MGA: Chapters 126 – 129



8 thoughts on “MGA: Chapters 126 – 129

  1. Do you have any idea how confusing it is for me when the title says 126-129? I automatically subtract them and expect three (or whichever number it is) chapters every time which, admittedly, is a nice surprise when it gets to the extra one but also makes me feel dumb at the same time which is depressing.

    I can’t complain though as it is my own fault and as I said, I do kinda enjoy it. Thanks for the chapters in case I didn’t comment on the other site.


  2. “Hohoho. Expected a preview? Well you get a preview…of the chapter title.

    Had 7 chapters planned for today, however, I couldn’t bear not leaving you guys with an…interesting title.

    The 3 other chapters will come tomorrow if all goes well, and within this time, ponder around the title >:)”

    I knew you were evil, but not this evil!
    Congrats! Your evil power has leveled up!
    >New Skill Acquired: “Preview of Doom”
    Now you can use your powerful preview to cause chaos and anxiety in the readers heart, making they wait even more eagerly for the next chapter.

    Thanks for the translation! ^^


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