MGA: Chapter 99 – Rewards and Punishments

Within the martial arts training ground in the Mountain Town. It was completely silent and the tension rose to the extreme.

Everyone could see the dust flying in the air from afar. They could hear the roar of battle horses. The army of the Golden-purple City had arrived.

“Quick, follow me to welcome the city lord.” Manager Lin loudly yelled and quickly walked towards the entrance of the town. It was like he took himself as the manager of the mountain area already.

Seeing that, the crowd in the training ground did not dare to be unrespectful and they quickly followed. If they had any trace of suspicion towards the manager Lin before, after seeing the army of the Golden-purple City, their suspicions disappeared like smoke and they completely believed what he said before.

Seeing the large group of people surging out, although Chufeng was unwilling to, he could not do anything about it. He could only follow the flow of people to the entrance of the town and to welcome the lord of the Golden-purple City.

Although in his heart, he did not put the Golden-purple City in his eyes, before having absolute power, he had no choice but to temporarily yield. At least he could not offend him for no reason.

“Chufeng, your Chu family did not kneel even after seeing the Golden-purple Commanding Badge. I will report that to the city lord.” After reaching the entrance of the town, manager Lin coldly said that to Chufeng.

“Do what you wish.” Chufeng shot him a glance and did not bother to waste time on the little person who enjoyed his success.

“Hmph, just wait a while. The pain will come for you.” Manager Lin also coldly snorted and the cold smile on the corner of his mouth became even more dark.

*rumble rumble*

Under the gazes of countless people, the rumbling sound got closer and closer. Very quickly, they saw the silhouettes of the Golden-purple City army within the dust.

Seeing the armored, organized Golden-purple Army, almost everyone were shocked by the grandeur.

At that instant, those who had conflicts with the Chu family hiddenly rejoiced in their hearts. They felt that the Chu family would have another calamity heading their way. To think of Chufeng’s arrogant manner and to think of the situation Chufeng was going to face, there was no need to mention how excited they got.

Under the tense gazes of the crowd, the Golden-purple City army majestically arrived at the entrance of the Mountain Town under the lead of Chenhui.

“We pay our respects to the city lord!”

Seeing that, manger Lin quickly kneeled down and at the same time, many people on scene also knelt down. Even the Chu family knelt down. Facing the one who had the most control over the Golden-purple City, they did not dare to be disrespectful in any way. However, Chufeng still stood up.

“Outrageous Chufeng! Kneel before the city lord!” Manager Lin pointed at Chufeng and bellowed.

“Men have gold at the knee. Other than parents and those who I owe favours to, I, Chufeng, will not even kneel to the heavens. Why would I even kneel to others?”

Chufeng’s words were directed towards Chenhui. Within his gaze, there was not a single trace of fear. Instead, it was extremely honest because they was the words from his heart. Other than parents and those whom he owed favours to, even if he got beaten to death, he would not kneel to others. That was related to his dignity.

For humans, even if they yielded, there would be a bottom line. Chufeng’s bottom line was being fine even if he was hit or insulted. However, even if he got beaten to death, he would not kneel to others.

When Chufeng’s words came out, that terrified Chuyuan and the others. They felt that Chufeng would anger Chenhui.

As for manger Lin and the others, they were extremely joyful. Although they knew that Chufeng was bold, they never would have thought that he would be that bold. He was simply provoking Chenhui and it was also like slapping his face in front of the crowd.

However, when the crowd was waiting for a good show to see how Chenhui was going to take care of Chufeng, Chenghui only lightly smiled, leapt off the horse, and walked towards Chufeng.

At the same time, several officers behind him also jumped off from their horses, followed Chenhui and walked towards Chufeng.

“You are Chufeng?” Chenhui smiled as he accessed Chufeng. Within his gaze, there was even a bit of admiration.

“That’s me.” Chufeng said neither humbly nor proudly.

“What a heroic young man, having such an atmosphere at such an age. This is really quite rare.” As he faced Chufeng’s attitude, Chenhui was not angry. Instead, he smiled and then he swept his gaze towards the Chu family and said, “Who is Chufeng’s father?”

