JMG: Chapter 4 – Use Poison to Fight Poison

Tauro could have waited outside for Qin Lang to appear, but the reason why she walked right next to Qin Lang to say those words was to make him the target of public criticism.

Qin Lang never would have thought Ms. Tau would have such strong revenge thoughts and she didn’t even need to bat an eye to achieve her goal. That was really a brilliant method.

Although he was feeling the stares filled with malice all around him, Qin Lang didn’t really care. To a man, if you don’t want other people to be jealous, then you can only marry an ugly person. Beauties stir up trouble, so if you want to have a beauty, then you must be consciously aware that the troubles can destroy a city or a country.

“Of course I’m free.” Qin Lang calmly rose, and then lightly smiled, “I am willing to solve Ms. Tau’s hidden troubles.”

Tauro knew what that guy was hinting at, and silently cursed him in her mind. But she was a smart person, and in an instant, she got an idea. She continued saying softly, “Qin Lang, your mother just gave me a call, and wanted me to be a good sister and take good care of you. Since school is over, then as an elder I’ll take you out for a nice meal, and also tell you about the rules of Seven Mid.”

With the words of Tauro, it was like killing two birds with one stone. She became Qin Lang’s elder, and also avoided the careless assumptions of other people.

Qin Lang also silently praised her, because with Tauro’s age, at most she could be his elder sister, yet she called herself an aunt. But, since she forcefully made herself into an elder, then Qin Lang could only go with the plan, and push the boat along with the river flow, “Okay, then sorry to trouble you——Aunt Tau.”

Qin Lang intentionally emphasized the sound of “Aunt Tau”.

Tauro temporarily let Qin Lang off. In any case there will be plenty of chances later to take care of this little guy, so she smiled as she brought Qin Lang out of the classroom.

Other people really believed that Qin Lang and Tauro were relatives, so they didn’t have any suspicions.

After leaving the building, Qin Lang couldn’t help but ask, “Aunt Tau, where are we going?”

“My dorm.” Tauro said, and thought in her mind: ‘I’ll let you off easy for now’.

“Dorm? Isn’t it Ms. Tau’s room?” Qin Lang excitement was like after having a chicken-blood therapy.

Tauro saw the excitement of the little guy, and she knew that he must not be thinking about anything good. But, out of goodwill, she reminded Qin Lang about something, “Qin Lang, who did you offend today when you came to Seven Mid?”

It turned out when they were going down the stairs, a few male students sent looks of enmity towards Qin Lang, and it was detected by Tauro.

“Ms. Tau, you shouldn’t be asking me this question, it should be asked to yourself.” Qin Lang faked a sigh, “You are like a femme fatale. As I am walking this close to a beauty, can I not displease people?”

Tauro humphed resentfully. This brat was really too disrespectful, and he was obviously not treating her as an elder or teacher. But, she wasn’t willing to be insulted like that, so she reminded him again, “Be more careful, those few are not good students.”

“It doesn’t matter. Aunt Tau you may not know, but back when I was in kindergarten, I was already a ‘not good student’.” Qin Lang looked completely unworried. Of course, Qin Lang wasn’t exaggerating. When he was in kindergarten, he was almost expelled for a “Failed kiss attempt on a girl”.

Tauro seemed that the little brat Qin Lang wasn’t listening to anything she said, so she didn’t bother reminding him anymore. She thought that this little guy should feel a bit of physical pain.

When the two of them were walking around in the school area, Qin Lang was always half a step slower than Tauro. At first Tauro didn’t notice it, but very quickly she found out that this guy’s vision wasn’t right. They always landed on her waist, behind, and legs. This was obviously vision harassment.

“Qin Lang, you walk in front.” Tauro said.

“I don’t know the road.” Qin Lang still said that confidently like he did nothing wrong.

“Even if you don’t know the road you still walk in front!” Saying things forcefully and without reason are the advantages of being a female~

Qin Lang didn’t have a choice, so he could only walk in front. At that time a fork appeared in front, “Aunt Tau, which way?”



Tauro was temporarily living in a old-fashioned teacher’s dorm. Although the dorm was old-fashioned, but the moment you entered her room, it gave off a shine in front of one’s eyes and completely new feeling.

It was indeed the room of a female. Everything was clean and neat, cozy and clear.

Qin Lang didn’t bother being courteous. After entering the room, he casually sat on Tauro’s sofa, without any restraint, just like this was his own property.

