Synopsis Sunday: Battle Emperor


Freak Xie Ao Yu had never been able to cultivate Battle Qi, but he obtained a mysterious holy pellet from luck. His fate spun around, and thus obtained a supreme Emperor Blade. Comprehending the truths of life, he alone created Battle Skills of Time, and Space. He fought against great ancient families, and hundreds of continental clans. In the Continent of Obscurity, he called upon clouds with the flip of the hand, and brought about rain with another invert. He left behind the thickest stroke of history in a myriad of years. He made blood flow for thousands of miles because of a tyrant’s anger. His mad blade made the Heavens roar, and he left behind chapters for the unified allegiance generations to come.

Chapter 1 – Freak Xie Ao Yu

As the sun set in the west, Xie Ao Yu laid on the ground of the Wolf Ivory Summit. His head was supported by both of his hands and he was holding a strand of soft grass in his mouth. He had one leg over the other as he looked at the burning clouds in the sky


He spit out the grass in his mouth.

“Am I, Xie Ao Yu, going to be useless all my life?” Xie Ao Yu muttered to himself.

Bearing the halo of being the son of the #1 expert in Langya City, Xie Gan, Xie Ao Yu received the attention of countless gazes since he was young. The moment he was born, there were experts of the Xie family who looked at his physique, or his innate cultivating talent.

The result was absolutely stunning.

His physique was good, his cultivating talent was high. It was a lot better than Xie Gan’s. With that, the entire Xie family put their thoughts onto his body and made him the hope of the entire Xie family.

But the heavens did not follow what people wished.

When he was 7 years old, he started to cultivate. From then, Xie Ao Yu experienced blow after blow. His cultivation was the most painful and the family used the most amount of medicine on him. However, when others cultivated battle qi in one year, what about him?

Up until today, he was 16 years old but he could not cultivate a single trace of battle qi.

Because of that, when he was 10 years old, Xie Han went everywhere in the Qi Ao continent and paid visits to famous masters with hope that they could find the root of Xie Ao Yu’s special physique.

The result was disappointing.

No matter who it was, be it the so-called first-rate, Emperor level expert in the entire continent or the most mystical medicine masters, all of them determined that Xie Ao Yu’s physique and cultivation talent were the best of the best. Even some Emperor level experts said that if he could cultivate battle qi, he should be able to reach the Emperor level.

But it was in vain. No matter which methods were used, Xie Ao Yu had no way of cultivating battle qi.

With that, Xie Ao Yu was called a “freak”.

Did he really need to give up? Xie Ao Yu was quite upset in his heart. When he was young, he dreamt of being a person like this father, Xie Gan, who stood on the peak of the martial path. Even if he suffered from countless blows, he did not give up. He trained everyday. Crazily trained. His body was trained to the point where other strong warriors would be jealous of him, yet he did not have a trace of battle qi.

Looking at the descending sun, Xie Ao Yu rose up and left with slight disappointment.

*ding ding ding*

Just as he walked to the halfway point of the Wolf Ivory Mountain, he heard the collision of weapons and yelling sounds were even mixed in.

Because he did not have battle qi, Xie Ao Yu deeply knew that if the strength of a battling person was too high, their battle qi ripples could kill him. So, he quickly found a place to hide.

He dashed and hid behind a mountain rock.

Just as he hid, he heard a painful cry and Xie Ao Yu raised his head to look. While a middle-aged man was running towards him, he was stabbed through the chest by a sword from behind and he heavily fell on the ground.

The person behind him was roughly panting and he ran while having injuries all over his body. He did not take his sword back. He stretched his hand to search the man, seemingly trying to find something. As he rummaged around, suddenly, his face expressed joy as he took out a fine little box from the fallen man’s pockets. It was just that it was covered with blood, “Haha, I finally found…”


A sharp dagger stabbed into that person’s chest. The fallen man said while vomiting blood, “Even…Even if I die…I…I will…pull you down with me.”


The man who had a dagger in his heart loosened his hand and the little box fell on the ground

The box opened. A dazzling, purple, golden, and green ball rolled out. It emitted strong fragrance and seeing that the two people already died, Xie Ao Yu picked up the ball.

Even under the strong smell of blood from the two corpses, the ball still emitted strong fragrance. It covered all the smell around him.

“What a good smell.” Xie Ao Yu put it in front of nose and sniffed it.

When the 3-coloured ball touched his lips, it instantly melted and formed into clear, tiny stream and it entered his throat.

Xie Ao Yu was greatly shocked. He quickly tried to throw it up. After all, he could not determine whether it was poisonous or not since there were many things that had poison and also that smelt good.

However, after throwing up for a while by sticking his fingers in his throat, it did not come out.

