JMG: Chapter 2 – You are Shameless!

Coming out of the classroom, there was still a tiny bit of regret in Qin Lang’s heart: He couldn’t find the source of the other fragrant. That fragrance was fresh, pure, and as if it was a hidden flower in a valley. But the fragrance was also secretly drifting, seemingly hidden yet seemingly non-existent, and there was really no way to find its source.

While standing by the door of the classroom, a warm spring breeze rushed at his face, making him feel refreshed. Qin Lang felt that standing here was a lot better than staying in the classroom and watching educational films, and in any case he had already seen the information of this class. The so-called educational “blockbuster” was merely formed by gathering and piecing information left and right. A large portion of it was cut from CC channel’s <<Animal World>> program, in which it was originated from England’s BBC television channel’s documentary. Because of his parents’ job, Qin Lang loved to watch animal and plant documentaries from a small age, so he had a profound understanding of it.

The school garden was filled with birds singing, fragrant flowers, and was full of life. The bright sun shone in the sky with clouds floating around, while a brightly coloured kite flew past the top of the school building in front. That must have been the work of some child that hasn’t went to school yet, and it really caused people to envy and look back at one’s carefree childhood.

At this age, at this time, it should have been one of the best moments of life. But you were rather drowned in mountains of tests and oceans of exams, and it became countless peoples’ days of suffering.

There were still five minutes to the official end of class, but female students filed out like fish. They were allowed to leave class early by Tauro.

Because of the physiological composition differences of males and females, while watching this film, some male students’ impulses couldn’t help but break out. If they walked out the classroom with the female students, it would have been slightly embarrassing. Tauro’s arrangements were very careful and ingenious, avoiding awkward situations between male and female students.

And to the male students that stayed behind in the classroom, Tauro used a very simple method to cleanse away all their dirty thoughts and to quickly restore them back to normal:

Without any warning, she played a five minute 3D horror movie.

Screams could be heard.

In an instant, some male students almost got scared to the point of peeing themselves. How could they possibly still have any evil thoughts?

“Okay, class is over, I hope this lesson brought some educational meaning to everyone.” Tauro’s voice rang in the classroom.

The male students looked like they were released from execution, and quickly scurried out of the classroom. To them, this class may not have had a lot of educational meaning, but it was absolutely a class that was unforgettable in one’s life because it was really a roller coaster of emotions, absolutely disturbing.

From the conversations of the students, Qin Lang already knew what just happened. Thinking to himself in his heart, he never would have thought that the mature and charming Tauro would have such a bizarre idea. This was really a good-looking, smart, and unique person! If you let such a great opportunity slip by in the journey of life, wouldn’t you have a lifelong regret?

“I’ve decided!”

Qin Lang placed his fist tightly in front of his chest, and did a good luck hand gesture. At this instant, Qin Lang did a very sudden, but very inevitable and right decision: “Pick the good flower when you can”, so he decided that he must have Tauro!

After all, for the past eighteen years, Qin Lang experienced the so-called love for the first time.

Saying that, Qin Lang was determined. He could relate to that mosquito earlier. Although that mosquito was very evil, but its courage and never-breaking attitude was worth Qin Lang learning.

“What did you decide Qin Lang?” Just as Qin Lang’s thoughts were all jumbled up, Tauro appeared behind without him knowing.

At the same time, at the corner of the stairs, a group of male students were unwilling to look away from Tauro’s direction. Even looking for an extra second was a type of happiness and a type of content. But within the countless reluctant to look away and daydreaming stares, there were two hidden fierce glares that were as poisonous as snakes. These glares were always on Qin Lang, and they kept on releasing strong hate and killing intent.

“I’ve decided…to apply for Southern China University!” Although Qin Lang was panicking, his face was not red nor was his heart beating any faster. He even did an aspiration for loftiness pose, planning to change Tauro’s impression on him.

“You have a goal and you have ambition, this is very good!” Tauro nodded in appreciation, but then her tone instantly changed, “Only that you shouldn’t aim too high, it’s more important to have a stable footing.”

