JMG: Chapter 6 – Third-Wheel

Ten minutes later, the room door opened once again. and Qin Lang was instantly stunned.

Tauro wore a very ordinary woman’s dress with shattered flower patterns, and it exposed her fair and jade-like legs along with a pair of rice-coloured sandal heels. The dress fell on her body, and although she wore it very naturally, it could not have covered up her moving grace. The light of the sunset shone through the balcony, and at that moment Tauro was like a tender and beautiful flower blossoming in the evening light.

So the Tauro that didn’t wear work clothes was beautiful to this point!

Qin Lang secretly admired his eye for beauty. It seemed like not only does Tauro move your heart, but the more you look the more you want to look, and the more you look the better it gets.

“What are you staring at, have you never seen a beauty before?”

Tauro humphed, and the corner of her mouth rose, bringing a bit of wittiness within her charm.

The moment those words left her mouth, Tauro instantly felt it was not appropriate as a teacher to say them. But, this was also because her worry that annoyed her disappeared, so it was the reason why her mood was so carefree.

“I’ve seen plenty of beauties, but a beauty like Aunt Tau is really rare.” Qin Lang laughed.

“Be less flippant!” Tauro humphed again, “And don’t call me Aunt Tau, I was just joking to you before. It’s better to call me Ms. Tau.”

“How can that do!” Qin Lang said with absolute seriousness, “The entire class knows that you’re my aunt, and since the lies have become the truth, I don’t think that we need to change and clear it up.”

“Whatever.” Tauro said, “I do owe you a huge favour. What do you want to eat tonight?”

Qin Lang wanted to say ‘I want to eat you up’, but no matter what, he didn’t dare to say that sentence, so he just said “anything”.

Actually, Tauro wanted to dispatch Qin Lang away earlier, but it was not because she really hated Qin Lang, it was because as a beauty that always gets chased around, she felt that there was a bit of “danger” staying with Qin Lang. Today was the first time she and Qin Lang met, but they were already so close. Too close. So, Tauro must increase the distance between them two to prevent any accidents from happening.

But Qin Lang didn’t have the same thoughts. To Qin Lang, the risk he took today was worth it. No matter if Ms. Tau’s impression on him was good or bad, he was certain that he left a deep first impression on her. Later on, he will use the dinner to show off a better behavior, hitting the steel when it’s hot.

But maybe because today had been too successful, and the heavens didn’t like it, so misfortune started to stack up.

The moment when Qin Lang and Tauro arrived downstairs, one front and one back, they saw the English teacher Sunbo walking towards them, holding a small bundle of flowers.

Qin Lang couldn’t help but curse in his heart when he saw Sunbo dressed like that, “Damn it!”

It looked like there will be a bit of trouble in today’s dinner!

Sunbo was wearing a suit, and even his hair was as shiny as his polished shoe. In addition, he was about 1.8 meters tall, and he could even say a few words of fashionable English. He was quite attractive in the eyes of some female students, and from the mouth of Zhaokan, there were a group of female students that had a crush on this Mr. Sun. There were even people that wrote a love letter to him! But according to Zhaokan, those female students all came from the same era——The Jurassic Era!

This was something unexpected. Even though Sunbo was Qin Lang’s new teacher, Qin Lang had no plans of backing off.

This was the so-called “You cannot live under the same sky with a father murder or a wife stealer “. In the eyes of Qin Lang, Tauro was already his “pre-determined” wife. Sunbo was only a teacher, and even if the Gods want her they will not!

But Qin Lang did not know in Sunbo’s eyes, he was the third-wheel.

“Mr. Sun, your flowers are quite nice.”

Qin Lang smiled and said, “You wouldn’t have gotten these from the small flower garden near the school buildings right? When we were passing by there, I heard an old guy curse, saying something about whoever cut off his roses will grow sores on top of their head, festering boils on the bottom of their foot, and he even said that the person will never have any children, and life wouldn’t be any better than death…Mr. Sun, you didn’t do it right?”

