JMG: Chapter 3 – Public Enemy of the Male Students

Tauro’s sweet angry voice still seemed to be ringing in the halls.

Quite a few students stopped to look, and no one knew what this new student said to Tauro that made her so angry.

And those male students, they seemed to have made a decision and clenched their fists, looking like if Tauro gave the order, they would instantly give Qin Lang a good beating.

Suddenly being attacked from all sides with gazes, Qin Lang but did not panic even slightly, because looking at Tauro’s reaction, it proved that he stands corrected.

The flames in Tauro’s eyes slowly simmered down. The reason why she showed such anger was because she thought that Qin Lang peeked at her private area, but she quickly realised that Qin Lang only started school today. The both of them met for the first time, so when could have Qin Lang possibly peeked?

“It’s nothing, everyone go back to what you were doing.”

Tauro was saying that all the other students should leave, and she tried her best to calm herself. She gave Qin Lang another detailed look, and only then did she say quietly, “You know that talking about other people’s private area is very impolite!”

“I know, from the angle of teacher and student, what I said was very bold and very impolite. But, I am looking at this from a medical angle. In my eyes, Ms. Tau you are only a patient that needs quick treatment, and I am a doctor that found your sickness. As I am talking to a patient about their issues, that shouldn’t be an impolite situation right?”

“I never would have thought that not only are your biology marks good, your way with words are very impressive as well.” Tauro lightly snorted.

“It looks like Ms. Tau found another one of my good points.” Qin Lang shamelessly smiled, but then says seriously, “The fire boil may only be a small problem, but if treated incorrectly it may worsen significantly, causing the afflicted part to ulcerate, fester, and it will make the patient receive no small measure of pain. Even if it is successfully treated, I’m afraid that it will still leave a scar. Also, Ms. Tau you should have already felt the pain right?”

The words of Qin Lang really hit Tauro where it hurted.

The fire boil on her bottom was formed three days ago. Because the location of the boil was special, whenever she sat down she would have a feeling of “sitting on a needle carpet”, so she went to Summer Sun City’s center hospital’s dermatology section to register for diagnosis and treatment. But while waiting for treatment, she suddenly found out that the patients around her were using a strange gaze looking at her. Later on, she quickly understood. The patients that go to the dermatology section for treatment, a lot of them had venereal diseases. Tauro is a bit mysophobic, and knowing that she would be in the same treatment room with the people that have had venereal diseases, she instantly abandoned her treatment and escaped the hospital.

Later on, Tauro went to a medicine shop and bought ointment to apply on the affected area, but it didn’t get any better, and instead it had signs of becoming worse.

Actually, while she was listening to Qin Lang as he said it may ulcerate, fester, leave scars, etc. and even “poisoned”, Tauro’s heart became anxious and frightened. Suddenly she felt that her condition looked very serious, so she asked curiously, “You…can heal it?”

Immediately when the words came out of her mouth, Tauro instantly regretted it.

If Qin Lang agrees to treat her, what should she do if he requests to look at the afflicted area? Was she really going to show it to a student? That would be absolutely embarrassing!

“Of course I can heal it!”

Qin Lang’s tone was very certain, showing that he was extremely confident, but then his tone instantly changed, “However, I need to go to my next class right now. Ms Tau, wait until I have time, then I’ll look at your problem then.”

After saying that, Qin Lang quickly spun around and walked away quickly.

“Evil! Too evil!” Looking at Qin Lang’s back and shadow, Tauro clenched her teeth and cursed under her breath.

When in front of students, Tauro was always gentle and composed, but within her inner heart she also had a face of a little girl.

As she was someone that always have had people revolving around her, when had she ever been treated with such contempt? No matter if it was the male students or male teachers in Seven Mid, as long as Tauro requested it, anyone of them would strive to be the first to help. This new transfer student, was he blind or something? Couldn’t he see the beauty of Tauro?

But Qin Lang’s excuse that he provided made perfect sense, and Tauro couldn’t find any reason to be angered.

As a teacher, Tauro couldn’t take the initiative and ask Qin Lang to skip class for her treatment right?


The electronic classroom was in the experimental building, while his home classroom was in the fifth school building. There was roughly a hundred meters of distance between the two buildings, so Qin Lang conserving time to leave was understandable.

Qin Lang was humming a song while walking towards the fifth school building, and his mood was obviously very good.

Coming into Seven Mid, he encountered the #1 beauty teacher in Summer Sun City in his first period, and successfully left a deep “bad impression” in his heart. To Qin Lang, this was a wonderful start.

But when one is happy it is easy to be sad as well.

In the turning corner of the stairs between the fourth and fifth building, Qin Lang was stopped by a tall and sturdy, basketball-holding student. This person pointed at Qin Lang’s nose and threatened, “Hey! Transfer student. Cai Shao allowed me say a few words to you——Stay farther away from Ms. Tau!”

“Who are you, I don’t even recognize you. Also, who’s the ‘Cai Shao’ you speak of?” Although the speaker was a 1.9 meter tall person, Qin Tang was not scared and his tone was very calm.

“Cai Shao is Seven Mid’s——”

The big guy suddenly remembered that the person he was talking to was a transfer student, therefore he must not know and understand the power of Cai Shao. So, he coldly snorteds, “In short, you remember what I just said! Or else you be careful!”

“What did you just say?” Qin Lang pretended to be confused and asks him.

“Cai Shao allowed me to say a few words——Wait. Damn! You dare trick me!” At least the big guy reacted and knew that Qin Lang was making fun of him. Instantly, he felt a bit angry. He leaned forward, stretched his hand out and tried to grab onto Qin Lang’s clothes, wanting to give Qin Lang a good beating.

Qin Lang calmly sidestepped and dodged, using speed that other people could not detect. The big guy tripped, and was not able to recover. His body lost balance, and not only was he not able to grab onto Qin Lang, he almost face-planted himself on the ground. One hundred and eighty pounds of body weight heavily slammed on the ground, luckily not overwhelming the stairs and collapsing them.

The students that were watching were immediately stunned.


Just at this time, the class bell rung. Qin Lang didn’t have time to deal with this big guy, and he quickly walked over to the classroom.

His next class was math, and his seat was arranged at the classroom’s last row. He sat next to a fat guy called Zhaokan, also a transfer student, but he transferred over to Seven Mid last semester.

Zhaokan was very open, and quickly got familiar with Qin Lang. From the mouth of Zhaokan, Qin Lang learned quite a bit about Seven Mid.

But, after that, Qin Lang fell asleep in class, and he didn’t know what Zhaokan said.

By the time Qin Lang awakened, it was already afternoon and time to leave school.

As he was in a daze, Qin Lang felt that the classroom was abnormally silent, allowing him to sleep peacefully. He opened his eyes and looked, only to see Tauro by his side. With a slight smile and soft voice, she asked, “Qin Lang, are you free later on?”

In the classroom, whether it be male or female students, all of them were flabbergasted.

Even the English teacher Sunbo that finished packing up and was preparing to leave also twitched the corner of his mouth out of jealousy.

Qin Lang understood, that under the push of Tauro, he accidentally became Seven Mid’s public enemy of all male students.


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