Tauro didn’t even know why, but now when she sees this guy she really wanted to punch him.

If it wasn’t because she wanted to treat that fire boil, Tauro would have never brought this guy to her dorm. It was just like leading a wolf in your room! But the important thing is, with such a secret thing, she couldn’t talk about it in the office or other places right? What if someone heard about it?

“Qing Lan, do you want water?” Tauro politely asked.

“It’s fine, the treatment is more important.” The moment that Qin Lang entered the room he didn’t see a single paper cup, so he acted very tactfully.

Tauro was just saying for the sake of saying it. She had no plans on letting her cups be tainted by this guy’s saliva. If he used her own cups, then she would undoubtedly throw them away.

“Qin Lang, you said I was poisoned before. What did that mean?” Tauro asked while standing.

“Fire boil, it’s because the fire poison invades and attacks. The heat bottles up within the skin, or the internal organs accumulate heat, and the poison develops from inside…”

“Okay okay, no need to go into detail.” Tauro interrupted Qin Lang, “Say it simply!”

“It’s caused by fire poison.” This time Qin Lang was really straightforward.

“Then how do you cure it?” That was the thing that Tauro was concerned about.

“Three ways.” Qin Lang said, “I’ll say the first two. First, use plain water leeches and put them on the afflicted area, letting it such away the pus, blood, and poison. It would be completely healed in one night——”

“Leeches!” Tauro felt that those things were already disgusting, and now they were talking about putting it on herself! She quickly said, “I feel like puking when I hear it. In any case, where would you even find those things?”

“I brought one.” Qin Lang fumbled around his pocket, and like doing magic, he pulled out a white leech, “The treatment of nature. Use this one?”

“Ah!” Tauro couldn’t contain her exclamation, and she looked like she couldn’t avoid the leech, “Take it away! It’s better if you just say the second method——”

“The second method, is using the passed down ‘Hundred Poison Gold Boil Ointment’. Just smear it and it’ll heal it.” Qin Lang said, “I think Aunt Tau can receive this method right?”

“Then the third method?” Under the urge of curiosity, Tauro couldn’t help but ask.

“The third method, it’s better if I don’t say it.” Qin Lang shaked his head.

“Say it!” The more Qin Lang didn’t want to say it, the more Tauro wanted to know.

“Just leave it, it’s better not known.”


“This is you forcing me to say it!” Said Qin Lang, “If I say it then don’t get angry!”

“I won’t.” Tauro seemed very calm.

“The third method, is me touching the affected area——”

“Shameless!” Tauro’s eyes were filled with anger, and she really wanted to roll up her sleeves and take care of Qin Lang. In the short afternoon, Tauro unexpectedly had two times when she wanted to hit someone, and it was the same person for both times.

“Ms. Tau, that was you forcing me to say it!” Qin Lang faked a face of grievance.

“Who said you could spit nonsense!” Tauro already put away her raised palm.

“I didn’t say nonsense!” Qin Lang said words of truth, “I said I would touch the affected area, then use a silver needle to puncture it, forcing out the pus and blood. It’s just like doing a small simple surgery!”

Looking at the seriousness of Qin Lang, Tauro even thought that she wronged him. But no matter what, she would not have allowed Qin Lang to touch her bottom, and said, “Then why didn’t you say you only had two methods!”

“The medical arts is a serious thing.”

“Okay, then hurry up and bring the dog skin ointment or something to me, hopefully it works.” Tauro was getting a bit impatient, because at this time she felt that the fire boil started to hurt again.

“It’s not dog skin ointment, it’s ‘Hundred Poison Gold Boil Ointment’.” Qin Lang corrected Tauro.

“Hundred poison? The ointment is made with poison?”

“That’s right, use poison to fight poison, you should have heard of that right?” Qin Lang smiled and said, “If not, then you try the nature approach?”

“Whatever, then I’ll use the ointment.” Tauro considered her options. The third is a no-go, the first is way too frightening, maybe the second is the most suitable.

“That’s fine.” Qin Lang seemed to have it prepared already, and pulled out a black, hardwood box. After opening the box, a strange fragrance of medicine filled the entire room.

“Nice smell!” Tauro suddenly praised it. She never would have thought that the ointment would have a better smell than perfume, and instantly gave a huge increase of trust in Qin Lang’s ointment.

“Aunt Tau, should I help you smear the ointment, or will you?” Qin Lang pretended to know nothing and asked another question.


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