you suppress and eliminate the poison in the injured part, it could even stimulate the physiology function of the wound, making it rapidly heal and restore the skin.

“Expensive material? Are you sure? How much is this dog skin ointment, I’ll buy it!” Tauro said with a spirit of a rich person.

“Aunt Tau, don’t even ask about the price.” Qin Lang really didn’t want to strike a blow on Tauro.

“Speak!” Tauro thought that she should be able to buy some box of ointment.

“Simply calculating the costs, the price of this box of ointment is at least over 200 thousand.”

“200 thousand!” Tauro snorted, “So that’s why they say the medical business are all ripping people off.”

“Aunt Tau, you get what you pay for. Whether or not my ointment is worth this kind of money, you’ll know when you use it——You have cotton swabs right?”

Tauro gave Qin Lang one cotton swab, and then she looked at him as he used the cotton swab to dip it at the edge of the box. It was just like a dragonfly touching the surface of water. He got a rheum sized ointment on the cotton swab, then gave it to Tauro, “Be careful and watch where you smear it, don’t miss and waste this.”

Tauro almost coughed up blood out of anger, and thought that this guy is too stingy right? He wasn’t even willing to smear a tiny bit more of his ointment. These people are really too extreme.

But Qin Lang had other thoughts. If it wasn’t because of Tauro’s super beauty, he would have never gave such an important ointment to treat her little fire boil. Also, even to Tauro, Qin Lang still recommended the “Nature Approach”.

If the Old Poison Guy knew he was using the Hundred Poison Gold Boil Ointment to treat some fire boil, then he would undoubtedly be scolded as a good-for-nothing.

Tauro didn’t even bother arguing with Qin Lang, so she took the cotton swab and went into the washroom.

Since the ointment was limited, Tauro could only take a small mirror, find the location, aim correctly, then carefully smear the little ointment that was on the cotton swab on that single fire boil.

The fire hot pain on the afflicted area quickly evaporated, and a cool, relaxing feeling replaced it.

The fire boil quickly dissipated, and within ten minutes, it completely disappeared. It was like God’s healing effect!

The thing that made Tauro even more shocked was, at the position of the fire boil, nothing was left. Her bottom was restored to its former glory, and it was really something like “Hidden troubles disappears with one smear”.

“I never would have thought that this ointment is so effective!”

Tauro secretly sighed. Thinking back when she suspected and looked down on Qin Lang’s stinginess, she felt a bit guilty. If this ointment was so effective, then it must not have been easy to create it, and the price would have been high as well. Qin Lang’s stinginess can be explained.

Confirming that it was healed, Tauro tidied up and left the washroom, but found out that Qin Lang wasn’t on the sofa anymore.

“Qin Lang——Qin Lang…”

Tauro called out two times, and thought that Qin Lang left already, but at that time the doorbell rung.

“Why are you standing outside of the door?” Tauro opened the door, and saw Qin Lang standing outside.

“It’s to prevent you thinking that I would peek.” Qin Lang said seriously. In reality though, the real reason why Qin Lang stood outside was when Tauro went to the washroom, was because he was imagining the alluring scene of Tauro smearing the ointment, and had intense peeking urges. He almost had a nosebleed, so to cut off the thoughts of him peeking, he could have only locked himself out of the door.

“When did I ever suspect you of peeking?” Tauro said. It seems like she completely forgot that she really did suspect Qin Lang before, “I even thought you left.”

“‘When doing good things don’t ask for returns, nor leave your name.’ That’s not my style at all.” That brat Qin Lang was quite brazen, and it was obvious that he was asking for some repercussion from Tauro.

How could Tauro possibly not understand what this guy is saying? So she asked, “Then what do you want?”

“Aunt Tau, it was you who said you gave my mother a call, and would bring me out to eat something good, was it not?” Qin Lang looked at Tauro with a face that looked like it was smiling yet he was not smiling.

Tauro became depressed. Originally she wanted to trap Qin Lang, but rather she was trapped herself. Unfortunately Qin Lang conveniently asked this particular request, so she can’t refuse it. Can’t let someone do everything for free right? In addition, he already expressed that he doesn’t want to be a selfless model citizen.

Tauro didn’t have any ideas to deal with these brazen kind of people, so she said, “Then you wait a bit, I’ll go change.”

“Should I wait inside the house or outside——”


Tauro already heavily slammed the door shut.


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  1. I wonder who was that second fragrance, makes me wonder weather Tauro or the mysterious one is the one that the main dude is gonna go after.


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