“I am Chufeng’s father. This boy is still young so his words may be a bit straightforward. I hope that he can be forgiven.” Chuyuan even thought that Chenhui would harm Chufeng so he quickly pleaded for Chufeng.

“Ahh, no need to speak like that. Having such a son is your good fortune, and it’s also my Golden-purple City’s good fortune! This person must be well developed.”

“Your Chu family has done a good service by discovering the black iron mine. So, I reward your son Chufeng 1000 Spiritual Beads so his cultivation can increase one step further and fight for the glory of my Golden-purple City in the Green Dragon School.”

“As for the black iron mine, your Chu family is responsible for extracting them. None of the extraction is required to be handed over to my Golden-purple City. All of it belongs to your Chu family.”

“Other than that, from today on, this mountain area will be managed by the Chu family. Those who dare to not listen to the Chu family’s orders means that they not listening to me, Chenhui. I will punish accordingly without any mercy.”

Chenhui’s voice was extremely clear, and in addition to the silence everywhere, his words were clearly imprinted into the ears of the crowd.

At that instant, other than the people from the Golden-purple City, almost everyone widened their eyes and mouths and were endlessly shocked. Not to mention manager Lin and those who wanted the Chu family to be humiliated, even Chuyuan and his own Chu family felt that it was ineffable and they did not know what to do.

What was this situation? Not only did the lord of the Golden-purple City not punish the Chu family because of Chufeng’s attitude, he even rewarded 1000 Spiritual Beads to Chufeng. 1000 Spiritual Beads!

Not only that, he even handed the black iron mine to the Chu family. The worth of the black iron mine far exceeded 1000 Spiritual Beads. If all of it was extracted, it would certainly be worth dozens of thousands of Spiritual Beads. It was inestimable wealth.

The most important thing was that he let the Chu family manage the mountain area. What was that? If the Chu family was managing, what was manager Lin doing?

“Milord, this…you…didn’t you say before that the mountain area would be managed by my Fierce Tiger Escort Office?”

Indeed, at that moment, manager Lin could not continue kneeling and he quickly stood up, walked in front of Chenhui while trembling from fear. He used a petty and low tone to ask quietly.

Hearing that, Chenhui’s expression slightly changed and he used an extremely icy gaze to look at manager Lin while saying, “Your moral conduct is improper and you are not qualified to serve me. Someone take this person’s Golden-purple Commanding Badge away and behead him!”


93 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 99 – Rewards and Punishments

    1. Beheading isn’t quite as brutal as hanging imo; well, would it even be possible to hang people with superhuman strength? lol Death by a thousand cuts would probably pretty ridiculous as well, but with their martial arts, they could probably cut a person a thousand times in under a minute lol. I can’t remember what my point was supposed to be… oh well.


          1. its where they put you on a big version of the steering wheel from pirate boats and it has a long stick in the back (imagine a T shape) and they tie your arms and legs over the edge then smash your arms and legs that are hanging over the side and let birds peck at your body for up to seven days until you die

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      1. actually in most ancient societies if your body wasn’t whole when you died or when you get buried to be more specific it was like suicide is for christians

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  1. Lets Have a moment of silence for all the people whose face’s hit the floor and shattered in the Chu compound today


  2. Thanks for the Chapter!

    Must say Chufeng’s personality really mellowed out all of a sudden, oh well its what i wanted so i’ll let it slide how quickly it happened. Like the stance he’s taken now though, he won’t defer to people easily but he won’t be stupid and throw away his or his friends/families lives.

    Personally i thought the city would at least be able to get some of the black iron that was mined as it is in dire straits and Surou is kind of responsible for the city in part but i guess she’s buying favor with Chufeng.

    Now off to beheading the idiot Li!

    This is the second time Surou has saved him now, she must be really betting on him.


  3. Hey flower you rock thanks for the release as usual.

    i am taking bets:
    1:5 – Chufeng beheads him and takes the badge
    2:1 – Chuyan beheads him and takes the badge
    100: 1 he beheads himself and swallows the badge.


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