JMG: Chapter 1 – The Heat of the Classroom

“All the members of the animal kingdom, from the simplest single-celled organisms to the more complex mammals, are all continuously working for the prosperity of the future generations. Because of that, it pushes forward the evolution of the entire population…In the animal kingdom, there are thousands of strange ways to find love. But the process of most animal reproduction are through sexual intercourse of both sides, called “Jiao He” or “Jiao Wan”…”

On the projector screen in the classroom, an “R” rated movie was being played. But, the stars of the show weren’t any hot boys or girls, rather the process of a pair of black apes finding a mate for their reproduction——Don’t misunderstand, this was just a special episode for the <<High School Mental and Physiology Healthy Living Lesson>>, and a lot of schools and classrooms have already started playing it. But in Seven Mid High School of Summer Sun City, today was the premiere of the film, and it attracted many male students’ excitement, thinking that they could see some R-rated scenes in this “Blockbuster Movie” that would make their blood churn.

Although a lot of male students already seen some of the more “exciting blockbusters” from the west, those were all watched sneakily. This kind of openness, with dozens of people watching at the same time, and even with same grade female students watching as well, it was undoubtedly the first time it happened.

Right now, it was just at the time of April which was full of fragrance, but in Summer Sun City, the sunlight had always been plentiful, so there was already the feeling of summer.

To ensure the quality of the film, the curtains were all pulled down, so it limited the air circulation, and the classroom felt a bit hot and stuffy. Although there were three half-broken old rotating fans on top, those spun extremely slowly, and they could obviously not reach the effect of dissipating heat. Before watching the film for long, Qin Lang was already full of sweat.

Qin Lang only transferred to this high school this morning, but he never would have thought that in his first class they would be watching an educational film.

“Many female species will release a chemical gas called pheromone to attract mates. The point of releasing these gases is to induce the opposite sex, and pheromone are usually secreted from the internal glands, or they will combine with other types of bodily fluids such as sweat…”


While listening and watching the film explain information on “pheromone”, Qin Lang couldn’t help but shook his head. He thought that sweat would only emit smelly body odor, and could not emit any sweet smelling fragrance. This point was already proved in the boy’s dorm location.

If releasing sweat could get yourself a girl, then that would be not a person, it would be a deer.

But just at that time, two strange smells made their way into Qin Lang’s nose. Those two fragrances, they were like tossing a small rock into a completely calm pond, instantly rippling Qin Lang’s mood.

Thanks to that Old Poison Guy’s education which he put great care into, today, Qin Lang’s sense of smell was already extremely sharp, so he could recognize women just from their smell, and very quickly he found one of the sources of the sweet fragrance.

This fragrance was from heavy perfume, and it brought a sense of mature charm, but it was a unique type of charm, bringing elegance into it as well. “When the fragrances of the human world are exhausted on April, then the peach flowers on the mountain temple start to bloom”, it was like the peach flowers in that. Although they were both peach flowers, one of them had a unique charm, and the charm really surprised people.

Very quickly, Qin Lang used his eyes to lock on the source of this fragrance, and then his heart violently beat:

Because the source of this fragrance was his new biology teacher, Tauro! (Tao’Rou’Xiang)

Before even coming into Seven Mid High School, Qin Lan already heard the big name of Tauro. No, it should be “beautiful name”. The Tauro that just passed twenty years old, she was absolutely as charming as a “peach”. She only started teaching at Seven Mid this year, and immediately when she showed up she was regarded as the most beautiful female teacher in Seven Mid, or even the entire Summer Sun City, instantly overwhelming everyone from junior high to senior high in Seven Mid.

This was really a feeling of “A person has their reputation, and a tree has their shadow”. The instant that he saw Tauro, Qin Lang felt that his dry soul and eyes got an unprecedented nourishment, seemingly feeling the summon of the Spring Goddess.

It looked like staring at beauties was not only good for the eyes, but was also good for the heart.

