Synopsis Sunday: Instant Kill


In the instant that his soul awakened, a new world emerged in front of his eyes.
It was a foreign world, a world of Fuzhou.
Countless secret realms, countless charmed beasts.
There were even higher-leveled Fuzhou worlds.
12th Guo was like a pawn crossing the river. He instantly killed all enemies that obstructed his survival.
He needed to constantly get stronger, needed to find even stronger Fuzhous.
When he stood on the peak of the Fuzhou world, could he still continue forward?

Chapter 1 – Awakening (First)

From the age of 6, there were always odd writing that appeared in 12th Guo’s brain and at the same time, there was sound echoing within his ear. Every night, that strange sound would also reverberate within his brain, making him unable to sleep. The bizarre thing was that it did not affect his body or mental health state. As time passed, 12th Guo just left it alone, then after that, he just also chanted with the sound in his brain.

With that, he chanted for 2 years. The sound in his brain got slightly weaker but he had already gotten familiar with the sounds and words. Every night, he had to chant and he did that through the night. On the second day, he would be in high spirits. If he did not chant, he would feel uneasiness all over his body. It was as though he was addicted. He even subconsciously chanted when he had free time during the day.


On the day that the sound and words completely disappeared, 12th Guo was exactly 8 years old. On that night, he laid on the bed and habitually chanted the odd words. There was a total of 167 words, 167 pronunciations, and he kept on chanting it. Suddenly, his brain felt as if it exploded and innumerable memories emerged out. 12th Guo felt dizzy and he instantly lost consciousness.

It was as though he had a completely bizarre dream. An inconceivable dream.

Early morning. 12th Guo woke up, yawned, stretched, sat up from his bed and accessed his surroundings while squinting.

12th Guo was not the original 12th Guo anymore. Although 12th Guo was still the original 12th Guo on the surface, at that instant, his comprehension within his brain was extremely clear. He did not seize and occupy, he successfully transmigrated. As the passing down of souls required an extremely strong soul to endure it, the words and sound was the scripture for cultivating souls.

Within 12th Guo’s heart, he was extremely happy because it was the second time that he successfully transmigrated. His own soul did not disappear within the world. From the first time he successfully transmigrated, it was as though he gained huge treasures and he also walked onto the road of a very unique long life. That road was extremely difficult and he felt that he was a pawn crossing the river. If he could not succeed, everything would be for nothing.

12th Guo who was only 8 years old did not understand a lot about the world he was in. Within his memories, he only had his father, mother, brothers, and sisters. He was 12th, surnamed Guo. His father had 6 wives, 17 sons and daughters. His world was a small courtyard and also the house that his father and mother lived in. Other than that, he never stepped outside of the door and because of that, 12th Guo did not know a lot about the world.

He observed the arrangement of his room in detail. It was very simple. Wooden floor, short bed, coarse cloth and quilt. Other than the bed in his room, there was a table that was not big. Roughly 1 foot tall and with an area of 2 feet squared. There was a copper pot, a pottery bowl, and also an oil lamp. There was nothing other than those things.

As he combined his original memories, 12th Guo was hiddenly shocked. It seemed that it was not his original world. However, the characters there were traditional Chinese characters. Looking back at the coarse cloth clothing that he was wearing, it also seemed that it was from ancient times. He had a suspicion within his heart: “He could return to ancient times with soul transmigration? What dynasty was it though?”

12th Guo already transmigrated two times quickly calmed down. He had sufficient patience and also sufficient confidence that he could stably live in this world. He did not mind where he transmigrated to. But, what he did mind was whether he was able to transmigrate or not and whether his soul could be awakened or not. Since he was successful, that means he could face everything that came his way.

“12th! 12th! Time to wake up!”

12th Guo opened the door to his room and he saw a young man standing outside. He said, “6th bro, I know. I already woke up.”

6th Guo said, “After eating breakfast, grandfather will send people to bring you to the sect temple for a test.”

12th Guo asked curiously, “Test? Test what?”

6th Guo smiled and said, “No need to worry about what the test is about. Even if I said it, you wouldn’t understand.”