Also, he clearly felt that the stream diluted after it entered his throat. It formed into countless more streams and it flowed throughout his body, making him feel incomparable comfort. At the end, a stream gathered in the left area under his chest.

Xie Ao Yu pushed his clothes aside to take a look, but everything was normal on the surface.

After moving around for a while, there was nothing wrong.

He check the two corpses, but they had nothing on them. They didn’t even have any storage equipment like Spatial Rings. The only thing that attracted his attention was on the left wrist of the two people, there was a pattern of a white tiger rising in the air. It was quite vivid and lifelike. At first glance, it really did look like it was real.

Xie Ao Yu muttered a bit and left with questions. He did not want to stay there because he did not know if he had comrades that were going to come, so he just left the corpses alone.

After he entered the Langya City, a dozen or so people appeared in front of the two corpses.

One of them was wearing golden-coloured clothing. Without any expression, that male picked up the empty little box and said, “Search!”

The people behind him immediately started to search.

They searched for many times there and they almost overturned everything.

“Lord, there’s nothing.”

The facial muscles of the male who was golden-coloured clothed twitched, “Catch all the people and beasts nearby the Wolf Ivory Mountain. Search them all. If it cannot be found…” Speaking to that point, he suddenly paused, “If it cannot be found, don’t think of leaving here alive.”

Those people shivered and searched again.

The golden-coloured clothed male looked at the Langya City which was at a distance as a light breeze swept by. On his left wrist, there was also the pattern of a soaring white tiger, “I hope the lord won’t kill me because I have hope to rush towards the Emperor level.”

As they searched, the Xie Ao Yu who already ate the 3-coloured ball entered Langya City.

After stepping into Langya City, Xie Ao Yu felt uneasy everywhere.

If one were asked who was the most famous person in Langya City, without a doubt, it wasn’t the #1 expert in Langya City, Xie Gan, nor the lord of the city, nor the absolute beauty and outstanding medicine master, Ziyan. It was the freak, Xie Ao Yu.

He had incomparable talent, naturally wide meridian channels, virtually no impurities that prevented cultivation, yet he could not create battle qi. In addition to the halo of being the son of the #1 expert in Langya City, even if he did not want to be noticed by others, it was extremely difficult. So, when he walked on the road, Xie Ao Yu always felt that people used strange gazes to look at him.

“Ahh, screw them. I, Xie Ao Yu, am a man. Why would I care about the looks of others?” Xie Ao Yu comforted himself in his heart.

But at the bottom of his heart, strong bitterness surged out.

He did not want to give up just like that.

“Isn’t this our Xie family’s infamous, well-known, super genius?” An eccentric voice came from behind.

Xie Ao Yu frowned and ignored it. He continued forward.

A person quickly caught up to him and stopped in front of Xie Ao Yu. He blocked his path while spreading his arms, “Big genius Xie, no need to go so fast. Did you not hear young master Zhe call you?”

Xie Ao Yu hiddenly sighed. The first person who spoke was called Xie Zhe. He was the only son of one of the 4 elders in the Xie family, Xie Kun. He was always Xie Ao Yu’s nemesis and it always seemed that he didn’t like to look at Xie Ao Yu. The person who blocked his path was Xie Kun’s henchmen, or he could be counted as his dog. A distant relative of the Xie family called Xie Gang.

“Big genius Xie, why are you running away so fast? Why don’t you give us trash a chance to make favours for you?” Xie Zhe fakely smiled while walking in front of Xie Ao Yu.

“What do you want.” Xie Ao Yu coldly said.

Xie Zhe smiled and said, “It’s not much, but I’m lacking money recently. Big genius Xie, lend me some money.”

“Have none.” After Xie Ao Yu said that, he took a step and wanted to leave.

“Mm?” A smear of coldness flashed into Xie Zhe’s eyes.

Xie Gang extended his arm to stop Xie Ao Yu’s path, “Big genius Xie, if you don’t lend us any money, I’m afraid that you will be very uncomfortable!”

Xie Ao Yu was enraged and he tightly clenched his fist.

“What. You want to fight? Ha! Big genius Xie, with just you, you really aren’t even qualified to even touch us.” Xie Zhe curled his lips while he said mockingly. He extended one finger, “Do you believe that I can jab a trash like you to death with just one finger? You, who can’t even cultivate battle qi?”

The anger of the humiliated Xie Ao Yu flared.

Extra Information

Battle Emperor (战皇 Zhan Huang) is a finished Chinese web novel by Ao Tian Wu Hen (傲天无痕). It has over 136 million views, over 7 million characters, and 2426 chapters. It belongs in the “Mysterious Fantasy” category and the subcategory of “Mainland in Another World”.

Translation of other chapters

Continuation translation of the continuation translation



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