Currently, Tauro was standing on the left hand side of Qin Lang, lightly leaning on the window ledge. A pair of interlocked legs, with one stepping on the wall. Through the light wind coming from the window, this posture seemed very natural, and even had a few points of relaxation, but it gave a thousand different feelings of grace. She was wearing a dark gray women’s suit, which was the work clothes for the teachers of Seven Mid. It was meant to be serious and stiff, but because of her chest, body, and legs, even these stiff work clothes could be described to be enchanting and bewitching.

Tauro seemed very hot, her face and neck was already filled with drops of sweat. Those droplets all converged into a small little “stream”. They went past her slightly raised red lips, and then continued flowing downwards towards her sharp jaws and her jade-like neck. Finally, it went towards the mysterious, deep, and ever so beautiful gorge on her chest, then converged there. In that gorge, you could see a dark green colour hidden away…I never would have thought the graceful and confident Tauro teacher would have such a hidden side.

Qin Lang was feeling hotter and hotter, and as he started to get hyperactive, the unexpected thing happened:


Who knew where that mosquito came from, and while blowing on its tiny suona, it didn’t look back and flew towards Tauro. But the even more hateful thing is, this mosquito’s target area was Tauro’s chest!


Qin Lang couldn’t help but curse in his mind. This mosquito was too evil, how dare it enter the forbidden lands!

Don’t look down on this tiny mosquito. It was quite skilled and bold. It needed to know Tauro’s chest could be said to have “Tower peaks, deep ravines, and arduous terrain”. If it wanted to land in this area, then it must have had very high flying skills, or else if the two peaks of Tauro shaked a bit, then instantly this mosquito will be squeezed into meat sauce.

The mosquito successfully landed.

Qin Lang panicked!

Before Qin Lang gets his hands on Tauro, the forbidden lands cannot be tainted by anyone, even a mosquito cannot! On the other side, Qin Lang understood clearly that this black and white striped mosquito was called Aedes Albopictus. Because it’s attack was extremely strong, it was also called the “Asian Tiger Mosquito”. Although it was small headed, it had extremely frightening poison. If you get bitten by it, in a less serious case it would leave a finger-sized red lump, and in more serious cases it would form a blister or pustule. This little guy was the master in spreading diseases. It could spread Meningitis B, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, and diseases like that.

This Asian Tiger Mosquito was not only a flying master, it was also skilled in collecting blood and flowers. It lightly and silently found and lands on the finest location on the two peaks, then burrowed its head into the gorge. It skillfully shaked out its sharp mouth, and started its lewd blood collecting job.

Qin Lang knew that he must stop this mosquito!

Just as the mosquito’s beak started to jab into Tauro’s chest, a light bulb appeared over Qin Lang’s head, and he thought about the cold drink that he brought into the classroom before the class started. He immediately lowered his head and did a drinking motion, but secretly flicked his straw, and instantly the few droplets flew towards Tauro’s chest, and two of those drops didn’t disgrace their mission, and accurately landed on Tauro’s chest.

The cold droplets made Tauro quiver, and the two peaks in front of her chest couldn’t help but tremble, showing off astonishing elasticity, and shook that mosquito off and quickly drowned it into a perilous situation.

Qin Lang took a sigh of relief, but he did not predict that the mosquito would successfully escape from that perilous situation, and it started flying towards him.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito really lived up to its name, and it had an attitude of “If I can’t drink blood I would rather die”.

Qin Lang pretended to not see it and drank his coke, but he didn’t do this to trick the mosquito, rather to trick Tauro. He really did not want Tauro to know that he was peeking at her.

The mosquito lightly landed on Qin Lang’s face, and blood appeared on its needle.

The mosquito quickly expanded with redness, looking just like a small red lantern, and it seemed like Qin Lang did not know anything about this.

The dreamy mosquito that was filled with blood flapped its wings and flew away satisfied. But, just as it left Qin Lang’s face, it was like it suddenly became drunk, and with a splat it fell on the desk in front of Qin Lang, and moved no more.

The “Flying master” died just like that!

“Damn guy!”

Qin Lang did a victory stance, and shot a glance at the corpse of this mosquito from the corner of his eyes. As he prepared to blow it off from the desk, suddenly, a soft and sweet sounding but not allowing any objection voice lightly rang in his ears, “Qin Lang was it? Since you are not interested in this film, then please go out the room and cool down?”


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