As he ate breakfast, 12th Guo experienced what a big family was called. There were over 30 people there and most of them were children. there was a small table in front of everyone that had meat soup and flatbread. An old man who had strange patterns on his face and arms was responsible for handing out the meat soup and flatbread to everyone. If anyone didn’t have enough, with a yell, he would give that person more.

Before, 12th Guo always felt that it was not strange. However, it was different now. His transmigrated soul was awakened so he was filled with curiosity towards everything. He asked quietly, “6th bro, uncle Puer…Why are there so many patterns on his body…Mm, it’s not right. Those patterns can move!”

As 6th Guo ate the flatbread in big bites, he said confusedly, “That’s a Fu Warrior. You’re still young…you will understand in the future.”

“6th bro, what is a Fu Warrior?”

6th Guo drank his soup and said, “12th, what happened to you today? Normally, you’re like a bored chicken and you very rarely ask anything…Uncle Puer is a homeless Fu Warrior and he was taken in by grandfather to do simple jobs.”

12th Guo discovered that he wasted his past 8 years of life and he knew almost nothing. To be honest, he was so slow and inarticulate that it was unbelieveable. However, after thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. He had no way of noticing what situation happening in the outside world since he was always concentrated on the cultivation of the soul scripture. To be able to make the soul reach a certain height at the age of 8 to the point of making it able to awaken the passed down soul and memories was already quite an impressive thing.

“Fu Warrior?”

12th Guo found out that this world seemed to be interesting.

After eating breakfast, Puer went in front of 12th Guo and said, “12th, the master asked me to take you to the sect temple.” After that, he called 10th Guo and 13th Guo as well. Only then did 12th Guo know that 11th Guo who was in front of him died young at the age of 3.

Bringing the 3 children who were 8 years old, Puer went in front of the Guo Zhi sect temple.

The sect temple was castle and was piled up by long-shaped limestones. The strange thing to 12th Guo was the patterns on the limestones. They were strange patterns. Seemed like words, yet seemed like pictures as well. They were not too different from the patterns on Puer’s body.

There were handrails on the 60 feet tall wall. Every dozens of meters, there would even be a castle tower. How was that even a sect temple? It was just like a defense castle. 12th Guo had suspicions in his heart: “Why did the sect temple needed to be built like a castle? Was it that this world was not fair as well?”

He was not afraid of death and he had experienced battles before. In his first life, he was a lama. A lama who was very proficient in Buddhist doctrines. From coincidences, he learnt the scripture for cultivating souls. In his first transmigration, he was born into a family of farmers and lived through poverty. Later on, it joined the army and continued straight until he was the head of a regiment. After retiring because of injuries, under the assistance of his friend, he opened a small shop to maintain a livelihood. Although he had married, he did not have any children. He learnt afterwards it was because of his soul cultivation.

Looking through the eyes of a former solider, that castle was created extremely outstanding and there were pretty much no blind spots. The thing that he could not understand was in the period of time of cold, hard weapons, the design of the castle seemed a bit too advanced.

As 12th Guo randomly pondered, he closely followed Puer and entered the gates. There was a very vast empty land inside and there were a hundred or so children who were around 8 years old being divided into 10s. Puer seemed to be extremely familiar to the process as he brought the 3 children, went up to a division and said, “Line up here and come out when the test is finished. I will wait outside.” After saying that, he turned around and left. That area was not a place in which he could stay for too long.

10th Guo and 13th Guo smiled and talked, and they did not really care about 12th Guo.

12th Guo had no interest in their childish talk so he was happy that they did not disturb him. He was surveying surrounds and from many miniscule things, he could speculate many things. For example, the lords there. All of them were very sturdy and they had some airs of killing intent. Being in the army in his past life, he could tell that those people should have killed people or some strong wild beasts or else they would not have such strong killing intent.

Sadly, in the past 8 years, 12th Guo did not leave any useful memories and most of his time was spent in eating. He could be said to be a barrel of rice. The rules of the Guo Shi clan was strange as well. When the children were 5 years old, they had to live in isolation. When the time was up, they would go and eat. Normally, it would be rare to see their parents and only at the start of every month did they go to their parents to pay their respects and also to greet them.

As for washing clothes, someone would be there to retrieve them at a certain time and the children did not need to work themselves. 12th Gu felt that it was like a boarding school from his past life. It was just that there were no learning and it was as if they were little animals being confined and bred up.