Sunbo originally didn’t even put this student, Qin Lang in his eyes, but after listening to Qin Lang saying all those bad things, he had a feeling that those words were just for him. But in front of Tauro, Sunbo will, obviously, show his more broad heart, so he smiled and said, “You’re the new student Qin Lang right? What kind of joke was that? How could I possibly go steal flowers? If I give the stolen flowers to Ms. Tau, then that would be blasphemy to beauty.”

“Ms. Tau, you are as beautiful as these fresh flowers! Please accept this.” Those words were said in English by Sunbo.

“Mr. Sun…What did you say? My English is too poor, so I didn’t understand.” Tauro suddenly said that, and made Sunbo extremely embarrassed.

Qin Lang secretly praised Tauro’s intelligence. Attacking without any form. Oh Sunbo, weren’t so you so good in English? Ms. Tau immediately said that she didn’t understand foreign languages, let’s see how you continue this!

But Qin Lang underestimated Sunbo’s woman chasing ability. This guy was embarrassed for a split second, then immediately smiled and said, “Mr. Tau really knows how to joke around. Giving fresh flowers to a beautiful person, Ms. Tau you wouldn’t give me zero face right?”

“These flowers are indeed beautiful!” Qin Lang praised them on the side, “Sadly, Ms. Tau’s room is too small, and there aren’t any flower vases. But Ms. Tau, since Mr. Sun is so sincere, then you should take it. If you have no place to put it, then in our classroom there’s a flower vase, later on I’ll help you put it in the classroom, and when you come to class you can see it as well.”

Sunbo silently cursed, thinking ‘who does this guy thinks he is?’ I’m giving fresh flowers to someone, why did you handle it? But in front of Tauro, he couldn’t act violently. He would have plenty of time later to do so!

“Sure, Qin Lang’s suggestion is good.” Tauro said, “This is such a good bundle of flowers, it would be such a shame to waste it. Good things should be shared with everyone, so putting it in the classroom, it’ll add a bit of fresh air. Very good.”

Not waiting for Sunbo to speak, Qin Lang already took away the flowers in his hands, and smelled them, “These flowers really have a good fragrance!”

“Then hurry up and bring the to the classroom, don’t let them wither up.” Sunbo is extremely angry, and wanted to get this nosey little brat away.

Sunbo thought he successfully drove Qin Lang away, then said to Tauro, “Tauro, I know you haven’t eaten yet. I’m wondering if you’ll do me the other and have dinner with me? The previous times you said you were busy, you wouldn’t have the heart to refuse me again right?”

It looks like Sunbo is also quite bold, he even called her “Tauro”.

In reality, Tauro did in fact have the heart to refuse Sunbo. But, Qin Lang’s reaction was quicker than Tauro, “Mr. Sun, although you are my teacher, but there are things that must be treated as first come, first served!”

Tauro saw that Qin Lang spoke instead, and felt that it was going to get interesting, so she didn’t say anything. She planned to see how Qin Lang was going to “take care” of Sunbo.

“What first come first served?” Sunbo looked at him shocked, “Is it possible that you want to eat dinner with Ms. Tau?”

“Why else do you think I’m standing here? Do you think I’m just a third-wheel Mr. Sun?” Qin Lang loudly asked.

Tauro couldn’t help but laugh, and Qin Lang found out when she laughed the angle of her mouth was very beautiful, very charming.


7 thoughts on “JMG: Chapter 6 – Third-Wheel

  1. Umm, i want to ask about part of translation

    “hitting the steel when it’s hot”

    maybe you mean

    “Strike the iron while it’s hot” <-

    it is a phrase telling to strike the 'ironing' not the STEEL. :)
    the ironing is for clothes. and it does need to be hot.


  2. Thanks for chapter 6!
    Reading this makes me think more of how romance is a battle of tact and strategies to capture your dream women for yourself from others.


  3. thanks for the chap flowerbridge much kindness helpin out with this book thanks to that i found your translations and have takin a liking to them i think i like mga more than jmg but both are great books have read but six chaps of jmg but i’ll c thanks again ;D


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