Tauro was implying this: With grades like yours, you want to enter the tenth ranked university in the country? It was simply the dream of an idiot.

But, Qin Lang continued as if he didn’t understand the hidden meaning behind Tauro’s words, and he even posed a modest gesture, “You are very correct Ms. Tau, I also feel that us young people should have some ambition. ‘When your hair is still black you should study hard, if you start when your hair is white it would be too late’, ‘If you don’t work hard while you’re young you’ll be sad when you’re old’, ‘You can only get so many chances in life, if you don’t seize them now when will you’, ‘If you’re not romantic then you’ve wasted your young days’, wait, that one doesn’t count——Anyways, Ms. Tau, just now when you told me to stand outside the door, a breeze of spring wind hit me, and it felt like my entire being, my entire soul, had a feeling of awakening, just like a hibernated frog. I felt the call of the spring goddess, and I suddenly understood that I can’t continue dragging this out, so I decided that I must get into Southern China University!

Qin Lang really did felt like he was called by the spring goddess, but his determination was not to get in a university, but rather to chase after a female teacher!

“Qin Lang. I’ve heard your situation from Mr. Sun. Concerning your character, I am not clear about that, but I am extremely clear about your grades. All your grades are a slightly bad, and only your grades in biology are outstanding. This means that you still have hidden talents, so keep working hard.” Tauro gave Qin Lang a bit of face. In reality Qin Lang’s grades in all other subjects were not “slightly bad”, it was more like “extremely horrible”.

“Yeah Ms. Tau, my biology grades are still fine. In addition, my first class in Seven Mid is biology, so it must be fate that brings us together, right?” Qin Lang tried to shorten the distance between him and Tauro.

When a male chases after a female, there is a mountain between them. If it’s a male student chasing after a female teacher, then not only are they separated by a huge mountain, there would be mountains upon mountains between them.

So, Qin Lang knew that he cannot be over-hasty, he just needed to leave a deeper first impression on Tauro today.

Sadly, Tauro was already used to all sorts of trouble, and she was completely unmoved. She lightly smiled, “This is the fate of teacher and student. You were causing a bit of trouble in class, and I was even planning to give a few words of criticism. But, since you already understand your own wrongs, and even set such a huge goal, then I won’t say anymore. Okay, go pack your things, and don’t cause trouble in the next class.”

Tauro tactfully ordered him to leave.

Qin Lang felt a bit disappointed, as it seemed like his first impression for Tauro was very dull.

This wasn’t a good sign!

Qin Lang suddenly remembered a saying in the online forum <<Love Treasure>>. The first impressive determined whether you land in success or failure. If you cannot make her produce good impressions towards you, then you make her produce bad impressions!

“Ms. Tau, please wait——” Qin Lang stopped Tauro, and did a very hard decision in his heart.

“What else do you need Qin Lang?” Tauro asked while enduring her temper.

Qin Lang boldly walked a step forward, and said under his breath, “Ms. Tau, you’re poisoned!”

“You said I’m poisoned?” Tauro even thought that she heard wrong, “You said poisoned?”

“That’s correct.” Qin Lang said that with deadpan seriousness.

“Qin Lang, what kind of joke is this?” Tauro’s moon-like brows knitted together. She thought that Qin Lang was creating trouble while there was none, so she was somewhat annoyed.

“If I’m not mistaken, on your as——bottom there’s a ‘fire boil’ right?” Qin Lang almost said the wrong word.

Even though Qin Lang quickly corrected himself, he could not have eliminated the anger caused by that sentence. Tauro’s water-like eyes suddenly seemed like it was going to spit out fire, and she also couldn’t help but spit a word at Qin Lang:



7 thoughts on “JMG: Chapter 2 – You are Shameless!

  1. >Qin Lang placed his fist tightly in front of his chest, and did a good luck hand gesture. At this instant, Qin Lang did a very sudden, but very inevitable and right decision: “Pick the good flower when you can”, so he decided that he must have Tauro!

    Any respect for the novel immediately became trash upon this paragraph. Incoming Cliche with poor execution (flat personality harem type) I guess.


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