A dozen or so elders of the Guo clan entered. 3 of them were Fu Warriors that had patterns all over their body. However, they were quite old. There were also some outside. 12th Guo hiddenly predicted that the 3 Fu Warriors should be around 60 years old or so.

No one heard any announcement to begin but the children who were at the front already started the test.

12th Guo stood tiptoed to try to see what was ahead and he wanted to see what they were testing. However, it was in vain as the children in front of him completely blocked his vision. Those children did not dare about the test and they laughed and giggled while being noisey. But, 12th Guo was not a child. He knew in his heart that the Guo Shi clan would not do any test for absolutely no reason. It should be a very important activity.

“What test is this?”

12th Guo could not bear it so he tried to ask 10th Guo who was on the side. Who would have thought that 10th Guo would turn his head and talk to someone else while ignoring him. On the other hand, an unfamiliar child said, “My uncle said that this is a test for potential…However, I don’t know what potential is.”

12th Guo said, “I’m 12th Guo. What is your name?”

“I am Guo Egg!”

12th Guo hiddenly shook his head. That named really made people speechless as though that the people here very randomly picked names. He said, “Guo Egg, thank you.”

Guo Eggy was very thin and small and he seemed like a child who was only 6 or 7 years old. After hearing 12th Guo’s gratitude, he seemed extremely happy and he said, “12th Guo, I heard my uncle say that if you have potential, the clan would develop you and even send you outside…Sigh, I don’t want to go outside! If I get sent out…I wouldn’t be able to see my father and mother.” He really did not know what potential meant.

12th Guo was in the 4th group. The movement of the groups were not too slow, and after waiting for roughly 2 hours, it was their group’s turn.

The test was very simple and the children did not need to do much. A lighter-sized thing was stuck on the children’s forehead, then after a few words, they waited for 2 minutes and it was done just like that.

12th Guo concentrated his attention on the old man who hosted the test.

That man had a thin face and a rarely seen goatie. It was snow-white and clear. It was very neatly taken care of. A pair of slender eyes displayed the glow of wiseness. His eyebrows were also snow-white and the long gown he wore attracted 12th Guo’s attention. It was made out of flax or cotton, nor did it seem like sil. It was light green and it was embroidered with hidden patterns. 12th Guo looked carefully. He discovered that the patterns seemed fairly similar to the patterns on the limestones earlier. A belt as wide as a palm had the rectangular-shaped things lined up on it. 12th Guo could not clearly see what those rectangular-shaped things were.

12th Guo kept on thinking in his heart. He was not the 8 year old child that he seemed to be and he knew a lot more things. However, he was very unfamiliar to this world. Who were Fu Warriors? What were the meaning for potential tests? What was different between this world and his previous one? He was unclear on those points. Last time, he was transmigrated into the same world so he could blend in easily. This time was quite unexpected and he felt that it was quite a foreign world.

“Child, what is your name?”

The green-clothed old man who was responsible for the test asked gently.

“12th Guo.”

On the side, someone was responsible for recording. The green-clothed old man said, “Stand there and don’t move. Look at me with your eyes.” He lightly touched his waist with his finger and a rectangular-shaped thing appeared within his hand. He then stuck it on 12th Guo’s forehead and said, “Stare and look…hoho, not with your eyes. Use your Attention.”

12th Guo hiddenly said in his heart: “How many children here can understand what you said?” He just closed his eyes and focused his Attention on his forehead.

In a split second, he saw that thing. There were complex patterns on them, and looking along the patterns, they seemed incomparably smooth. He was shocked to the extreme. Did he grow eyes on his forehead?

The green-clothed abruptly widened his eyes as he saw the thing on 12th Guo’s forehead flicker with a red-glow. He was quite delighted as he said, “Ah! Fuzhou potential! Actually a Fuzhou potential!”

“Quick! Get old Chen! Say we found a child with Fuzhou potential.”

Extra Information

Instant kill (秒杀 Miao Sha) is a completed Chinese web novel by Xiao Qian (萧潜). It falls under the category of “Xian Xia” and the subcategory of “Fantasy Truth Cultivation”. It has a total of 1002 chapters, over 71 million views and over 3 million characters.

Continuation of the translations



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